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NFT Rarity Tools: How to Calculate the Rarity of an NFT?

In 2021, NFTs shocked the digital environment, and many digital artists earned substantial returns. Even though it is not as simple as it sounds, it has remained a “cash cow” for numerous designers and collectors. Numerous artists have turned to NFTs as an additional source of income, making the system appear somewhat cluttered with ambiguous endeavors. Due to this, collectors take the time to examine crypto artworks with superior qualities and more marketability, also known as NFT rarity.

This tutorial will guide you everything you need to know about NFT rarity, its significance, and the best methods for determining the rarity score of Solana, Cardano, and even Ethereum-based NFT projects. Let’s get started!

NFTs have gained widespread acceptance as blockchain projects. CoinMarketCap has a total market capitalization of over $10.5 billion; this trend is expected to reach over $147 billion by 2026. In addition, “NFT” was named the word of the year by Collins Dictionary in 2021. All of these indicate that adoption will get more hysterical over time.

What exactly is NFT Rarity?

Several new NFTs have debuted on the market, but how do their characteristic values differ? Why do certain non-traded stocks sell for millions while others sell for less? It relates to scarcity. The NFT Rarity determines its scarcity and value. Collectors strongly value truly unique non-financial tokens, which increases their value. Consequently, individuals want to know if the NFT they hold or the one they intend to get is rare.

How is NFT Rarity implemented?

When there are several editions of an artwork (degenerative art pieces), only their physical characteristics differentiate them. The Bored Ape Yacht Club, for instance, is a popular NFT project with over 10,000 Bored Apes. Each Bored Ape possesses a unique combination of characteristics that determines its rarity level or score and floor price.

Collectors interested in investing in the project will conduct a study on the NFT. Priority would determine the artwork’s uniqueness, value, and potential returns from resales. Before introducing NFT rarity tools, collectors spent a great deal of time investigating the marketplace mentioned above criteria. Numerous rarity prediction tools were introduced in 2021, making it simpler to estimate the market worth and Rarity of an NFT.

Non-fungible tokens are rare blockchain-based tokens that cannot be exchanged for one another due to their unique qualities. The fact that a creator can produce five NFTs on a whim does not imply that they are identical and interchangeable.

How Do We Determine the Rarity of a Non-Fair Trade?

Comparing the Rarity of two different NFTs from different collectors, such as Okay Bears and Bored Ape Yacht Club, is simple. When juxtaposed, artists and collectibles are both diverse. You can notice this without difficulty.

In the case of NFT collections including several hundred NFTs, however, the gross Rarity of each NFT is computed by comparing the qualities or properties of each NFT in the collection.

This gross Rarity is evaluated either by identifying the rarest characteristics or statistically assessing Rarity. Rarity Tools developed the “rarity score” technique or method because NFTs are constantly evaluated based on their overall characteristics and not a single attribute.

According to rarity tools, “an NFT’s total Rarity Score is the sum of its trait values’ Rarity Scores.” Physical qualities such as clothing, earrings, fur, hat, spectacles, background, necklace, etc., are employed as a measuring tool because all NFTs in a single collection cannot possess them all, rendering them non-fungible.

There are four distinct approaches for determining the Rarity of NFTs. As a tool for each of these procedures, numerous aspects were considered. Some were deemed poor compared to other methods since they focused on a single character while ignoring others.

Implementation Methods

  1. Trait rarity model
  2. Average/Mean trait rarity model
  3. Statistical rarity model
  4. Rarity score model

Methods for Computing NFT Rarity

Even if you possess thousands of NFTs in a single collection, their worth and Rarity will vary. Consequently, a drop in supply causes an increase in demand, which drives up NFT pricing. However, supply value is not the only element that affects the Rarity of NFTs.

As previously indicated, there are various ways to calculate NFT rarity. By statistically evaluating all NFT traits or by computing the average Rarity, several parameters, such as Rarity based on the rarest trait, will be examined. Therefore, a Rarity Score is employed to determine the Rarity of an NFT. Numerous rarity tools automatically compute the Rarity Score, eliminating the need for human calculation. With the appropriate NFT rarity tool, you can quickly view the results.

Rarity Score emphasizes singularly unique features while accounting for trait rarities as a whole. This is the most accurate method for calculating Rarity to date.

How to Select the Finest NFT Rarity Instruments

Nobody would want to perform all those calculations to determine the Rarity of every single NFT they desire. Plus, you should always conduct your due research. Here are numerous excellent investment tools to help you quickly determine the rarity score.

1. Rarity.tools

Rarity.tools are one of the most common applications for determining the Rarity of an NFT. NFTs are ranked in real-time according to the Rarity of their traits. By filtering by expected value, total sales volume, member count, or top collections, it is possible to locate NFTs that fulfill the specified parameters. Aside from that, the website’s UI is straightforward and appealing, making it simple to locate trait rarities.

