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Top 5 Most Selling Mobile Phones In The US 2021

Purchasing mobile phones is a difficult decision, as you will almost certainly spend a significant amount of money. However, you require options, which is why we’ve compiled a list of the finest rather than making a single recommendation for the ‘best phone.’
We consider the advantages and disadvantages of each model on our list in terms of performance, cameras, pricing, and other factors.

To assist you in determining the best of the best, we created a list of Top 5 Most Selling Mobile Phones In The US 2021. Each phone on this list has been extensively evaluated and tested, from the camera to the battery. We’ve linked to the unlocked version of each phone, and unless otherwise noted, they should work on the majority of the major four US wireless carriers.

Top 5 Most Selling Mobile Phones In the US

The phone industry is one of the most competitive in all of the technology, with giants like Apple and Samsung continuously vying to outdo one another with the latest, most advanced technology.

Their latest flagship devices, the iPhone 12 and Galaxy S21, respectively, feature incredible rear multi-camera setups, strong processors, and, of course, 5G. However, they are not the only companies to consider, as OnePlus, Motorola, and, of course, Google’s Pixel series all provide excellent features at a variety of pricing points.

Now we have the top 5 Most Selling Mobile Phones in the USA, making the above-described features comfortably easier for you. So, let us look at the below list.

1. Apple iPhone 12 Pro/12 Pro Max

Apple iPhone 12, Top 5 Most Selling Mobile Phones In The US 2021

The iPhone 12 Pro Max features the greatest camera technology available on a mobile phone today. Its three rear cameras — regular wide, ultra-wide, and telephoto — work hand in hand with Apple’s image processing to deliver stunning photographs even in low-light situations. Therefore, if camera quality is your first consideration when purchasing a phone, the 12 Pro Max is the phone to choose from.

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The iPhone 12 Pro enhances everything excellent about the iPhone 12. Then there’s the iPhone 12 Pro Max, which boasts a larger screen and a somewhat more powerful camera. While the additional cost of the iPhone 12 Pro may not justify the significant price increase to $999 for everyone, this phone pairing is definitely the greatest Apple has presented to date.


The iPhone 12 Pro’s triple camera arrangement is incredible. Simultaneously, the three rear cameras are nearly identical to those of the iPhone 11 Pro, save for adding a LIDAR sensor that allegedly permits portrait mode-style images even in Night Mode. The iPhone 12 Pro Max is the device to choose if you’re looking for the greatest camera on an Apple handset.


Apple’s 6.1-inch OLED screen on the iPhone 12 Pro immediately caught our eye – it’s terrific for video streaming and gaming, even at 60Hz, while rival phones push refresh rates up to 90Hz and even 120Hz. Yes, the top-notch remains, but we find it simple to overlook after a while, especially given how other phones manage just fine with punch-hole displays.

Battery life:

This is some of the finest battery life we’ve ever seen on an iPhone, thanks to additional iOS optimizations and a larger internal cell. While it is not game-changing, it is superior to previous Apple devices, particularly the iPhone 12 Pro Max.

The iPhone 12 Pro Max is Apple’s greatest phone to date, and it earned a perfect score in our comprehensive review. The mobile phone is powered by an A14 Bionic processor. It includes a professional-grade multiple back camera array, 5G connectivity, and a magnetic “MagSafe” function for connecting to other mobile peripherals. Add to it the 12 Pro Max’s magnificent screen and sleek design, and it ticks every box for a premium phone in 2021.
The primary camera sensor is the key point of differentiation between the 12 Pro Max and other iPhone 12 variants.

The 12 Pro Max’s camera sensor is physically larger, allowing it to collect more light and create higher-quality photographs in low-light or harsh lighting circumstances. Additionally, the 12 Pro Max features an enhanced image stabilization mechanism that helps maintain the sharpness of your images when the light level drops.

However, unless camera quality is your primary concern, the 12 Pro Max is not the finest iPhone for most consumers. It’s massive, and the squared sides give it an air of significance that defies its spec sheet. The majority of people will be satisfied with the iPhone 12, which is smaller but still has a huge screen.


