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Why Enterprises Consider The Managed Print Services?

As providers and clients have gained insight and connections over the last few years, we have seen the rise and implementation of MPS engagement’s second and third eras. Vendors want to increase their customers’ business value by providing customers with an overall business impact and seamless transition.

With MPS hardware becoming more commoditized, vendors are moving beyond the workplace print environment to offer enhanced services around versatility, digitization, and the cloud.

There is a need to increase the scope of MPS engagements to include all aspects of enterprise printing (office, mobile, production, and commercial) and improve performance and the top line by outsourcing higher-value services like IT operations and business processes.

What The Future Holds For Print Services

Integrating paper-based and digital processes could be the most impactful strategy of a current MPS. It was found that 72 percent of companies intend to implement business process automation in their MPS agreements, according to Quocirca’s research.

The companies have tremendous confidence in their digitization drives due to their long-term MPS contracts beyond their initial equipment combination. Compared to those without MPS, only nine percent of companies rated their ability to integrate paper and digital work processes as effective or highly viable, while 51 percent of companies with MPS rated it this way.

The number is expected to change next year as more companies advance along their MPS journey and implement document work process tools and business process improvement.

MPS providers can benefit from this business opportunity since they are often skilled at integrating paper and digital work processes – for instance, automating HR, accounting, and finance manual processes.

Quocirca recommends that organizations interested in integrating their paper-based and digital processes take a closer look at several leading MPS providers’ broad range of services.

In contrast to some companies, which may consider business process optimization to be carried out later in the MPS journey, it is increasingly paper-based processes being assessed at the outset as part of the MPS assessment process.

Featured Aspects Of the Print Services

Security is a critical factor when implementing a shared print environment as more companies opt to use it. When many people use the same device, either accidentally or maliciously, the risk of private or delicate data falling into the wrong hands is much greater.

Quocirca research finds that more than 70% of companies whose printing services were uncontrolled suffered data breaches. Secure print solutions with client verification and tracking will be implemented with MPS’ powerful commitment.

A further extension of this is the ‘bring your own device’ trend in the workplace, which implies the print infrastructure should be accessible to remote employees. It is now becoming more common for people to view and share documents on tablets instead of printing them, but there is also a need for fast and flexible printing from mobile devices.

More than 80% of respondents said they wanted to be able to print from their mobile devices, according to Quocirca’s analysis. Businesses that want to account for mobile printing must choose an MPS provider that offers mobile device management in addition to secure mobile printing solutions that can be tracked and managed by enterprise reporting tools.

It is impossible to exaggerate the importance of business process automation. Many tedious transactions are involved in areas such as payroll, claims, mortgage processing, and accounts payable, which can stifle productivity and development.

MPS providers provide business process services that automate and manage these assignments as part of more comprehensive MPS commitments by using enhanced document capture and routing features of existing MFP investments. For example, an MFP that can process clinical structures directly accelerates document capture and digitizes paper-based processes in critical back-end medical care applications.

Finding a Service Provider That Fits Your Needs

Systems integrators, printer manufacturers, and providers of managed information technology services make up MPS providers. In the future, as MPS grows and organizations become more reliant on it, regardless of the provider’s experience, they must be able to demonstrate their validity in a wide variety of capacities. According to Quocirca, companies should consider specific standards when choosing a cutting-edge MPS provider.

We must first and foremost focus on improving our client’s performance. In addition to helping clients improve the productivity of their print infrastructure, MPS providers can help them drive change, boost worker productivity, and increase revenue.

AMPS providers should understand their clients’ businesses and suggest solutions that can be implemented to optimize performance, expand capabilities, and expand client markets.

Apart from offering managed print services, providers should also have an extensive portfolio. A variety of print and IT service providers are available to many companies. While managing multiple service providers may seem simple, it can be time-consuming and costly.

To increase productivity, look for a provider that offers a wide array of services, including IT and business process automation. If an organization seeks full-service options for software implementation, it should consider MPS providers that provide both on-premise and cloud-based solutions.

In addition to local support, you should consider reliable service delivery around the globe. International delivery capabilities enable quick implementation in new locations and offer a feasible method for successfully managing engagement across borders.

Moreover, a service provider should be equipped with qualified local staff who know what is required legally and administratively. Check whether the MPS provider uses standard delivery processes across all areas and how coordinated and collaborated multi-location teams are.

Another important aspect is a proactive, continuous improvement mentality. Maintaining and providing proactive support and maintenance is more important than breaking things and fixing them. In addition to basic gadget monitoring, they should also provide advanced assessment and analytics that can help drive proactive support and provide insights into areas for continuous improvement.

Furthermore, providers need to demonstrate their ability to support multiple vendors. Almost all print infrastructures contain hardware and software from a wide range of vendors, so MPS providers must understand working with multiple vendors.

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