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Top 10 Best Phone Brands To Consider In the World: 2020

The world today is a diverse stage where you can largely influence your life. Using the new Best Phone Brands having the best cameras and connectivity options, you will catch life happening around you. We have collected the Top 10 Best Phone Brands in this article.

There is no perfect phone brand, and each arrives with a range of pros and cons. Samsung phones have outstanding hardware, but when it comes to Android and its own UI, they sometimes have difficulties. By comparison, Apple has excellent hardware integration and its own OS, but it is highly pricey for its phones.

Start the year 2020 with the phenomenal power of these Best Phone Brands. As a whopping 5.1 billion persons use these smartphones, whether you are an adventurous YouTuber or a professional photographer, discover these high-end tech advantages. With these Top 10 Best Phone Brands, read on to change the world.

Top 10 Best Phone Brands in the World

1. Samsung (Best Phone Brands)

Established in 1938, Samsung has its headquarters in Seoul, South Korea. Samsung’s  Galaxy smartphones and OS have achieved popularity in the past few years. Its unique features offer value for money using the 18.5 Amoled display, foldable phones, and six cameras’ breakthrough capacity. Enjoy HDR 10 and seamless recording with video.

The Korean brand continues to sell brilliant phones at a variety of prices, something that can be done by a few other companies. There is enough for everybody if you want to spend a lot of money on a wallet-busting Galaxy Note 10, Galaxy S20, or Galaxy A10.

Samsung Galaxy S20

Although three S20 models are on sale, we think the better option is definitely the S20. The same 120Hz refresh rate monitors technology as the other products in the series and many the same camera technology. At $999, however, it is considerably cheaper than the other S20 versions. For instance, the S20 Ultra costs a staggering $1,399.

Plus, as usual, it has 5G. Undoubtedly, the S20 is one of the best phones currently on sale (don’t tell Samsung it’s better than the more pricey versions).

Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus

The S10 Plus is probably the best phone on offer and definitely our favorite. Its display is great, the cameras are top-drawer, and its quality is incredible. It’s pricey at $ 999, but it’s much more value for money than other phones that are equally priced.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus

Note 10 Plus is a brilliant phone. It has a beautiful 6.8-inch display with a small front camera punch hole. As always, with Note-series tablets, it comes with a built-in stylus, but with a Snapdragon 855 processor and 12 GB of RAM on hand, it also packs four rear cameras and serious performance. This is the one to go with if you need a handset that might feasibly replace your laptop.

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2. Apple (Best Phone Brands)

Apple has its headquarters in Cupertino, California, USA. With its exclusive and strong iPhones, it has gained popularity. With their new mobiles, you get the best value for dollars. Sensors such as ambient light sensor, 3D face recognition, face unlocking,  compass magnetometer, and proximity sensor are the advantages,   3046mAh battery, and 12-megapixel camera.

Either you like or dislike it, Apple stands out from the crowd as the only maker not to use Android on this list. The iPhones are pricey, but that doesn’t seem to scare anyone off buying one.

iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Mini

Apple unveiled its newest flagship iPhones, iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 mini, on October 13, 2020, which deliver powerful features at an attractive price tag. The iPhone 12 and 12 Mini, available alongside the more costly iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max, are perfect for someone who doesn’t need a Pro camera’s capabilities.

The iPhone 12 6.1-inch is a sequel to the iPhone 11, while the iPhone 12 5.4-inch is an all-new size and is the smallest iPhone that Apple has released since the iPhone SE 2016. The two phones are technically similar, aside from the screen size and battery size. The iPhone 12 mini would be suitable for anyone who want an iPhone that can be used one-handed.

For the first time, with an edge-to-edge configuration except for the Face ID notch and tiny bezels along the edge, all iPhone models this year sport Super Retina XDR OLED displays. There’s no difference between the regular iPhone 12 models and the Pro models in display quality.

Apple iPhone 11 Pro

The XS follow-up, the 11 Pro, is (at least in our minds) the best iPhone to purchase. You get a 5.8-inch pin-sharp screen, materials of high quality, and usually blistering performance. It could cost $1,000, but the 11 Pro is closer to justifying the price than ever before. The updated triple rear cameras and the revamped front snapper are huge fans, although the screen is better than ever. Apple, though, is a little stingy, providing just 64 GB of storage as normal.

