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Top Five Best Free Android Apps Of 2021

The best free Android apps will meet almost any need while still saving you money in the long run. You get the same satisfaction when you buy one of the best cheap smartphones or spend a lot of money on the new flagship. Why don’t start saving money right away by downloading some of the best free Android apps? After all, not every program on Google Play has a cost associated with it. Filtering the must-downloads from either the ones that will only take up room on your mobile is the real challenge.

  1. Woebot:

Woebot uses chatbot technologies for good, relying on cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), relaxation, and dialectical behavior therapy concepts and strategies to assist with mental self-care and the processing of stressful thoughts and life events.  The app helps to assist you in self-auditing your psychological condition, checking in on you on a daily basis, and guiding you through mindfulness activities to help you center yourself and enhance your mental and emotional well-being.

  1. Fmwhatsapp:

It is the most heavily customized edition of WhatsApp. Foud Apps is the company behind it (the developer is FoudMakkad). He expanded the App’s functionality and introduced it to the consumers. This app isn’t available on Google Play, but it can be an FM WhatsApp download file from a third-party website. However, you should exercise caution and use an antivirus before installing the App, as third-party domains can contain viruses and malware. Fmwhatsapp is a fantastic app that lets you mask your last viewed, distribution report, online status, and other GUI icons.

  1. Microsoft To-Do:

Microsoft to do is a clever, no-nonsense to-do list software that offers a sleek and distraction-free interface while intelligently recommending assignments focused on long-term trends, future deadlines, or stuff you haven’t been able to see to during the past days, thanks to Microsoft’s acquisition of Wunderlist. Although the app is open, cross-platform, and functional on its own, it also integrates well with the rest of Microsoft’s Office 365 office apps.

  1. Poweramp Music Player:

On Android, Poweramp is one of the most common and stable local music players. It has pretty much everything, including hi-res audio, Android Auto, an equalizer, gapless smoothing, and support for about every audio codec you can think of. It’s also compatible with the LG V60, which features a Quad DAC. The UI takes a little getting used to, but it was one of the effective music players on the Google Play Store, with optional templates.

  1. Moj:

Since a number of Chinese apps, including TikTok, are banned in India, current models sprang up to fill the void. This is exemplified by Moj. It helps users to create short videos of up to 15 seconds in length and customize them with different effects. Its user experience is straightforward, allowing users to connect easily through feedback, favorites, and shares, among other things. This software is relatively new, having debuted in July 2020 and quickly amassing millions of customers. It has more than 80 million active monthly users who typically spend 34 minutes a day on the service.


These issues do not occur with these apps. These can be used by anybody. With no further ado, these are the best Android apps available right now!

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