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The 8 Top Web Design Trends For 2021

A lot happened in 2020. Bizarre zoom meetings, uncertainties everywhere, and sanitization at all times, everything was overwhelming for all. But as we all know, the show must go on. We adapted and moved forward as humans. The previous year helped people see time in their hands due to the lockdown, because of which many developers and designers started learning new skills. However, 2021 is a whole new year with lots to achieve. 

Several web design trends are emerging, like no code movement and retro typography that will reign in this New Year full of possibilities. Approaching the web in an accessible way is possible with these ever-growing trends. A creative web design company is always waiting for your call for you to take web designing to the next level.

Here are the Top Web Design Trends in 2021 to Follow.

The web design trends are important as it helps you to develop a strong online marketing occurrence. Therefore, every designer must be aware of all the latest web design trends to meet client requirements perfectly. The directions are as follows:

1. Horizontal Scrolling

 Known as web design faux pax previously, this trend is making a comeback. More and more web designers are now more inclined towards horizontal scrolling. Designers who will employ this trend in 2021 need to consider a few things. 

Utilize new visual cues for indicating where content employs horizontal scroll. Designers must not hide the cues behind the hovers. For text that requires reading, avoiding the need for a horizontal scroll is advisable.

Users must never feel any force for navigating via horizontal content. Instead, there must be alternate ways for navigation, such as arrow buttons along with clear labels.

2. Multimedia Experiences

The number of people who now have access to speedier Internet is huge. It is making multimedia Internet experiences more readily accessible to users. A user experience becomes a rich one when it brings together video, audio, visuals, and text. 

Latest web design trends like these will prevail throughout 2021. This year’s most trendy designs will utilize constraints with various multimedia experiences like Thoughtfully using distinct media formats to maximize content accessibility. Incorporate alt text for pictures and convoy complex images with lengthy descriptive text.  

Prioritizing simplicity is important such as the combination of audio and motion. When there is too much in front of the eyes, people can experience distraction. It is especially for individuals who have cognitive disorders. It is vital to guarantee that each text is created with HTML. 

Incorporate transcripts and closed captioning for every pre-recorded multimedia. Auto-playing motion or video content is not advisable. Instead of this, you must offer a simple play button to pause and play any content.

3. Parallax Scroll Animations

 Even when dealing with new website design, it is vital to remember trends in web design like parallax scroll animations. Trends like this are prevailing for years, but 2021 will witness more creative exploration of the possibilities available with parallax. 

There are individuals present with vestibular disorders, so you must not include a lot of movement during trend implementation. It is because the misapprehension of movement and depth can lead to faintness and puzzlement. The correct way of having parallax minimally is as follows:

  • Decrease parallax movement amount within every instance
  • Have parallax effect in a way that it does not distract from vital information
  • Coercing parallax effects within a petite screen area
  • The number of parallax effects needs to be at a minimum
  • There must be an option present so that users can turn off the parallax effects
  • Users must not find it challenging to finish important tasks

4. Augmented Reality Experiences

 One of the best web designs in 2021 is the most immersive experiences that utilize AR or Augmented Reality. The pressure-free and breeze experience that tags along with this trend appeal to the users the most. More eCommerce and retail websites are now implementing web design trends like this for selling products. It is a modern web design trend that helps in empowering prospective consumers in the purchasing process.

5. Importance of Grain

When your web design includes flat blocks and rigid grids of solid color, it can drain the disposition that might not benefit your business. So in 2021, you must consist of grainy textures as the latest web design trendsas these will offer a natural feel. The graininess brings a rough user experience that seems quite natural.

6. Emphasizing Muted Colors

Subdued colors are one of the web design 2021 trends designers must be aware of. These trends offer a natural feel. For instance, you can utilize dark green blocks and a light color palette by which you can bring distinct contrasts. 

7. Designs on Preference

Over the years, we have witnessed more personalized experiences with the evolution of web development. It can include everything starting from a toggle between light and dark mode and several other methods of transforming a website’s navigation and appearance to providing modified content as per one’s taste. 

New website designing trends like this are making the web less of a reflexive user experience. Instead, it is now more user-centric. In the future, the emphasis will be on fulfilling the wishes, tastes, and requisites of the users who will be navigating via websites.


Among various web design trends, scrolltelling is a popular one. Visual storytelling is something that elevates the story and keeps users engaged in the narrative. The finest presentations of scrolltelling practice limit things like:

  • The scrolltelling elements must help focus on the story and not distract the user from the vital text.
  • The motion needs to be only within a small area.

Wrapping Up

Web design is and will continue to evolve. Several web design trends will be picking momentum in 2021, such as the no-code movement. When assisting the search engine optimization strategy to build trust with the audience, trends are very important. Professional expertise is available at a creative web Design Company where experienced designers can design your website as per the need of your business. 

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