Apple iPhone 11

Really, the latest, inexpensive iPhone is $50 cheaper than the handset that it replaced. You get a 6.1-inch LCD (boo) display at $699 and the same fast quality as the 11 Pro and Pro Max. You still get some upgraded cameras and a great range of color choices over last year’s XR. Most delightfully, though, compared to the XR, you also get a larger, longer-lasting battery. All told, it’s a nice phone that’s going to be reached by almost everybody.

Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max

The Pro Max, the biggest of the new iPhones, is a bit of a beast. It has an AMOLED display of 6.5 inches and a massive 3,969 mAh battery. However, there are not many variations except the wider screen and battery relative to the 11 Pro. We’d actually go for a cheaper handset, as a result. That’s not to say it’s a terrible 11 Pro Max, just that we can save $100 and get a smartphone that’s just-as-capable.

3. Google (Best Phone Brands)

It seems odd, but its third effort to produce a handset itself is the latest Google phone crop. The search engine giant, though, succeeds in tech, and it shows up with the strong Google Assistant and excellent cameras for amazing Android phones in Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL.

Google Pixel 4 XL

In our opinion, the Pixel 4 XL is a brilliant phone. However, with large bezels and good, but not spectacular, battery life, and stingy storage space, it has proved to be one of the most divisive phones of 2019. It packs the finest cameras of any new handset, amid these issues (despite the absence of super wide-angle lens), and retains as easy to use as all previous Google smartphones.

Google Pixel 3a XL

The Pixel 3a XL is an affordable new version of a handset from Google. The same outstanding image quality you still get, but it costs $420 less. The Pixel 3a XL is not the best phone on sale, and the glass back case used on the more pricey Pixel phones is lost. However, for only $479, the Pixel 3a XL is still a surprisingly fine handset.

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Google Pixel 3a

Like the one above, but smaller and affordable as well. Starting at only $399, one of the best value phones on sale is the Pixel 3a. At 5.6-inches, the screen is smaller, but it is still a 1080p OLED unit. Plus, for a surprisingly low price, you get the best phone camera on the market.

4. OnePlus (Best Phone Brands)

OnePlus, potentially the first surprising entrant on the list has been quietly cranking out good phones for a while. The most recent 7 and 7 Pro versions are the most pricey yet, but relative to many best phone brands, they’re still pretty decent value.

OnePlus 7T Pro

OnePlus is known for packing all sorts of headline-grabbing technology onto its phones, and the 7 T Pro has managed to outdo itself. With a 90Hz refresh rate for fast scrolling and video replay, it has a 6.7-inch super-sharp AMOLED panel. It also carries 8 GB of RAM and a Snapdragon 855 + CPU. With triple back cameras and a motorized 16Mp selfie snapper pop-up, it doesn’t stop there, though. It was among the first phones to make use of Android 10, too. The lack of water resistance and the $865 price tag are our single sticking point.

OnePlus 7T

You will be mistaken for assuming that the 7T is an improved version of the 7 published in June. OnePlus, though, tore up the script effectively and began anew. With the all-important 90Hz refresh rate, you get a larger screen. To offer a total of three rear faces, it gets a new super wide-angle lens, plus it gets a bigger battery (3,700 mAh vs. 3,800 mAh) and even faster charging.

OnePlus 7

In the 7T and 7T Pro market, the 7 might feel like an evil queen. However, with an AMOLED touchscreen, Snapdragon 855, and dual rear cameras, including a 48Mp lens, it’s still a high-quality product. The 7 has also seen a price cut in light of the newer ones. It now costs only $410, which makes it a seriously amazing piece of price package.

5. Huawei (Best Phone Brands)

Recently, Huawei has had some tough times. In reality, its most recent flagship phones, the Mate 30 and P40 series, were barred from using applications created by Google. This means no Play Store and no convergence with larger Google platforms for your favorite games. We can’t even recommend these phones as a result. Luckily, the Mate 20 series models from 2018 are still popular and still have access to the google services, and are affordable.

Huawei Mate 20

One more fantastic Android phone cut-price. The Mate 20 arrives with an odd square configuration, a tiny notch, and a pin-sharp OLED panel for its three rear cameras. The super-speedy Kirin 980 processor also comes in a variety of delightful colors and sets.

Huawei Mate 20 Pro

With a Samsung and Google rivaling price tag, the Mate 20 Pro is a true flagship phone. It has a wide 6.4-inch OLED display, runs the latest android operating system, and either 6GB or 8GB of Ram is available. You have the same triple-camera set-up at the rear with one 40Mp, 20Mp, and 8Mp sensors. If you are in the hunt for an Android flagship, it’s well worth consideration.

