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Samsung Officially Confirm Galaxy S21 Features

Samsung’s flagship smartphones will go through final testing with the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S21 flagship’s planned launch in January 2021. And that means that it will turn up around the world in regulatory filings, giving us another look at the possible specifications.

The latest information comes from the FCC listings, which are often accurate, and confirm what many believe. While most regions will have Samsung Galaxy S1 models using its own Exynos chipsets, Qualcomm variants, probably for North America and South Korea, will be available. Babu Mohan from Android Central reports:

“The FCC documentation for the SM-G991U also indicates that the phone will come with faster 9W reverse wireless charging speeds, in addition to confirming the existence of a Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 chipset. However, the Galaxy S21 will not be an upgrade over its predecessor when it comes to wired fast charging speeds. The FCC listing also mentions a travel charger with model number EP-TA800”.

There is a range of concerns. One of them is about the charger. Will the Samsung bundle in the box the aforementioned 25-watt charger (which the FCC listing) indicates, or will the inclusion decision be made or will not be made region by region?

The listing also refers to the Galaxy S21. The base Samsung Galaxy S21, the larger S21 Plus, and the flagship Galaxy S21 Ultra is scheduled to be shipped by Samsung. The processor split is likely to be the same for all three models in reality, but there is a possibility that the base model will leave the charger out to bring down the price.

We don’t have to wait a long time. Max Weinbach writes: The dates of the Samsung Unpacked the team has also called launch case at Android Police.

“According to our sources, Samsung Unpacked will take place on January 14th, where we’ll formally get to know the whole Samsung Galaxy S21 family. Retail availability should get underway just a couple of weeks later, on January 29th. These devices will be cheaper than the previous generation, which sounds great considering the still-ongoing pandemic and corresponding economic crunch.”

With the Galaxy Note family possibly canceled, Samsung’s standard-bearer for 2021 will be the Galaxy S21. With new chips and an early launch, the mark for others to chase will be set.

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