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Galaxy Z Flip 5G leaks Ahead of the Expected Launch

Samsung had sent invitations earlier this week for its next (digital) Unpacked event. The event of Aug. 5 is supposed to feature a host of new gadgets, and a recent leak appears to give us a preview of one of the latest product Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5G that will be unveiled.

We knew a vertically folding 5G version of Samsung’s Galaxy Z Flip clamshell was on the way after the first pictures leaked earlier this month. Now, we have an entire video and a range of reports that seem to leave little to the imagination on the upcoming “Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5G” — and indicate that it might be ready for the latest Samsung Galaxy Unpacked event on Aug 5.

Mostly it sounds like it’s going to be almost the same folding smartphone but with 5G and a new fast processor driven by Qualcomm’s latest Snapdragon 865 Plus chip.


In a tweet on Friday, phone leaker Evan Blass posted what showed in a promotional video for the latest Galaxy Galaxy Z Flip 5G. Including a new bronze colour, the foldable flip phone looks similar to the original $1,380 Galaxy Z Flip launched earlier this year. Still, it will at least have some updates to help to communicate with the current cellular networks with the 5G title.

According to Weinbach, the smartphone might even have the same size battery, which makes us wonder how much longer it can last on a single charge — the previous wasn’t a battery champ. Now it’s even supposedly going to have 5G and a faster power processor.

It’s still questionable which US networks operator will bring the new handset, and which 5G networks will endorse it. The two US companies for the first Z Flip were Sprint and AT&T, which currently runs 4G LTE networks.


Considering the history, AT&T looks like a right choice because, in addition to this year’s Z Flip, the company was the only US carrier to sell Samsung’s tablet-style Galaxy Fold foldable when it released last year.

Since then, Sprint has combined with T-Mobile, which didn’t market the Z Flip and backed off selling the Fold after the design issues of that foldable led to a long wait. Verizon, meanwhile, is Motorola’s only competitor Razr foldable home and has not yet owned a foldable smartphone from Samsung.

Chinese telecoms certification centre TENAA recently verified that the smartphone would likely have the Wireless Power feature. Which mentioned a “Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5G” as a smartphone that will allow wireless charging, so it seems like that is possibly the product that your wireless chargers will continue to work.

Samsung is also supposed to debut an improved line of Galaxy Note 20 smartphones and a successor to the original Galaxy Fold, in addition to a Galaxy Z Flip 5G.

While the flagship feature here might be 5G, 5G smartphone still have a way to go before they’re the new normal. Although 5G can make downloads faster, and cloud services respond faster — depending on the 5G type — there are many tradeoffs such as how much 5G phones cost, and whether you can find a signal easily.


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