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Best Overall Facial Recognition Cameras

Nowadays, several home surveillance cameras have a facial recognition feature that helps you create a database of everyone, including your friends and relatives who frequently visit your home. And, when you see a face, the camera decides whether it’s someone in your recognized faces database or not.

Depending on various reasons, from lighting effects to changing hairstyles, one day wear glasses, but not the next – and more – you can cheat the software.

But one thing we all know very well is that it is increasingly common on our devices, not just in-home surveillance cameras, but also on our mobile phones and tools to automate check-ins at airports. While law enforcement is rapidly investing in facial recognition technology, essential questions about privacy and civil rights are being raised around the board, and demands for federal controls are being put forward.

Let’s talk about the consumer world. Your house is your territory, and it is still an exciting choice for those who want to be on the cutting edge of intelligent house advancement to have facial recognition devices. Let’s look at the recently tested facial recognition cameras, see which models are the best, and help you to decide whether you want to install them.

Nest Hello: Facial recognition cameras

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The Nest Hello, Nest Cam IQ Indoor, and Nest Cam IQ Outdoor win well when talking about facial recognition capabilities. Among all, the Nest Hello should be the top choice to identify your face since it’s the cheapest of the three and gives you the most valuable insights into who’s at your front door.

Nest’s IQ Indoor will tell you who’s already entered into your home while the IQ Outdoor Cam and the Hello can say to you who’s outside of your home. The Hello doorbell location also gives you the best chance to track and view the most guests, although you can also add the US$349 IQ Outdoor cam.

The drawback with the Hello and other face-tracking Nest cams is that you will be charged for the facial recognition functionality. You have to sign up for the Nest Aware cloud subscription plan for facial recognition. Nest Hello is indeed the collection of the best video doorbell in the industry. Whether you want to make facial recognition possible or not.

Nest Cam IQ Indoor

The $299 Nest Cam IQ Indoor facial recognition camera is the same as Nest Hello. You are facially marked, and can you know who is walking outside the camera’s field of view with apparent precision after registering for a subscription for Nest Aware.

However, it has many other advantages. Nest has given it a built-in Google assistant speaker since it is an indoor device, which means that your camera effectively acts as a Google Home speaker and can respond to fundamental questions such as current weather or traffic in your area and monitor a variety of smart home devices with Google Assistant apps. This works with Amazon Alexa as well.

Tend Secure Lynx

The Tend Stable Lynx is just 60 bucks. Given that, many people are doubtful about its performance, but that’s true. The camera itself not only works well and provides some useful features such as a seven-day video clip storage that can be free of charge for events but also has facial recognition, unlike the optional Nest Aware service.

Create your familiar face database, and Lynx is in control. When each face is identified, there is a little learning curve, but it is an excellent choice if you want a cheap home safety camera with proper facial recognition.

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