On Rarity.tools, you may sort all NFTs by their collections, average price, and ETH volume. On the NFT collection page, the overall trait rarities for that collection may be found. This section will find a card for every NFT that lists all of its qualities and Rarity Score. In the NFT project area, you can also verify the Rarity Score of an NFT you own by entering its ID. After clicking “Lookup,” the characteristics and Rarity Scores of your NFT will be displayed.

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Viewing Rarities on Rarity Tools.

To view the rarities of a collection, visit its page on the rarity tools website. Here, you’ll find each NFT along with a card that describes all of its qualities and Rarity Score. Alternately, you can get the Rarity Score of a card you own by entering its ID in the “project” area. Then, select “Lookup” to view all of your NFT’s attributes and Rarity Score.

The NFT rarity will be higher than the Rarity Score. CryptoPunk #8348, ranked number one on the website, has a Rarity Score of 10342.68. On the other side, CryptoPunk #7804 has a score of 2329.18 and a Rarity Rank of 2. NFT projects must pay 2 ETH to be listed on the site, even though the tool is free to use.

2. Etherscan Token Tracker

Etherscan is a block browser,  token tracker for all Ethereum-based coins, and an entry point for ERC-721 token contracts, according to its developers. On Ethereum, NFTs are created using the ERC-721 standard, and as of today, the Etherscan database lists 21,669 tokens that are ERC-721 compatible.

Recent additions to the NFT toolset include information about the minting, circulation, transfers, and prices of NFTs. Numerous applications in this article utilize the Etherscan APIs to analyze the data further and provide the user with more critical information.

3. The Rarity Sniffer

Like Traitsniper, if you wish to determine the Rarity of the most recent NFT drops, Rarity Sniffer is the answer. The website boasts “the quickest and most reliable results seconds after revelation.” Consequently, only the most current abandoned NFT projects’ information is accessible. Additionally, you can be informed of forthcoming NFT drops. Rarity Sniffer’s website currently lists over 10,000 NFT collections.

In addition, Rarity Sniffer has established a Discord server where you may obtain further information about rare NFTs. In other words, you may have access to a new NFT’s rare status before the facts have been made public. Additionally, the server can alert you to forthcoming surprises.

4. Traitsniper

Traitsniper helps compare NFT rarity via attributes. The application focuses on current and future initiatives. Every time a project is unveiled, the Traitsniper bot analyses the rarity of the NFTs in less than two minutes. There are both free and paid versions, with the latter offering advantages such as notifications of new reveals and their score in real-time.

Unlike the websites, we reviewed previously, Traitsniper’s website is somewhat cluttered and can be difficult for novice users to browse. However, once you get it, you can select a particular NFT to view its Rarity Score, OpenSea Price, Rarity Rank, and OpenSea Best Offer. You may also view the individual characteristics alongside their respective rarity scores.

5. DappRadar

DappRadar, a data collecting and analysis company, monitors thousands of blockchain-based dApps. DappRadar has been the go-to resource for monitoring the performance of NFT collections for several years. Their ranking tables, which rank NFTs based on various characteristics such as total sales, traders, and volume, are an excellent way to stay current on market trends.

In addition, the site included an NFT portfolio tracker in 2020 so that Ethereum wallets could be easily monitored. Input the address of your Ethereum wallet or the name of your ENS to view the real-time balances of your ETH and NFTs. You can also know the value of your NFTs at all times. You can also monitor the NFT whales’ wallet activities using the same way.

6. NFTBank

With a crucial tool like NFTBank, you may acquire quick investing insights, a massive hit among NFT investors. The supplied data includes, among other things, ROI, activity, and expenditures. The NFT Bank is an exceptional portfolio management solution for those who wish to manage their NFT holdings.

This NFT tool is distinguished by its speed (far faster than others), easy user interface, signals, and NFT asset tracker and analytics. The “Analysis and Signals” helps locate fresh NFT investing prospects. It gives indications to help users comprehend the market and track other users’ portfolios.

7. Nansen

NFTs are investments. Therefore, the greater your awareness of industry trends, the better selections you make. This is where the blockchain analytics platform Nansen AI can assist. Discover new investment opportunities, do due diligence, and safeguard your portfolios with actual dashboards and alerts with this tool.

First, it provides an NFT wallet analysis tool that displays real-time data on the most lucrative NFT wallets on the market. You may readily determine when and where a wallet has moved its funds by configuring personalized alerts.

You can also utilize the site to find new tokens and the most popular NFT collections. The platform provides in-depth analyses of more than 250,000 projects. Additionally, you can view who is investing where and monitor all transactions. This research can help you manage your portfolio more effectively.

8. NFT Stats

NFT Stats is an online, user-friendly, analytical NFT application. It provides fundamental overviews of NFT collections. The rating includes rarity and selling volume rankings for popular collections.

Using this NFT platform, you may view the best-selling NFT collections during the past 24 hours, seven days, and thirty days.

