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How Mi TVs Gained so Much Popularity in India

Chinese multinational corporation Xiaomi, the company which makes the most popular TVs in India, namely the Mi TV, is known for its simple motto. This translates to giving Indians the best TVs on offer, with bigger and brighter screens, offering smart TVs at affordable prices. As a result, the average consumer now has a Mi TV in their household, and some have two. Taking the Indian TV market by storm, Xiaomi managed to sell a million LED TVs, with the 32 – inch LED TV being the top seller, in a short period of nine months in 2018.

At the time, Xiaomi was a young company — eight years young to be precise –, and this was nothing short of a major feat. Xiaomi launched the Mi TV in India, ignoring its native China, where no Android TVs existed. In the Indian market, the company heavily invested in the mindset of the Indian consumer who desired value for money yet was brand-conscious. Today, Xiaomi’s sub-brand, Redmi, sells pocket-friendly smartphones in India as well. So what has made Xiaomi surpass the big TV brands like Samsung and Sony that Indians swear by? An answer is several things. 

Huge Features, Small Price Tag

This is the main reason that buying Mi TVs has become very comfortable in every home. It came out when people wanted an LED TV at any cost. Xiaomi, by setting up plants in India to save on manufacturing costs (it does the same with its phones), manages to give Indians consumers appliances at extremely competitive rates. The Mi smart LED TV range has aggressive price tags that compel the most faithful fans of traditional brands to turn to Mi. The 43-inch Mi smart LED TV 4A led the pack of LED TVs, retailing at an affordable approximate price of 22,000 INR. Most Mi TVs have been marketed on e-commerce platforms, thereby cutting costs of advertising and infrastructure. A 32-inch TV variant has been a popular option, with the model suited for compact Indian homes.

If you want to enjoy a theatre-like experience at your home, then buying a huge television up to  65 inch TV will do the job. This model, the 32 – inch LED TV, is considered one of the brand’s hot-sellers. It launched with a price tag of less than 15,000 INR. When smart TV technology was just being introduced to hungry consumers, Mi TVs supported Full HD formats, and their competitors sold these TVs at a higher price. Xiaomi had another ace up its sleeve. When most TV brands sell TVs that are only HD Ready LED TVs, Xiaomi offers consumers Full HD LED TVs at similar price points. The icing on the cake is, any Mi TV that the company has launched has always been a smart TV, not just a regular LED TV, like what the other brands sold at higher costs. The inexpensive yet smart combination has Xiaomi seeing success today. 

Trustworthy Brand

Retailers of Mi TVs compare the Mi TV price with other famous brands and claim that Indians would end up paying double the price for a smart LED TV from conventional brands like Samsung and Panasonic. Over and above that, add festival deals and discounts, and the picture is a win-win for consumers and sellers. The company keeps costs low and profit margins just enough to make money, giving consumers their money’s worth. Furthermore, the brand depends on selling more TVs and making a profit, rather than profit on single unit sales. The brand has managed to penetrate the Indian market with its reliable fitness bands and smartphones.

Focusing on building on its success via smartphones, Xiaomi has managed to carry over that reputation to its consumer electronics segment of TVs, especially getting a dedicated fan following its smart 32-inch LED TV. People have used the brand’s smartphones and found them to be quality products with advanced features and specs, available at affordable prices. Moreover, Xiaomi has built a history of service that consumers can rely on — quick, convenient, and consumer-friendly. As a result, it has achieved the unrelenting trust of Indian consumers who also trust its other products. Smartphones by the brand offer smart and innovative features that result in a fantastic performance, and consumers believe Mi TVs will deliver the same. 

Branding and Marketing

Xiaomi as a brand is always focusing on the bigger picture of brand awareness rather than promoting individual products. Although they do promote their products via advertisements in newspapers, online, and through social media, you will discover that they are driven by the perception of the brand’s ability “Xiaomi.” ThisThis has achieved that it has carved a niche in the mentality of consumers, and the “Mi” sub-brand reflects this.

Xiaomi is the first company in India to publicize its Mi TV through flash sales on e-commerce platforms. In 2020, Xiaomi introduced its e-commerce portal called Mi.com. All this has caught the keen eyes of Indian consumers who demand more of Xiaomi’s TVs and other products. Currently, Xiaomi makes some of the slimmest TVs, and the Mi TV is still sought-after. The brand has a faithful Indian consumer base and launches products with events and invitations for consumers. You can buy fantastic Mi TVs at the Bajaj Finserv EMI Store at unbeatable discounts. You can also purchase your preferred Mi TV model at no-cost EMIs using the Bajaj Finserv EMI Network Card.

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