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5 Best Tips for learning Graphic Design

Graphic design is a hybrid of art and technology that uses digital tools to translate ideas into reality. Graphic designers are in high demand worldwide, and the high demand motivates many to pursue careers in this field. Working from home as a graphic designer can pay off handsomely.

Graphic design is not something you can learn in a day or two. But if you start learning here and follow the helpful hints, you’ll be a pro in no time.

Here are the five amazing easiest tips to be an excellent graphic designer.

  1. Find Your Niche

Our first and most crucial stage in this business. Graphic Design is a broad field, and no one can be perfect at everything. You must first choose your design field, after which you must become an expert in that field. For example, if you decided on packaging design, do not switch to another profession until you have mastered it.

The world does not care how much Graphic Design you know, but it does care about at least one thing you can do well. So always try to focus on one topic and study as much as you can about it.

Finding your design niche will lead you in the proper direction in this wide-ranging sector. Everyone has a unique personality that is reflected in their work, and if you choose a profession that perfectly matches your personality and nature, no one can stop you from being an extraordinary designer.

2. Expert the Softwares

Stop looking for free graphic design apps on the Google Play Store to become a professional. Professional design software such as Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, In Design, Corel Draw, and others should be learned first. You can’t be a Graphic Designer if you don’t know how to use the appropriate software. It would help if you also devoted sufficient time to learning and becoming acquainted with the software.

Also, when you are ready to learn software, you will be faced with the decision of which program to study. There is a lot of software that various people use for multiple tasks, and each piece of software is valuable in its manner.

You must understand the differences between raster and vector graphics, as well as what illustration and matte painting are, and which tools you may use to complete these tasks more easily and quickly.

But don’t get too tangled up in this; start with Adobe Illustrator and work your way up to In Design and Photoshop. Learn Corel Draw as well if you want to perform design for printing.

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3. Learn Typography, it is important!

The visual look of the printed word is known as typography. When you first started working as a graphic designer, you’ll have to deal with text decoration regularly. This is the most crucial and practical aspect of graphic design. Clients expect the new and stylish text to make their products look more original and hipper. Therefore designers spend the majority of their time adjusting the shape of text or scrolling fonts.

Typically, typography comes in two forms: preset typefaces and custom fonts. This is the most frequent typographic style. There are thousands of different typefaces to choose from. Font designers created the typefaces, and the characters in the fonts were pre-designed. So all you have to do now is pick the right font for your text.

The second kind is typography that has been created specifically for you. This method is more creative, and it takes more experience to mold words precisely. It looks more astounding when you design text yourself rather than utilizing pre-designed fonts, and your typography will also be unique. This kind of typography is comparable to calligraphy.

Typically, typography comes in two forms: preset typefaces and custom fonts. This is the most frequent typographic style. There are thousands of different typefaces to choose from. Font designers created the typefaces, and the characters in the fonts were pre-designed. So all you have to do now is pick the right font for your text.

4. See the world with a designer’s eye

Your perspective is the only thing that may give your work new life. Begin to experience the world through the eyes of a fresh graphic designer. Graphic designers have their own lenses, which they purchase with their creative experience. It would help if you also made an effort to look through those lenses.

In the actual world, seek more color hues and color combinations that look well together. Look at the image below to notice how many different color tones are used.

Now, look at how this color shade is employed in the brochure to make it look fresher and natural. This is a graphic designer’s method of thinking.

5. Start making your portfolio now.

Yes, You heard that right. It would help if you always started making your portfolio; it’ll help you in the future a lot. It will give you a base, to begin with; It will encourage and motivate on doing new things making your creativity high.

It would help if you tried applying for simple jobs like logo designs, Card designs, basic thumbnails, and many freelancing sites you want to try your luck. Also, Don’t get upset if you don’t get accepted into the jobs; always remember You’re just starting, and there are still many works in the future.

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