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Amazon S3 – AWS Interview: Questions And Answers

Amazon S3 – AWS is one of the industry’s leading solutions for storing data. While preparing for the AWS certification exam, I came across various S3 features which outshine other Storage options available in the market. Here I tried to craft a few AWS S3 interview questions which will validate your understanding of AWS S3, and one should not miss these questions before attaining an interview.

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1. What is AWS S3?

Amazon Simple Storage Service (AWS S3) is a substance storage service that allows industry-leading scalability, data information availability, production, & security.

2. What is AWS S3 used for?

Amazon Simple Storage Service (AWS S3) is storage for the internet. You can use Amazon S3 to store and recover an N amount of data at any point, from everywhere on the web. You can perform these tasks relating to the AWS Management Console, an easy and automatic web interface.

3.How to list objects things of an AWS S3 bucket?

Use AWS S3 is a recursive call on AWS CLI to enter all the data or objects under the specified directory or prefix.

4.How can you give a call request to AWS S3?

Amazon S3 is REST support, and you can post a topic by using the REST API or the AWS SDK folder libraries that include the underlying Amazon S3 REST API.

5. Mention what the difference between AWS S3 and EC2 is?

-Difference between EC2 and AWS S3 is like that

EC2 :

-It was a cloud service used for hosting your request.

-It is a data storage system where can store N number of data.


It is like a large Computer devise that can run both Linux or Windows and control applications like Apache, PHP, Python, or any database system.

It becomes a REST interface and does sound HMAC-SHA1 authentication solutions.

6.Explain the default storage class in AWS S3?

-The error storage class is a Standard frequently obtained.

7.What helps to audit all AWS S3 bucket accesses?

-CloudTrail is a specifically created method for logging and tracking API calls. So benefits from auditing all the S3 bucket accesses.

8.What is the storage class available in AWS s3?

-Storage classes available with AWS s3 are:

  • AWS S3 standard
  • AWS S3 standard-infrequent Access
  • AWS S3 Reduced Redundancy Storage
  • AWS Glacier
9.How to delete AWS S3 bucket?

-These are the steps to remove an S3 bucket:

Step1: Login to amazon web service Management Console.

Step2: Select AWS S3.

Step3: Mark the bucket you need to remove.

Step4: Click the delete button. As verification, it will require you to categorize the bucket name to delete.

Step5: Enter or write the name and click on the confirmation button.

10.What is the largest size of the AWS S3 bucket?

In the S3 bucket, you can store an unlimited volume of data and several objects. A single AWS S3 size of the area is 0 bytes to 5 terabytes. You can put an object of around 5 GB in a single upload request, but you must have to enable Multipart Upload capability.

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