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6 Key Strategies for Growing the Marketing Operations

The Marketing Operations Specialist is a key member in the Sales & Service department. The Marketing Operations specialist will work closely with Senior Marketing Manager to support all marketing database management and manipulation areas, including lead generation, email marketing, telemarketing, and lead tracking.

They will also support product and service launches, manage day-to-day product promotions and marketing strategy formulation, help design and develop a corporate branding strategy, and optimize digital media marketing performance. With the wide variety of marketing functions, the specialist has the responsibility for many different functions such as:

  • Developing and maintaining relationships between sales & marketing departments. These professionals’ role involves the continued integration of new and innovative marketing campaigns with existing company practices and strategies to promote business growth and profitability. In addition, these roles are very important for improving the quality of service and results for marketers and help them achieve success; if you want to boost your online presence with compelling marketing content, visit gawdo.com.
  • Reinforcing marketing strategy with metrics. Since a marketing operations team handles the whole marketing activities from start to finish, it is important for the firm to effectively measure the marketing campaigns’ results. It is best to measure the results of campaigns by qualitative metrics such as return on investments and quantitative metrics such as conversion rates. This way, a firm can easily assess its marketing strategies and its progress towards its goal.
  • Managing the day-to-day activities. To ensure the marketing efforts’ effectiveness, the marketing operations specialist should be prepared to handle every aspect of marketing campaigns. It is also their responsibility to coordinate with the senior marketing managers and other department managers and facilitate coordination between the various marketing functions. This includes managing lead generation campaigns, evaluating marketing strategies, customer contact management, and other related functions.
  • Managing the field marketing manager’s schedule. The field marketing manager is the one who is primarily responsible for generating leads and creating proposals to attract new clients and bring new customers into the company’s sales and services program. Thus, the responsibilities include planning and developing the campaigns, recruiting marketers; and monitoring the campaigns. Furthermore, the marketing operations manager must be capable of coordinating the reporting and analysis of the strategies. This includes creating marketing reports on a monthly basis and monitoring the progress and status of the marketing programs.
  • Establishing a good marketing operations strategy. The core function of the marketing operations team is to create and develop a comprehensive marketing strategy. The strategy should address the goals and objectives of the company. The marketing operations team should also consider the factors such as competition and identify opportunities to strengthen and expand the business by identifying appropriate market segments.
  • Managing and supporting the diverse roles. A marketing operations team is made up of different individuals who have various roles and responsibilities. One of the key roles that every member has is to manage the entire team’s overall performance. If a member is not capable of managing his role in the desired manner, he or she should be replaced. The manager should also properly motivate and retain his or her subordinates by providing them with appropriate incentives and rewards.
  • Providing regular feedback to the customers. The success of any marketing activity depends on the feedback of the customers. Therefore, it is very important for the manager to provide regular feedback to the customers regarding the marketing activities’ performance. The feedback should be in the form of positive and negative comments. The manager should note the strengths and areas of improvement of the employees and use these as opportunities to further enhance the performance and quality of the services provided by the marketing operations firm.

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