  • OS: iOS 14
  • RAM: 6GB
  • Dimensions: 146.7mm x 71.5mm x 7.4 mm / 160.8mm x 78.1mm x 7.4mm
  • CPU: A14 Bionic
  • Weight: 189g / 228g
  • Screen size: 6.1-inch / 6.7-inch
  • Rear camera: 12MP + 12MP + 12MP
  • Front camera: 12MP
  • Resolution: 1170 x 2532 / 1284 x 2778
  • Storage: 128GB/256GB/512GB


  • Powerful device
  • Varied color choices
  • Clear and vibrant screen


  • No charging block in the box

2. Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra

Top 5 Most Selling Mobile Phones In The US 2021

The Galaxy S21 Ultra features the most advanced and powerful specifications available on Android. It comes equipped with Qualcomm’s newest Snapdragon 888 processor, which is the fastest available on Android. Additionally, it supports S Pen styluses, which you can purchase separately if you prefer to use a pen with your phone. Additionally, the screen features a fast refresh rate, which results in significantly smoother scrolling. Additionally, it features a large battery that easily lasts two days.

If neither size nor price is an issue, the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra is the best Android phone available right now. It’s the no-compromise pick, with a large 6.8-inch screen and the greatest cameras available on an Android phone. In some instances, its cameras outperform those of the iPhone 12 Pro Max.

The Galaxy S21 Ultra is not an inexpensive device, with a price tag that is still higher than any competitive flagship while being less expensive than its predecessor. Nonetheless, if you’re seeking the ultimate mobile phone experience in 2021, you’re unlikely to find one better than Samsung’s latest.

Samsung upgraded the S21 Ultra’s appearance with a metal rail that curves organically into the rear camera hump. It is now the best-looking large phone available. However, we’re not as fond of Samsung’s software, which is now a bit crowded and includes advertisements in areas like the weather app.

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The OnePlus 9 Pro is a fantastic pick for a more streamlined experience; the Ultra outperforms it in screen and camera quality, but it’s a more capable mobile phone all-around and provides a more mature take on Android OS.
The Galaxy S21 Ultra is a high-priced mobile phone. The majority of Samsung phones are discounted frequently and early. If you’re in the market for one, it’s worthwhile to shop around for the best offer.

Four cameras are housed under that camera bump: a standard wide-angle lens with a 108-megapixel sensor, an ultra-wide lens, and two distinct telephoto lenses. This phone transforms into an extraordinarily versatile camera system, equipped with numerous advanced video features such as Pro modes and 8K recording.


For many, the Galaxy S21 Ultra’s 108MP camera will be the highlight, and the camera does not disappoint. As with its predecessor, the Galaxy S20 Ultra supports 100x zoom photography, but it is significantly better here, with two telephoto cameras working in tandem to perform the heavy job.

Battery life:

The Samsung S21 Ultra’s battery life is excellent, and it frequently lasted us an entire day on a single charge. If you experiment with the 120Hz refresh rate, battery life will certainly be reduced, but it’s an excellent pick if you’re looking for a long-lasting phone.


The Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra sports a 6.8-inch top-of-the-line display with a 120Hz adaptive refresh rate and Quad HD resolution. One of the most impressive mobile phone displays available.

However, the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra does not have a charger, so you’ll need to utilize a current one or purchase one separately.


  • Storage: 128GB/256GB/512GB
  • Battery: 5,000mAh
  • Weight: 227g
  • Dimensions: 165.1 x 75.6 x 8.9 mm
  • OS: Android 11
  • Rear camera: 108MP + 10MP + 10MP + 12MP
  • Front camera: 40MP
  • Screen size: 6.8-inch
  • Resolution: 1440 x 3200
  • Release date: January 2021
  • CPU: Snapdragon 888 / Exynos 2100
  • RAM: 12GB / 16GB


  • Elegant design
  • Good camera zoom


  • No micro SD card slot
  • Expensive

3. Samsung Galaxy S21 / S21 Plus

Top 5 Most Selling Mobile Phones In The US 2021

The Samsung Galaxy S21 will be the ideal smartphone for many thanks to its excellent combination of a good feature sheet, an attractive design, and a price point that is lower than both the Galaxy S21 Ultra and its predecessors. We would not recommend purchasing this if you already own the Samsung Galaxy S20, but it will be the ideal mobile phone for others.

The Galaxy S21 and S21 Plus are nearly identical phones with three key distinctions: screen size, battery capacity, and material composition. The Galaxy S21 was judged to be a capable phone, even though it is a modest update to last year’s Galaxy S20.
The Samsung Galaxy S21 and Galaxy S21 Plus are no longer the pinnacles of specification and prowess that their predecessors were – the Samsung Galaxy S20 was formerly at the top of this list – and instead, Samsung’s Ultra handsets are taking center stage. Nonetheless, the S21 is a capable phone at a lower price point than some of its competitors.

The Snapdragon 888 processor is the same as that found in the Ultra. This implies that the Galaxy S21 is lightning quick and should survive for several years without slowing down.


