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How to Use Airline Loyalty Programs to Receive a Clear Membership Discount

CLEAR is a popular security program that is designed to help airport passengers save time at the airport. It helps numerous fliers avoid security lines at over 60 US airports today. If you are a member of particular airline loyalty programs, you may save about $60 on CLEAR membership. Are you willing to speed through airport security? Here is how airline loyalty programs allow you to get a CLEAR membership discount.

Basics of CLEAR Membership

You don’t need to pay to join airline loyalty programs, so you shouldn’t pay the whole sum for CLEAR. It’s much better to save about $60 if you are already a member of some loyalty programs. What are the benefits you get with CLEAR? The biggest advantage is the possibility to skip the ID check.

The passenger’s identity can be checked at special kiosks as they will be able to utilize certain lanes without regular waiting lines. Fingerprint scanning and facial recognition technology will be conducted to verify your identity.

When you’ve filed your federal income taxes and don’t want to wait for a refund from the IRS, cash advance on income tax refund can help you cover urgent expenses as it serves as an emergency loan. Many consumers believe it is a more suitable way of receiving extra funds as it doesn’t demand the same application process as with regular loans. CLEAR is a great option only if you can afford it.

You shouldn’t think that CLEAR is the same as Global Entry or TSA PreCheck. These programs are different and each may be beneficial. While Global Entry and TSA PreCheck perform the physical screening method, CLEAR uses biometric screening, which may be faster and more convenient for some passengers. Besides, people who travel with TSA PreCheck can leave their shoes and belts on and don’t need to take liquids or laptops out of their carry-on bags.

The Cost of CLEAR

Are you willing to apply for Clear to move quicker through airport security? In order to sign up, you need to fill out several questions on the web and end enrollment at any CLEAR airport location the next time you fly. CLEAR will offer you predictable and seamless security immediately.

The full price of a yearly membership is $189. Discounted price of $119 is offered to MileagePlus members, while United U.S. Credit Cardmember and Premier Silver, Gold, or Platinum owners may just pay $109. Does CLEAR capture biometrics? Yes, it utilizes your iris, facial, and fingerprint biometrics. A CLEAR ambassador will help you capture these images at the airport. Also, make sure you make a selfie when you sign up on the free mobile app.

How to Get CLEAR

You may receive CLEAR in just three easy steps:

  1. You need to enroll in this program using the official websites of Delta or United.
  2. Visit a CLEAR location near you to end the enrollment process. An ambassador will help you capture biometric data such as fingerprints and eyes. There is no need to book an appointment as it can be conducted within five minutes.
  3. Next time you travel, you will be able to utilize the CLEAR dedicated lanes and avoid queues. Your identity will be verified using your biometric information (fingerprints and eyes). After that, you may go straight to the body scan and luggage screening.

Airline Loyalty Programs

Speaking of the favorite airlines in the USA as of the first quarter of 2022, 49% of respondents had a positive opinion about Delta and American Airlines. Nearly the same number of people (48%) claimed Southwest to be their favorite airline in the USA.

How to Receive CLEAR with United Airlines

Are you a member of United’s MileagePlus program? Then you may also get a discounted price on CLEAR and pay only $119. If you are willing to pay less and get CLEAR for only $109, you need to be a holder of United’s Premier Silver, Gold, or Platinum status. Also, travelers with a United credit card may be eligible for this discount. Apart from that, some passengers may even get CLEAR for free provided that they are members of the Premier 1K program or United’s top-tier Global Services.

How to Receive CLEAR with Delta

If you are a member of Delta’s Skymiles program, you have the right to purchase CLEAR for $119. Furthermore, Delta credit card owners may pay just $109. The same discounted price is available for passengers with Delta’s Silver Medallion, Gold, or Platinum status. You may sign up to receive Delta Skymiles and bonuses online. New members will be able to link their new CLEAR account to their membership.

Free CLEAR Trial

A great option is that every airline travel passenger has the possibility to try CLEAR for free using a two-month trial. Families and households can benefit from this option. Are you traveling and flying a lot in the summer? It can be a great chance for you to try CLEAR free of charge and enjoy its perks without having to pay the yearly membership fee.

CLEAR Discount for Students

Students may also get a discounted price. A discount of $50 a year is provided to students for a period of four years once they enroll in CLEAR. Who is eligible for this student discount? Those who attend graduate schools, and two-year or four-year colleges can receive this student discount. No matter if this is your last year or the first semester, you can qualify.

The Bottom Line

In conclusion, CLEAR is a useful program for airline passengers who want to save their time and avoid long security lines at airports. If you are a member of airline loyalty programs, you may be eligible for a CLEAR membership discount and enjoy this bonus for a cheaper price. Besides, there are discounts for current students and even a free two-month trial for everyone who wants to reduce wait time during travel and speed through security using their biometric data without the need to take their shoes or belts off.

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