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11 Development Mistakes That Android developers Make

The Android platform is famous for apparent reasons – it’s free, available on various devices, and easy to customize. With all of these benefits of Android programming, it’s surprising that Android developers are making many mistakes using this platform. Most of these errors fall into the field of logistics. However, many mistakes can be avoided. There are some areas to focus on to avoid these common mistakes and strategies to improve your app’s performance. This article describes the 11 development mistakes that your Android developers make in Android application development.

Common mistakes in Android development

1. Not using data binding properly

Data binding helps eliminate boilerplate code. By using data binding, developers are free to implement it. Overhead is significantly reduced because more implementations are possible with fewer lines of android programming code. Many features can help developers to test the user interface. All that said, finding the right balance is essential here, as using too much of it can increase the app size and make the process much heavier. So, it is advised for you to look out if your developer is doing it properly or not.

2. Not using libraries

Not using libraries means that the developer needs to code more. There are many useful libraries that developers can utilize in Android programming. Libraries are handy when tasks are generic or repetitive and do not require recoding.

3. Not using Coroutines & Kotlin effectively

Since Google introduced Kotlin as the most popular and recommended language for Android app development, it’s been a long time. This is one of the transformative decisions that show that Kotlin can resolve Java vulnerabilities and reduce pressure on Android app programmers.

Deploying Kotlin for Android app development opens many paths with advanced features such as Domain-related functions, extensions, object keywords, data classes, and zero security. In addition to developing Android apps, developers can also use Kotlin to integrate multi-platform and server-side development. In addition, asynchronous programming plays an important role in the development of mobile apps.

4. Not meeting user expectations

It’s always likely that the idea of ​​the app you’re working on is already available as an app on the Play Store. Developers are constantly working on new ideas, and it can be challenging to come up with ideas for apps that stand out from the crowd. The only way to get an edge over other users is to implement what the user wants the app to do. Ensure the navigation is seamless, the user experience is comfortable, and the functionality is what the user expects.

5. Not utilizing fragments

Android app developers use multiple fragments to build each screen, so there is little or no app-wide activity to host the fragments. This is also known as the single activity architecture.

Following this framework will significantly reduce the number of out-of-app interactions. The latest Jetpack navigation components rely primarily on the single activity architecture. Using API fragments will make your business interaction more straightforward.

6. Complex user interface

This is also one of the most common Development Mistakes that developers make while creating Android apps; a mobile user interface should be simple and easy to use.

All buttons and their functions must be accurate and user-friendly. Android apps with better user interfaces receive much attention and have been installed in large numbers. There are many features to create an easy-to-use Android app interface, including:

  • Easy registration process
  • Fast loading screen
  • Ads that do not interfere with the app’s user experience

7. Main thread block

One of the most common mistakes Android app developers make is to block the main thread. The main thread has only one purpose. It’s about making the user interface responsive.

It is scientifically difficult to calculate an accurate frame rate, but a general rule is that anything above 100ms and below 24fps is not as smooth as it looks. This theory means that the user’s action is delayed and receives feedback, causing the Android app you created to stop functioning and responding.

Removing control of an application from a user can cause severe frustration and lead to negative feedback. Also, ANR occurs when the main thread is blocked for more than 5 seconds with regular activity and more than 10 seconds with the broadcast receiver.

8. Flaws in security

One of the primary responsibilities of an Android developer is to build a secure application and not to leave the data unencrypted. Also, one must be aware of the third-party libraries being used – take the time to keep the app safe. Developers can build more scalable Android applications by eliminating security flaws and common security issues.

9. Developing cross-platform application

One of the most common mistakes companies makes is developing apps for multiple platforms simultaneously. Of course, every business wants to get the most out of the app by establishing various platforms. But this is not the right approach given the amount of money and effort it takes to build a cross-platform application. You need to brainstorm appropriately and decide which platform to choose for developing Android apps.

In addition, all platforms, iOS, Android, and Windows, have their strengths and weaknesses. Android is currently the market leader in many apps, followed by iOS. Therefore, when developing an Android app, you need to select a platform for dedicated Android developers to work on and consider the target audience accordingly.

10. Not using bitmaps properly

Apps often need to use images at various stages. Working with pictures of various sizes can be a daunting task for developers. You can use bitmaps to resize such images in projects that require multiple images of different sizes.

11. Neglecting detailed research

Doing some research is one of the most prominent factors behind the success of any application on the Play Store. Top Android developers should analyze product needs, business model aspects, product core strengths, and more. It would help if you also focused on the presence of the app on social media.


We have listed the most common and critical mistakes that top android developers make, no matter whether they are freelance developers or dedicated android developers, along with the ways to avoid them for improving the efficiency of the Android application development process. For a reliable, scalable, and robust mobile app, you have two options – you can opt to hire freelance android developers for a one-time project or hire dedicated Android developers for continuous support.

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