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How to Engage Your Field Force with NuovoTeam All-in-One Productivity Tool

While many companies continue to support the age-old, on-premise working, several jobs require a remote, on-the-go workforce that functions outside the traditional office space. Sectors that commonly host a remote field force include logistics and delivery, construction, manufacturing, warehousing, retail, transport, etc.

Field workers have a demanding job that engages them in direct negotiations with their customers, and they are often required to make quick decisions on behalf of their organization. Non-desk workers lack the immediate benefits of a traditional workspace. They cannot have face-to-face interaction with coworkers and managers or direct involvement in office activities and celebrations.

They sometimes do not even have dedicated work devices. Field workers are the eyes and ears of the business, which makes them a crucial factor for organizations to understand their target audience and their market better. Thus, it becomes increasingly essential for every organization to engage their field force effectively and team collaboration software are the easiest way to achieve this.

Importance of engaging your field force

  1. Quick communication: Fieldworkers have to deal with the spontaneity of the job as they represent an organization directly and tackle customers and their issues one-on-one. Engaging their field force is a crucial factor for an organisation to make effective decisions and implement solutions quickly.
  2. Convey latest updates: Being the first point of contact with the customers, the frontline workforce needs to be constantly updated on the business plans, change of strategies and latest modifications.
  3. Employee retention: Since the remote workforce does not experience the camaraderie and interaction that traditional office spaces have to offer, it is essential to keep a strong engagement with the remote workforce to avoid isolation in employees.

With fast-paced enterprise mobility, several work sectors have resorted to managing their field force with telecommunication. This helps the overall remote workforce management and helps organizations engage with their field workers better. There are several team collaboration tools that enterprises are adopting widely to stay connected with their remote workforce.

NuovoTeam is an all-in-one productivity tool that helps enterprises monitor and communicate with their non-desk workers efficiently. It is widely used by organizations due to its single-platform structure, offering a diverse set of features to quickly engage your field workers. With NuovoTeam, organizations can establish a quick connection with their field workers to give or take updates, inform about protocol change, offer help in cases of emergencies and more.

How NuovoTeam helps in engaging the remote workforce

1. Simplified communication

Since field workers are always on the go, it becomes cumbersome for employees to establish effective communication via emails. Although emails are the most authentic way for official communication, enterprises must adapt faster approaches to reach out to their remote field workers. NuovoTeam offers a single secure and encrypted platform for instant messaging,

VoIP and video calling, sharing media and files via easy attachments and more. NuovoTeam also provides advanced features such as push-to-talk and sharing voice notes. As a result, enterprises can offer valuable insights and help their field force to tackle any emergency or make informed decisions with faster communication.

2. Collaboration channels

The lack of group interactions and team-play can be mitigated using NuovoTeam’s group chats. Enterprises can form diverse channels to enable field workers to connect with different teams easily. The deployment of public channels that are open to all, closed channels exclusive for members of specific teams, and closed-public channels that enable selective user addition for on-the-go instant discussions can be made possible with NuovoTeam.

Furthermore, NuovoTeam enables broadcasting messages across their entire organization in the form of a Newsfeed for quick updates to ensure that every organisation’s employee is up-to-date with the latest business plans and modifications.

3. Real-time productivity tracking

NuovoTeam productivity app offers DeepDive analytics that can provide comprehensive insights on the employee’s performance or the details of the entire team. Managers can help analyze employee productivity regardless of their locations and offer effective guidance to streamline their tasks and improve their productivity. The remote nature of teams does not have to be a barrier to effective team management and performance analysis. NuovoTeam’s DeepDive analytics offers insights into the employees’ attendance, working hours, targets, communication channels and much more.

Final thoughts

Several work sectors demand a field force, but many organizations globally have resorted to remote working due to the recent pandemic times. This makes it especially crucial for enterprises to focus on employee engagement strategies to offer effective guidance, enable seamless communication, and prevent the feeling of isolation and detachment in field workers.

Although several team communication apps provide instant communication, NuovoTeam is especially preferred due to its multifaceted nature. It is designed ideally for remote and field workers and offers a blend of features such as ease of communication, team connectivity and performance analysis to ensure deeper employee engagement.

Author Bio:

Shambhavi is a Senior Content Writer at NuovoTeam with prior experience in commercial writing, creative planning, product cataloging, and content strategizing.  She is a “Biotechnologist turned writer” and believes that the inception of great ideas happens over coffee.

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