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Amazon A10 Algorithm: All you need to know (2021)

Making sales on the Amazon platform is totally dependent on conversion rate and you’ll get more conversion if your product is ranked higher on the Amazon search result page. It’s obvious that if your product is appearing on the first page then it’s more likely to get the buyer’s attention as compared to your product appearing on the 5th page. To make your product rank on the top, you need to be on your best game of Amazon A10 Algorithm. You can use Group Seo Tools to deal with Amazon Algorithm.

In the latest update, Amazon has tried to make customer’s searches more relevant by altering the A9 Algorithm. Some people call the updated version A10 Algorithm and today we’ll discuss everything you need to know about it. If you want to boost your product ranking and get updated from the latest alterations Amazon had made to their search Algorithm, then this post is for you.

What is the difference between Amazon A9 and A10 Algorithm?

  • Like Google’s search Algorithm, Amazon has its own Algorithm too. Previously, it was known as Amazon A9 Algorithm. Amazon A10 Algorithm works similarly but there are some minor differences that you must know. These are as follows:
  • The importance of positive feedback from the seller is boosted in the A10 Algorithm and this shows that the older the brand and more positive feedbacks will matter more than the newer brands.
  • In A9 Amazon Algorithm sponsored links were capable to make a difference in boosting the product ranking but it’s not the same in the updated version. If your PPC campaigns are not strategic and worthy enough, you won’t be able to get much success from them in the A10 Algorithm.
  • Previously, Amazon A9 used to give preference to profitable products and they tend to be ranked on the top but the A10 algorithm has given the utmost priority to relevancy. The buyer search queries will be respected the most and 100% accurate and relevant products will be given a higher rank even if the products are not profitable.
  • Another area of A10 Algorithm where things don’t look as similar as it was in A9 Algorithm is Click Through Rate. The click-Through rate is totally dependent on relevant keywords and appealing photos. As per the A10 Algorithm, if your product’s CTR is higher, there is more chance for your product to be highly ranked. Yes, CTR matters a lot, but this is not the end of the Game. Amazon also closely looks at the conversion your product is getting after a high CTR rate.

Factors affecting Amazon A10 Algorithm

1. Sales History

If your product is making consistent sales, then there is a higher possibility that your product will be ranked higher. Sales History is one of the factors that affect the Amazon A10 algorithm and it needs to be constant if you want to see your product on the top.

2. Allocate your ad budget from PPC on other Amazon Advertising Departments

As we know that in the previous Amazon A9 Algorithm PPC campaigns were one of the factors having the greatest impact and Amazon used to give preference to profitable products. But it’s not the same anymore as PPC campaigns don’t make much difference to your product ranks. You need to work on relevancy and divert your ad budget to other Amazon Advertising departments.

3.Internal Sales

Internal Sales is meant by a product being sold internally within the Amazon Platform. Sales generated by search results can’t be called Internal Sales as they’ll be part of organic sales. If a user is buying products from a Frequently bought together area, then it will be called Internal Sales. These types of sales can boost your ranking by a huge margin.

4. Impressions and Conversion rate.

Increasing your product impressions is very crucial as it can play a vital role in ranking your product. Ensure that the keywords you are choosing are relevant and add the most common and authentic search terms that you think a customer will probably use. If your product gets more views, there is a high chance that Amazon A10 Algorithm will make your organic product ranking better. Apart from that, more views will also help you to increase your conversion rate as well as your product sales.

How to Rank your Product higher with Amazon A10 Search Algorithm?

  • Ensure that you’re not using all your ad budget on PPC campaigns and on giving customers offers and discounts as it won’t work that efficiently in the latest Amazon A10 Algorithm. Instead, you can diversify your ad budget to bring more traffic from external sources or link your product to some websites/blogs.
  • Relevance has been the key in Amazon A10, and it is very important to use the most relevant keyword in your title. Provide the most relevant and authentic information in your product listing is a key to rank your product higher.
  • Make sure your product pictures are enticing and it is matching the Amazon standards. Having a good quality product image will make the buyer click on it and this will increase your product CTR. Increased CTR is a viral factor to boost your product ranking.
  • Make your product listing relevant, unique, and interesting for the particular audience. Make sure you perform keyword optimization and upload the top-notch product images.
  • Be responsive to customer’s feedback as this can prove to be a good factor to deal with the A10 Algorithm. Be grateful to the customers for their positive feedback and take interest and try to solve their complaints as soon as possible. You as a seller must also be active on seller forums and keep yourself updated with the latest trends.

Final Words

Though it will take time for you to get on the top of the A10 Algorithm game as you’ve been used to in the previous update. All you need to do is figure out the differences between Amazon A9 and A10 Algorithm and work on those differences. One of the key differences is to switch from PPC campaigns and focus more on the relevancy of your product. Instead of giving discounts and offers, keep your price competitive. Apart from it make your product listing interesting and eye-catching by including the most relevant keywords and enticing photos. If you’re having difficulty in optimizing your product listings, then you can visit SEO tools group buy and we’ll guide you till the finishing line.

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