The Galaxy S21’s camera is nearly identical to that of the Galaxy S20, but Samsung has added a few software adjustments that make it just that little better. Overall, this isn’t quite as impressive as the Galaxy S21 Ultra, but for most people looking to take the occasional snap, this will suffice.


Much has been said about Samsung’s decision to convert to Full HD for the Galaxy S21 display, but in our testing, we didn’t notice the resolution drop much unless we compared the phone to a QHD display. The Galaxy S21’s screen will satisfy many with its 120Hz refresh rate and exceptional brightness. Were you on the lookout for a larger display? It’s included with the S21 Plus.


The Samsung Galaxy S21’s battery life is rated as a full day on a single charge, and the handset’s 4,000mAh battery means you’ll get a lot of use out of it before needing to recharge. The S21 Plus’s battery is even better, including a 4,800mAh cell.


  • Weight: 169g/200g
  • Rear camera: 12MP + 64MP + 12MP
  • Front camera: 10MP
  • RAM: 8GB
  • Dimensions: 151.7 x 71.2 x 7.9 mm / 161.5 x 75.6 x 7.8 mm
  • CPU: Snapdragon 888 / Exynos 2100
  • OS: Android 11
  • Screen size: 6.2-inch / 6.7-inch
  • Resolution: 1080 x 2400
  • Storage: 128GB / 256GB
  • Release date: January 2021
  • Battery: 4,000mAh / 4,800mAh


  • Cheaper
  • Amazing camera


  • Screen isn’t the best
  • No micro SD support

3. OnePlus 9 Pro

OnePlus 9 ProIt’s nearly identical to a Galaxy S20 Plus. Rearrange a few buttons, relocate the selfie camera to the center, and swap out the logo, and you have the identical design.
The OnePlus 9 Pro is a premium flagship phone that addresses the primary shortcoming of prior OnePlus phones – their cameras. As a result, this is a phone that can compete with the best smartphones on the market, and some may even prefer its camera to those on the list.

The OnePlus 9 Pro’s physical design is the most seamless and elegant that the business has ever created. Naturally, it is substantial. It features a 6.7-inch edge-to-edge screen in a body that is just narrow enough for me to use in one hand.

While OnePlus focused on the cameras for the OnePlus 9 Pro, this is an excellent smartphone on the whole, with top-of-the-line power, a stunning display, and the majority of features you’d expect from any other phone on our list. While the battery life isn’t the best and the price is steep given OnePlus’ history in the smartphone industry, it has earned a spot on our top mobile phone list due to the whole package.


The OnePlus 9 Pro is the best camera phone OnePlus has ever made, thanks to a new relationship with Hasselblad and a ‘freeform’ ultra-wide lens engineered to minimize distortion at the image’s edges. While it isn’t the greatest camera phone on the market, it is a huge step forward for the firm, with a massive 48MP primary camera plus an 8MP telephoto and 50MP ultra-wide.


This 6.7-inch screen will impress you more than an iPhone for one simple reason: it features a ‘Fluid Display’ that maintains a refresh rate of 120Hz. Not only does this improve the visuals of the game, but it also makes online browsing more fluid. Additionally, you’ll find good upscaling and HDR10+ support here.


If you require an all-day battery life from your phone, the OnePlus 9 Pro delivers, but it is not the finest battery life we’ve seen on a mobile phone. It comes with a 4,500mAh battery that is rated to last a whole day on a single charge. However, this may not be the case if you use the phone excessively. Additionally, it offers outstanding fast charging and wireless charging capabilities.


  • CPU: Snapdragon 888
  • RAM: 8/12GB
  • Rear camera: 48MP + 50MP + 8MP + 2MP
  • Front camera: 16MP
  • Dimensions: 163.2 x 73.6 x 8.7mm
  • Storage: 128/256GB
  • OS: Android 11
  • Release date: March 2021
  • Resolution: 1440 x 3216
  • Weight: 197g
  • Screen size: 6.7-inch
  • Battery: 4,500mAh


Powerful smartphone
One of best OnePlus camera phone
Fast Charging


  • No micro SD support
  • Weak Digital Zoom
  • Expensive

4. Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra

galaxy note 20 galaxy note 20 ultra galaxy note 20 ultra variant qhd resolution ltpo oled display note 20 ultra

If you’re searching for a phone that can handle intensive use from morning to night and still perform well, Samsung’s top-of-the-line Galaxy Note 20 Ultra is the one to get. It features a big 4,500mAh battery that powers the device’s big 6.9-inch screen for as long as you require.