Huawei P30 Pro

The P30 Pro is A real superpower. It is packed with a 6.47-inch OLED display, four rear cameras, a fast Kirin 980 processor, 6GB of RAM, and a 4,200 mAh battery. The P30 Pro could be for you if you need a smartphone to power through multitasking and games and while still lasting all day.

6. Oppo (Best Phone Brands)

Oppo was founded in 2004 and is based in China’s Guangdong. Through the incentives, you get value for the money invested. Octa-core processors and 8GB of RAM are among the advantages. Plus, you have 128 GB of data and a 48-megapixel camera, fingerprint sensor,   light sensor, 4000 mAh huge battery,  magnetometer compass, proximity sensor, and accelerometer.

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Oppo F7 (128 GB)

As never before, the OPPO F7 is your key to stunning selfies. The 25MP AI Beauty Selfie Camera uses AI Beauty and Sensor HDR technology to capture your’s real essence. Be amazed at selfies that not only come alive but represent you at your perfectly best.

With a 6.23-inch FHD+ all-encompassing display that activates the senses through all your daily cell phone encounters, the OPPO F7 allows you to take it all in. The F7 presents you with an outstanding 16 percent wider vision with its best-in-class 88 percent panel and 19:9 aspect ratios.

Oppo F3 Plus

7. Motorola (Best Phone Brands)

You might think of Motorola as a relegated phone brand to the graveyard of smartphones, but you’d be wrong. The product that brought us the iconic RAZR is also turning out some impressive mid-range phones, which are well worth looking at.

Moto G8 Plus

The G-series smartphones from Motorola have long been recognized as the best cheap android phones on sale, and the company has produced another cut-price classic with the G7 Plus. Android, a 6.3-inch 1080p monitor, triple rear sensors, and a tiny notch are all working. It costs just $310.

Motorola One Zoom

At IFA in Berlin, The One Zoom was introduced with four rear cameras at the cost of only $449. This set of rear-facing lenses includes a depth sensor, an ultra-wide-angle lens of 117 degrees, and a telephoto sensor, ensuring you can get fantastic pictures regardless of the circumstances.

Motorola One Vision

The One Vision charges the same as the g7 Plus, but it is a smartphone that is really different. Second, it’s tall, with a 21:9 aspect ratio on the frame, making it three times taller than wide. Secondly, with two rear cameras (including a 48Mp lens), it takes amazing images. Lastly, it uses Android One, an Android app that provides you with quick updates and limited bloatware. This phone is unique but amazing.

8. Nokia (Best Phone Brands)

Recently reborn, with a whirlwind of action, Nokia has come back to life, releasing some seriously amazing Android mid-range phones. Certainly, they are not flagship killers-leave it to OnePlus-but they offer a convincing choice to the cheaper offerings of Samsung.

Nokia 8.3 5G

The 8.3 is the first 5G-enabled smartphone from Nokia and starts at about $640 in the US, which is cheap for a 5G smartphone.

The 8.3 is much more than just a 5G handset, though. For greater visibility and contrast, it has a 6.8-inch display that upscales output into HDR-compatible formats. It has four rear camera setup: a wide-angle 64Mp sensor, an ultra-wide 12Mp sensor, a close-up 2Mp depth sensor, and a 2Mp depth sensor. Plus, it has a huge and long-lasting 4,500 mAh battery.

Nokia 7.2

If you’re finding a good camera output, the 7.2 is a fascinating budget pick. The 7.2 comes with a 48Mp main body, an 8Mp ultrawide lens, and a 5Mp depth sensor at the cost of $349. Plus, for the highest visibility and image quality, these sensors use Zeiss optics.

The 7.2 is driven by a Snapdragon 660 chipset and 4GB of RAM, which means that it should be more than fast enough for most users. For watching TV shows and movies, the 6.3-inch Full-HD+ display ensures it should be fine.

Nokia 3.2

The 3.2 is a surprisingly affordable handset that costs only $150. With a slightly slower performance and a Finnish face unlock the device, it’s not ideal.

However, due to its powerful processor and massive 4,000 mAh battery, it has a remarkable battery life. It’s also incredibly well-built at this price, unseemingly so for a phone. The 3.2 could be the right match if you’re looking for the perfect backup phone.

