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Samsung Galaxy A51 with 4 Cameras and Double Storage

The timing of this fresh iPhone SE — which extends on preorder now and takes place April 24 — couldn’t have been better for Apple. As the coronavirus places millions of people out of work across the planet, a 400 iPhone (Number 419, AU$749) will attract people in search of a more budget apparatus that does everything. But Samsung includes a $400 alternative already available ($329) — that the Galaxy A51 — also on paper, Samsung’s chances seem good.

The Galaxy A line is brand new to the US, although Samsung itself comes with a long legacy, and it isn’t apparent how buyers will respond to the funding and midrange phones. Samsung announced six Galaxy A versions coming into the US between now and summer, a step up or possibly replacement to its Galaxy J series. The actual test for Samsung’s reputation is if buyers will observe the A51 or if the iPhone SE will scoop the wind out of Samsung’s sails.

That $400 price tag is critical for the Galaxy A51 and iPhone SE. Smartphone shipments have been already down 38% in February as a consequence of the pandemic and are predicted to dip into a 10-year low at the close of the year.

Keep reading to get Samsung’s secret weapon,” Apple’s not-so-secret weapon and also the way the rival phones’ specs compare.

Both phones cost the same, but only the iPhone SE appeals to people searching for a pocket-size device. It is small by modern standards, with merely a 4.7-inch screen, which is practically unheard of these days. The Galaxy A51 goes supersize, using a 6.5-inch display that targets media intake like videos, photography and internet reading.

Often, screen size is a great stand-in for dimensions, but in this situation, the iPhone SE seems to get thicker bezels. Most phones today have screens that take up most of the telephone face, therefore that the 5.8-inch Galaxy S10e, a”little” Samsung phone, is a smidge bigger than Apple’s mobile phone — yet with a much bigger display (notice that we haven’t seen the iPhone SE in person again.)


  • iPhone SE: 5.45 by 2.65 by 0.29 inches
  • Galaxy S10e: 5.6 by 2.8 by 0.27 inches

Even in a discount ($600 at Verizon vs a $750 initial retail cost), the S10e costs significantly more than the iPhone SE, making Apple’s telephone the better funding” small phone” alternative.

Apple gets the upper hand with carrier assistance. Back, to the 400 phones. If we compare the Galaxy A51 and the iPhone SE, the iPhone is the more widely available smartphones.

During quarantine, shelter-in-place and stay-at-home orders, you can’t visit a store or other retail shop to check them out in person, but if the iPhone SE goes on preorder April 17 and available April 24, it’ll be sold via all major US networks. But the Galaxy A51 currently sells just with Verizon and Sprint. Though it finally will come to additional carriers and retailers, much more restricted accessibility puts it behind the SE for now.

Maybe the most significant difference is storage. The fine print is the iPhone SE starts at $400 ($399 if you want to be precise) to get 64GB of storage. The Galaxy A51 provides you double which (128GB) for precisely the same price. If you’d like the 128GB iPhone SE alternative, that’s the configuration I would suggest, you will pay $449.

To top it off, the Galaxy A51 takes up to 512GB in expandable storage. It’s true. You’ll need to buy that yourself, however, a 128GB microSD card will put you back maybe $20. The 256GB iPhone SE prices you $549. Galaxy A51 (128GB) and 128GB microSD card $420 256GB.

If you keep your large photographs and videos on the internet, your entire onboard storage might not matter for you. If you would instead maintain your media on hand, subsequently Samsung’s A51 is the much larger worth.

The allure of the iPhone SE comes from the same DNA that makes Apple fanboys so devoted to their origin: Apple’s “it” factor. Maybe it’s the tight integration using MacOS or the appearance and feel of the smartphones themselves. Possibly a purchaser is already locked into Apple’s ecosystem or derives some type of individuality from becoming an iPhone” individual.”

Apple’s less noticeable leverage is it’s messaging that gives the iPhone SE the belief of being a superior device with the same core innards as the iPhone 11 — the chip, software and primary camera. Yes, it’s missing Face ID (it uses the legacy house button) and several camera lenses. However, Apple’s value proposition is self-evident: this can be an iPhone through and through, just modestly.

The iPhone SE is also water-resistant and has wireless charging support — two attributes that the distinct midrange Galaxy A51 lacks.

Samsung seeded the Galaxy A series mobiles with US carriers in a time once the appetite for expensive, superior handsets is already dwindling. However, using an unidentified portfolio that hasn’t attained all of the carriers, it isn’t apparent that the Galaxy A51 is likely to make the dent that Samsung surely hopes it will during these uncertain financial times — particularly against such an established player since the iPhone SE.

So why throw your lot with all the Galaxy A lineup rather than developing a Galaxy S20e to substitute last season’s Galaxy S10e? Perhaps Samsung wanted to let the Galaxy S20 line stand out as the premium merchandise while building up the Galaxy A portfolio to become its own thing. We achieved for comment.

“[The Galaxy A51] adds further defense from the iPhone SE and also locks out that portion of the market to additional Android players to clients that want a well-known brand of mid-tier smartphone,” Said Ben Wood, chief of research to CCS Insight.

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