The Galaxy Note 20 Ultra is Samsung’s costliest non-foldable phone, and the Note’s biggest selling point this generation is its incredible camera. Prepare for extreme close-ups with the optical zoom of 5x and the digital zoom of 50x. Additionally, the S Pen returns with new capabilities, including the ability to capture voice notes and sync them with writing notes.

Why is it ranked sixth? This is one of Samsung’s most powerful phones, but it is also the most expensive. The Note 20 Ultra is equipped with a pen, a camera capable of 5x optical zoom and 50x digital zoom, a faster CPU (at least in the US edition), and a 6.9-inch 120Hz display. While not everyone requires an all-in-one phone, if you want it all and don’t want to wait for the Galaxy Z Fold 2, this is one of Samsung’s greatest.

Additionally, the Note 20 Ultra is a high-end phone in every other way. Its colossal display features a 120Hz refresh rate for fluid interactions, and its triple back camera system is one of the most advanced available. It performs flawlessly because of the Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 Plus processor and 12GB of RAM. Additionally, it enables stylus input with Samsung’s S Pen, allowing you to draw or doodle on the screen using a pen rather than your finger.

Although you can now use a stylus with the Galaxy S21 Ultra, unlike the Note 20 Ultra, it is not integrated into the phone. Depending on Samsung’s ambitions, this may also be the final “Ultra” version of the Note – though rumors on that front have been inconsistent.


The 6.9-inch Note 20 Ultra display is enormous, yet it is only a quarter of an inch larger than the 6.8-inch Note 10 Plus display from 2019. A notable distinction is the net’s smoothness, which is enhanced with a 120Hz refresh rate. No, you cannot enable both WQHD+ and 120Hz simultaneously, though the pixels look good at 1080p on a panel this large, as opposed to needing to switch to 60Hz. Another minor perk: the punch hole for the front-facing camera is now smaller than ever.

Battery life:

The Note 20 Ultra features a large 4,500mAh battery that easily lasts more than a day with moderate use. According to our tests, even power users will have no issues. Samsung supplies a 25W fast wired charger in the box and supports 15W fast wireless charging, but for some reason has opted out of enabling 45W wired charging.


The Note 20 Ultra’s camera is one of the greatest on an Android phone, thanks in part to its 5x optical zoom and 50x digital zoom. It makes the iPhone’s 2x optical zooms appear to be modest cropping at the corners of 1x photographs. With a 5x optical zoom and, in excellent light, a 10x digital zoom, Samsung delivers a dramatic magnification and Instagram-worthy images (50x zoom is primarily a party trick). Additionally, we discovered that this phone has the best ultra-wide camera, and the standard 12MP camera is quite sharp. You do not require the 108MP camera and should be aware of skin-softening in low-light situations.


  • RAM: 12GB
  • CPU: Snapdragon 865 Plus / Exynos 990
  • Rear camera: 108MP + 12MP + 12MP
  • Front camera: 10MP
  • Storage: 128GB/256GB/512GB
  • Battery: 4,500mAh
  • Release date: August 2020
  • Weight: 208g
  • Dimensions: 164.8 x 77.2 x 8.1mm
  • OS: Android 10
  • Screen size: 6.9-inch
  • Resolution: 1440 x 3088


  • Handy S Pen stylus
  • Great camera zoom


  • Photos exhibit skin smoothing
  • Overly priced

5. Samsung Galaxy S20 / S20 Plus

Samsung Galaxy S20 Said to Debut With Super ISO and Quick Take Camera FeaturesAlthough the Samsung Galaxy S21 series has dethroned the Galaxy S20 series, these are still excellent choices for your next mobile phone. Additionally, if you’re in the market for one soon, you may find it less than it was before the Galaxy S21’s release.

The Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus was formerly the best phone available today, but the smaller (and slightly less competent) Galaxy S20 is so identical to it that we’ve combined the two.


Both phones feature stunning Infinity-O AMOLED panels – 6.2 inches on the S20 and 6.7 inches on the S20 Plus. Both notches are centered, like they are on the Note 10, although they are significantly smaller this time around since the S20 Plus only has one lens. As a result, there is more screen. Additionally, the S20 features a 120Hz maximum refresh rate for silky-smooth media and gaming. However, you’ll notice it more during browsing — and you’ll need to lower your display resolution to FHD+ to take advantage of it.


The S20 is powered by a 4,000mAh battery, while the S20 Plus features a 4,500mAh battery. To put it mildly, it is a lot and frequently took us through a whole day without recharging. Bear in mind that the estimated battery life will decrease if you set the refresh rate to 120Hz, use a lot of 5G connectivity, or lend electricity via Wireless PowerShare, so adjust appropriately if you want to extend the life of your phone.


