5 Facts About Smart Contracts That Every Solidity Programmer Should Know

It is crazy to think that smart contracts were created way before there was ever a use case for them, however, Solidity programmers now know their impact in the blockchain world.

Here are some other facts about smart contracts that every Solidity programmer should know:

Fact #1: Smart Contracts Cannot Be Modified Once Launched

One of the biggest advantages of using a smart contract to execute a transaction is that smart contracts cannot be modified once they are deployed onto the blockchain.

This means that no one can easily mess with the contract and the transaction is secure without any threat of third-party interference.

This is also one of the biggest reasons why someone might use a smart contract to handle their transaction in the first place.

However, what seems like the best advantage can also quickly become a disadvantage when you factor in human error. There is a chance that the contract was not coded correctly and cannot be changed now.

It is important to keep this in mind when thinking about using and developing smart contracts.

Fact #2: Solidity Is Among The Top Five Languages For Smart Contracts

Depending on the smart contract platform and the intended use of blockchain technology, there are many languages that developers use nowadays to make smart contracts.

Solidity which runs on the Ethereum Virtual Machine or EVM is the most popular and most used language. This is also why budding blockchain developers look for an advanced Solidity tutorial to get them started in the smart contract development field.

Other common languages for smart contracts include Rust, JavaScript, Vyper, and even Yul. However, none of them come close to the popularity of Solidity.

Fact #3: Smart Contracts Have A Lot Of Uses

While smart contracts are essentially used for automatic transactions on the blockchain, they serve a variety of purposes when it comes to our daily lives.

Many computer scientists have talked about a future where smart contracts and web3 transactions will become the norm similar to how POS systems work today.

They predict that even the smallest of businesses will allow this payment option as it takes away a lot of the manual labor and paperwork that is involved in commercial payments.

Some of the most practical use cases for smart contracts today include those transactions that have a lot of parties involved. For instance, a crowdfunding campaign can collect payments from multiple sponsors using these contracts.

Fact #4: Ethereum Is Among The Top Five Smart Contract Platforms

As mentioned above Solidity is the most popular language for smart contract development. Invariably, the platform that runs it is also quite famous.

Ethereum Virtual Machine is the most used platform because of its highly secure environment and its large community of developers. It also offers a standardized and regulated network that practically guarantees security.

Other commonly used platforms include Hyperledger, EOS, Tezos, Stellar and Avalanche.

Fact #5: Smart Contracts Can Be Legally Binding

While smart contracts may sound like they are binding contracts, they can be sort of a gray area.

If they meet all the legal requirements depending on the state and federal legislature, then you can use them in the courts.

But that is not always the case.

As smart contracts are essentially agreements between two parties, usually there is no legal review and that can lead to loopholes and make them unenforceable.

However, well-reviewed legally-binding smart contracts are not so uncommon. You’ll come across such contracts when creating blockchain apps for fields such as healthcare that require protocols to be followed.


All in all, learning how to program in Solidity and create smart contracts can be an extremely useful skill for blockchain developers.

These facts about smart contracts will help you view the industry as a whole and help you understand the importance of your contributions.

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