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How Can You Spy on Your Wife’s Cell Phone With eyeZy?

New relationships can be complicated. And if you jump into a marriage without consideration, it can be impossible to trust each other. You may want to explore options like “how to spy on my wife’s cell phone”? If you are concerned that your significant other is not faithful to you, you can follow this article.

Option 1: Spy on Wife’s cell Phone With eyeZy

Spying is a broad term. There are many ways you can spy on a person. Therefore, when looking at spy apps, you need to know exactly what features you want. However, if you’re not sure about the specifications you are looking for, then the best option is eyeZy.

eyeZy is a very well-rounded spy app with various options; for example, a remote listen to cell phone calls remotely will help you keep an eye on your significant other. Some essential features of eyeZy include:

  • Location tracking
  • Access the device information, e.g., battery condition, operator, Wi-Fi, etc.
  • Monitoring of calls and messages
  • Monitoring of social media apps like Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, etc.
  • Tracking of networks and Wi-Fi
  • Keylogging
  • Screen recording 
  • Viewing multimedia files like photos and videos

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All of the above features make eyeZy a handy app for spying on a wife’s cell phone. And the best thing is that you only need physical access to the device once to install and set up the app. After that, you can monitor everything remotely.

Option 2: Hire a Private Eye

If you are not comfortable with technology and wonder, “How can I spy on my wife’s cell phone?” your best option is to hire someone. Hiring a Private Investigator (PI) can be a great way to reveal secrets. So, private investigators can be a great resource, whether you are trying to uncover an unfaithful employee or an unfaithful wife.


  • Easy access to information
  • No need to learn about technology
  • No need to manage anything on your own

However, where PIs are a great source of information, they come at a cost.


  • You won’t find a PI on the first day
  • You will need to be patient and search for the right fit
  • You will need to verify your license and insurance information
  • You will need to find a trustworthy person to give all your secrets to

These things can often make hiring a private investigator a tedious process. So, if you are wondering, “how to spy on my wife?” you’ll need to figure out if the best way for you is through technology or a private investigator.

Which Option is Better to Spy on Your Wife’s Cell Phone?

Now that you are more aware of your options to spy on your wife’s cell phone, the next step is to determine which option you will opt for. When thinking about the possibilities, there are a few things to consider:

Costs – Hiring a PI can cost hundreds to thousands of dollars, whereas you might get the same information with an app like eyeZy within just a few dollars a month.

Information – A spy app like eyeZy can give you much inside technical proof like call logs and text messages, while a PI may only be able to provide you with physical evidence like your wife meeting someone or doing something suspicious.

Time Constraints – A private investigator can only follow the target person for many hours before taking some time off. On the other hand, a spying app doesn’t need rest and gives you data 24/7.

So, if you consider all of this information, you will realize that you can hire a PI for surface level and physical data. But an investigator won’t be able to serve you 24/7 as an app will. Therefore, if you are looking for constant coverage and proof, then using a spying app like eyeZy is the best option to spy on your wife’s cell phone.

To Sum Up

If you think that your wife is cheating on you, the only way to be sure is through proof. You can hire someone to follow her around, but that can be costly. So, you can use smartphones that everyone has these days to keep an eye on where she goes and whom she communicates with. And all of this is at just a fraction of the price of a private investigator.

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