The S20 and S20 Plus both feature very remarkable cameras. Not their 12MP main cameras, which are adequate — it’s the 64MP telephoto camera with a 3x optical zoom that truly impresses (up from the usual 2x zoom). Additionally, the camera can crop zoom to a murky 30x digital zoom — meaning the interim intervals are still significantly better than the competition. The 12MP ultra-wide camera performs admirably, while the 10MP front-facing camera is excellent for adding creative filters. Another first: 8K 24fps rear camera video.


  • Rear camera: 12MP + 64MP + 12MP-
  • Front camera: 10MP
  • Weight: 163g/186g
  • Dimensions: 151.7 x 69.1 x 7.9mm/161.9 x 73.7 x 7.8mm
  • Storage: 128GB (S20) or 128GB/256GB/512GB (S20 Plus)
  • OS: Android 10
  • Release date: March 2020
  • Screen size: 6.2-inch/6.7-inch
  • Resolution: 1440 x 3200
  • CPU: Snapdragon 865 / Exynos 990
  • RAM: 8GB/12GB
  • Battery: 4,000mAh/4500mAh-


  • A top screen
  • Excellent cameras


  • Terative improvements
  • Still quite high price
  • Google Pixel 5

The Google Pixel 5 was released in October and boasted several enhancements over the Pixel 4 – but also some omissions. Thus, the Pixel 5 is a bit of a course correction, as Google eliminates perks to keep the Pixel 5 as affordable as the iPhone 12 mini and OnePlus 8T. However, a few major enhancements elevate it beyond the Pixel 4 XL, which replaces this list.

The Pixel 5 is unassuming in appearance. Rather than advancing the art, Google appears to have reverted to simpler, more reliable, and less expensive technologies. Face unlock, squeezable sides, and a real radar chip were all included in the Pixel 4. The Pixel 5 features a straightforward rear-mounted fingerprint sensor, evocating Android phones from 2018, not 2020.

Why is it the eleventh? The Pixel 5 is sufficiently powerful, and its camera is still good, but key features have been removed, making this phone less sophisticated than the competition. While Google’s proclivity for photo enhancement still makes this phone a viable option for photographers, it is insufficient to propel it into the top half of the rankings. However, its skinny bezels make it a surprisingly compact phone, ideal for individuals who prefer to text one-handed.

Aluminum reduces weight and thickness while increasing rigidity, but it is completely undetectable. Additionally, a notch in aluminum allows for wireless charging (and reverse wireless charging). The Pixel 5 is water and dust resistant to IP68 standards but lacks a headphone jack. Google also removed the option to squeeze the phone to summon Google Assistant, but I’m not complaining.


The Pixel 5 features a 6-inch Full HD Plus (1080 x 2340) display with a 90Hz refresh rate for improved app browsing and gaming performance. The Pixel 4’s solid black bar has been replaced with a punch-hole — apologies for the lack of Soli depth sensors or even facial recognition, but at least more screen real estate. The OLED display boasts vibrant colors, and the dual front-facing speakers make it an ideal streaming device.


The Pixel 4’s battery troubles are a thing of the past: one of the primary reasons we replaced the Pixel 4 XL with the Pixel 5 is that the latter’s 4,080mAh battery lasts more than a day, addressing the phone’s primary shortcoming. Otherwise, it’s unremarkable, with a maximum of 18W fast charging and 12W wireless charging – which, surprisingly, still works through the all-metal rear shell.


The Pixel 5’s cameras are its most compelling feature. On the back, the 12.2MP sensor combined with Google’s amazing software optimization results in outstanding images in the majority of scenarios. In contrast, the 16MP ultra-wide sensor adds a respectable field of view. Best of all, the Night Sight mode has been enhanced — and now includes an Astrophotography option for taking images of the cosmos.


  • Release date: October 2020
  • Weight: 151g
  • Dimensions: 144.7mm x 70.4mm x 8mm
  • OS: Android 11
  • Screen size: 6-inch
  • Resolution: 2340 x 1080
  • CPU: Snapdragon 765G
  • RAM: 8GBStorage: 128GB
  • Battery: 4000mAh
  • Rear camera: 16MP + 12MP
  • Front camera: 8MP


  • Excellent photos, especially in the dark
  • The metal case is a refreshing change from glass
  • Clean, simple Android software experience
  • Good battery life


  • Slow image processing
  • Middling night photography
  • Panel audio “speaker” is weak and tinny for video and games

Some Honorable mentions:

  3. ONEPLUS 9
  4. Samsung Galaxy S20 Fan Edition
  6. APPLE IPHONE SE (2020)
  8. MOTO ONE 5G

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