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Choosing a Career as a Mobile Phone Repair Technician

A smartphone is one device that almost everyone carries; most people are inseparable from their devices. It goes wherever we go. We use it for just about everything like conventional communication, staying connected with friends and family using social media or instant messengers, and playing games. Some of us also use this device to stream movies, create official documents & videos, and do fitness routines.

This also means it is highly vulnerable to accidents and damage. One of the most common issues with a phone happens to be a broken screen. This happens to one of the most popular devices; in fact, the penetration rate in 2017 was 75.8%. It is expected that by 2023 it will be 80%. A mobile phone repairs shop in Melbourneis the place all visit when they have an issue with their device. This article provides more information on what it is like to become a mobile phone repair technician and how to be successful as one.

Can a cell phone repair business be successful?

The mobile phone repair industry is growing rapidly. One of the main reasons for this is an increase in the number of people owning a smartphone. It is not uncommon for people to break their phone and visit a repair store to get it repaired. It is more economical for one to repair a mobile device rather than buy a new one in most cases. The most expensive parts to repair happen to be the motherboard and the screen. Broken mobile phone screen repair in Melbourne also happens to be one of the biggest reasons why people visit a repair store. Some of the other reasons include battery replacement, charging issues, etc. Considering the potential of its success as a mobile phone repair technician, since the advent of mobile phone launching and peak sales.

Tips for a mobile phone repair technician

  • The key to working swiftly and effectively is to use the right set of tools for the job.
  • Most works carried out on a mobile device requires special tools & equipment. Besides this, it is also necessary to have a designated workspace to perform the repair tasks and procedures.
  • Good ethics and sticking to the rules & regulations go a long way in this profession.
  • It is very important to keep in mind that all the parts that you are dismantling will also need to be placed back in the same manner. A mobile device is a highly complicated and dense device hence it is vital one establishes a proper method to disassemble and reassemble it.
  • Misplacing the screws is one of the biggest causes of a failed mobile repair job. Take utmost care while putting it back together, ensuring everything goes back where it belongs.
  • A neat & clean workspace is of utmost importance when working on a mobile device as is to maintain the correct ambience. Besides helping one get along with their work it also ensures one is more efficient and successful at repairing their device.
  • It pays to stock mobile spare parts instead of having to order only when you need them. This avoids unnecessary delay while serving the device and helps the technician take on more jobs instead of spending a great deal of time on just one unit. This is vital to remain competitive in the mobile phone repair market.
  • A mobile unit is likely to contain the SIM card and memory card of the customer. Keep them safe since they will usually have personal information in the form of images & documents on it. Several devices do not have an external memory card and the phone will contain all the data. Hence, it is necessary to keep this in mind while working on the device.
  • Backup the data on the phone is a good preventive measure, especially when working on the inner sections of the phone. Most phone owners value their data and do not like it to be deleted or destroyed.

 Important statistics and facts

  • 127% of the population has a mobile phone subscription.
  • The number of mobile phone connections as of mid-2021 is 32.5 million.
  • The total number of smartphone users is 20.3 million in 2020.
  • Smartphone sales to end users globally in 2020 is 1.38 billion.
  • Global Smartphone shipments in 2020 were 1.29 billion.

 The secret to being successful in a Cell phone repair business

There is plenty of potential in the cell phone repair business for a trained technician. There are several factors one should consider ensuring they are successful. One of the main factors is the location of the business. One way to ensure you always have plenty of customers is to choose a cost-effective location for both residences and businesses. Offering additional services like pick-up and drop-off as well as making yourself more accessible by allowing customers to contact over the internet and phone will work in your favour. Offering quick repairs and accurate estimates of the job in advance will also help increase your level of popularity. Advertise your services both online as well as offline. Ensuring good customer satisfaction and actively taking feedback from the consumers can shape you better as a smartphone technician. Cutting your running costs, offering discounts and competitive pricing will help you remain ahead of the competition.

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