9. Icy.Tools

Icy.Tools are an additional handy tool for monitoring the data of some of the most popular NFT collections. The collections are based on their minimum price, sales volume, average selling price, volume, market capitalization, and seven-day volume. Additionally, premium customers have access to the rankings for the latest 1, 5, 15, and 30 minutes.

Icy.Tools is an intuitive platform that provides comprehensive information on each collection. You may find information such as the Rarity of each attribute, recent trades, and current price under each NFT. To access most features, however, you must connect your wallet to your account. Moreover, premium customers access other features such as NFT history and price charts.

10. Trait Sniper

Trait Sniper is a rarity sniper that may be used to discover information about new NFT initiatives. Detailed information on present and upcoming NFT projects and NFT drops are provided. In less than two minutes, the Traitsniper bot assesses the Rarity of each NFT, revealing each project. Paid editions contain real-time notifications of new reveals and their scores in addition to the free edition.

Trait Sniper is rather more cluttered than the previously mentioned rarity sniper tools, and first-time users may have difficulty browsing the site. After gaining familiarity with the interface, you can click any NFT to view its Rarity Rank, Rarity Score,  OpenSea Price, and OpenSea Highest Offer.  Furthermore, a rarity score is displayed for each attribute.

11. LooksRare

LooksRare, like OpenSea, includes a section devoted to NFT rankings based on floor price, volume, and other statistics. You may also filter the results based on the 24-hour volume change or total volume with the most significant value. In addition, you can view all collections on the site or only the verified ones.

It also displays the rarity rank of each NFT in its collection, which is a helpful feature. In addition, the marketplace has recently included a new tool that displays the floor price of any NFT attribute. It is no longer necessary to assess each unique trait within an NFT collection with this capability.

In a nutshell, LooksRare is an exceptionally convenient platform for determining the Rarity of NFTs, analyzing market patterns, and purchasing the NFTs, you desire. These additional features also lure NFT aficionados away from OpenSea and towards LooksRare.

12. NFTSniff

It covers most of what one would anticipate from a tool of this nature, i.e., the information typically included in a rarity tracker. The website’s quick loading times allow it to compete with the most excellent NFT rarity tools in the NFT space. Although this NFT tool may not provide as many insights as to other available solutions, we are confident that it will continue developing more capabilities over time.

Things To Consider When Purchasing or Selling an NFT

1. The current state of the cryptocurrency market

In a marketplace, crypto is the native currency for purchasing and selling NFTs. As a result, the value of cryptocurrencies is tied to NFTs, depending on the tokens and networks involved.

The NFT market is affected by the rise and fall of crypto values. Experts advise collectors and purchasers to keep an eye on the market before buying or selling their items.

You might not want to sell an NFT below the floor price in the secondary market. If the crypto market is bearish, you’ll have little choice but to tamper with your earnings and sell at a price near the floor price.

2. Project and gas fees powerd by blockchain

You’ll need money to mint, buy, or sell Ethereum-based NFT. All of this is funded by gas taxes. This is why the value of Solana, Cardano, and Tezos NFTs is increasing.

Congested market networks could result in exorbitant gas prices. If you plan to invest in Ethereum NFTs, you should be aware of these possibilities.

3. The type of market in question

Either you’re trading on the primary or secondary market. You must become familiar with ‘conventional market systems’ and know when to purchase and sell to know which market to employ at any given time. You must know how to invest and which NFTs can provide you with the best profits. You should also be familiar with risk management and how it applies to the NFT market.

4. The collectible’s starting price

Floor prices inform you what to expect when bidding on a collectible and what to expect if you plan to resell the collection. However, it (the floor price) is not the only cost you incur in a marketplace; petrol costs are also factored in.

Collectors will generally look to buy at lower prices when the market becomes adverse. Therefore digital arts with high floor prices are unlikely to sell when an unfavorable market becomes. You may be forced to choose between holding on to your profits or losing them.

5. Investment expertise

For many people, NFT is a business. In the news, you may have heard how many people are making it big with NFTs. But there are backstories, and many people don’t get anything out of them.

The expertise of the NFT market is what distinguishes successful NFT investors. When should you buy, what should you buy, how should you buy, which prospective projects you should buy from, risk management, etc.


There are various ways to determine the Rarity of an NFT—it just depends on your preferences! Whether you’re looking to compare features or find the perfect uncommon item, these essential investment tools can help you climb up to the competition. Learn from the experts and dive into these fantastic NFT Rarity tools if you want to ensure your trading success!

NFT rarity tools have simplified and improved NFT research. We’ll see more strict rarity rankings shortly with the present addition of paradigm formulae, even though they’re still infant protocols.

Even after employing rare tools, you need to conduct due diligence because they are all based on assumptions and estimates based on perceived facts. Several of these pieces of advice aren’t applicable, and many rarity tools advise against relying just on their statistics.

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