Privacy Policy

We have prepared the “Privacy Policy” to explain how we collect and use the information and Personal Data. We obtain this information and personal data through the use of the internet and online services. We only collect the information which covers the personal information through services like a direct communication between TechSAA and the subscriber or a user.

We don’t collect any other information from other websites and applications. We only collect the information when you subscribe to the services of TechSAA or you communicate or contact in any different manner. By using the services of TechSAA, you are consent to such collections, sharing, and use of your personal information and data and agreed on our terms, services, and “Privacy Policy.”

We will use your personal information according to the personal information protection and “Privacy” Laws.

What information we automatically Collect

We collect the information just like “Third-Party” service providers (advertising and analytics providers). We collect certain information and data from your devices and web browser when you access the services to use. This helps us to understand how visitors and users use our services. Each time you visit the TechSAA, we and other third-party servers automatically collect your personal information like IP address and MAC address, type of your browser, the web page you came from, and access time.

We use the personal information data to diagnose the problems and enhance our services to assist you better.

Local Storage and Cookies.

Local storage and cookies may be accessed on your device.  Upon your first visit to our website, a cookie or local storage will be sent to your device (computer or mobile) to identify your browser uniquely. Cookies and local storage are small files, a string of characters sent to your device’s browser and temporarily stored on your computer when you visit TechSAA. This is a standard feature, and many service providers use this feature. These cookies and local storage files could be removed at any time, or even you just reset your browser.

We may use cookies and local storage types like analytics and performance, essential, functionality, social media, and targeted and advertising cookies.

Security of Personal Information

We do not share any personal information with any of the other third-party service providers. Infect, we always try to take reasonable and technical security measures to protect your data. However, no transmission and data over the internet can be guaranteed 100%. If you feel and believe that your personal information is not secure with us, please contact and notify us immediately.

We update our “Privacy Policies” from time to time, and we will notify you immediately of any changes. We will also send you a notice in the form of a message or email about the revised “Privacy Policy.” Your continued use of our service after the updated “Privacy Policy” will consider your consent to those changes.

Contact Us

In case of any query and question about our “Privacy Policy,” Please feel free to contact us.

[email protected]