9. LG (Best Phone Brands)

The headquarters of LG are in Seoul. South Korea and was established in 1958. The phones give the highest value for money, and it will positively impact the future. Such as dual-screen, thin models, and a triple sensor, you get perks. Plus, enjoy the displays of 1000 nits, 3D sound DTS, and artificial intelligence button.

LG’s smartphone division has dropped on rough times, struggling to catch the attention at the top of the industry. That’s not to say, though, it doesn’t have any phones deserving of attention.

LG V60 ThinQ 5G Dual Screen

In contrast to Motorola and Samsung, LG has taken a distinct approach to folding phones. LG has opted to give its flagship phones two screens instead of one panel that folds up, no creases of reliability concerns here, via a special case attachment.

It costs $899 and, while you have the option of two windows, it’s not that spectacular for the rest of the spaces. The main monitor has a resolution of 1080 ⁇ 2460, which is sharp, but not as sharp as other flagship models. It has a huge battery of 5,000 mAh and uses a Snapdragon 865 CPU. Three rear cameras are provided, such as a 64Mp primary lens, a 13Mp wide-angle lens, and a depth perception time-of-flight sensor.

LG G8 ThinQ

LG’s reaction to the market’s leading flagship phones is the G8 ThinQ. It has a sharp 1440-3120 6.1-inch P-OLED display, a top-notch output, Snapdragon 855 processor, and dual rear cameras. It’s not the cheapest at $849, but it is truly capable of that.

10. Sony (Best Phone Brands)

For a while now, Sony has been caught in a rut. With the latest range of Xperia 10 tablets, though, and the Xperia 1 flagship, it’s looking at improving it. The cell phones are definitely head-turning, with massive screens.

Sony Xperia 10

The Xperia 10 looks like a low-to-mid-range phone that is pretty normal. It has a Snapdragon 630 processor, dual back camera, and a 1080p 6-inch display. But the screen has a 21:9 aspect ratio and, for one-handed use, is essentially only a little too tall. Even it’s fine for watching movies, and $299 will set you back.

Sony Xperia 10 Plus

Like the one listed above, but much bigger. It’s a massive 6.5-inch, and it’s too tall and bulky to use with a single hand. Nevertheless, like his younger brother, performance is not poor, and the screen size is perfect for watching movies and TV shows or playing games. However, there’s a substantial price bump for that additional display size, as the Xperia 10 Plus costs $429.

Sony Xperia 1 II

Sony’s new flagship smartphone is the amusingly called Xperia 1 II. The 6.5-inch 4 K 21:9 OLED monitor is its principal selling point. Since you’ll have more than enough display real estate, as well as pin-sharp pixels, which makes it great for viewing tv shows And movies, however, for that display quality, you’ll pay a lot of money. When it goes on sale in the US, the Xperia 1 II is estimated to cost $1,300.

Best Phones Under $300 price tag

It’s fair to say that you won’t be having an iPhone if you have $300 to spend on a smartphone. For budget-conscious consumers, however, some best phone brands are selling great phones.

A smartphone from Motorola, something from the G8 series, will be fine, or Nokia, you might consider. Instead of minimizing feature and part prices, these companies manufacture phones that you will happily use daily. Some of the products do not equal those at the top of the industry, but somehow, they have to save money.

Best Phone Brands under $500 price tag

Although flagship smartphones now cost twice as much, for under $500, there are some decent phones to be found. We will fail to look beyond the Google Pixel 3a XL for this budget. It has good performance, security upgrades promised, and the best camera of any phone at any price. You could look at a Samsung Galaxy A50 if you’re not keen on a Google phone.

Best Phone Brands under $750 price tag

The smartphone market of $500-750 doesn’t have the options you would anticipate today, with the market being polarized against more expensive or inexpensive phones, but that’s not to say you’re not going to find any decent phones.

Again, you’ll fail to find a better smartphone than the OnePlus 7 in this price range. If you already have an iPhone, though, we will definitely go for the latest 11.

Best Phone Brands around $1,000 price tag

You’ve got lots of good options if you’re smart enough to be able to drop a thousand on the phone. They’re not all as good as others, however.

We’re, of course, truly approaching iPhone territory now. The 11 Pro is a fantastic smartphone, even though we don’t sell the 11 Pro Limit. We’d go to Google or Samsung if you don’t want anything from Apple. Get the Google Pixel 4 XL if you really need the best camera. Get the Samsung S20 if you want amazing all-around specifications.

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