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Best Landing Page Builders For Google AdWords Campaign

Good landing pages are the essential components of a digital marketing campaign. Without good landing pages, visitors feel lost. Driving traffic to your business homepage through search engine optimization, lead magnets, or paid search is not enough.

Landing pages are essential for conversions, but they take hours to build. The task gets even more demanding if you want to create multiple landing pages for a target keyword. It takes serious time to make them work seamlessly. Building landing pages by HTML or on WordPress is complicated.

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A landing page is mainly composed to turn your site viewers or visitors into leads. By offering something relevant to page visitors, you can get their contact information in return. A landing page is developed with a clear focus known as a call to action.

Essentially, a landing page is the first page you land on after clicking on a link. In this sense, a landing page could be anything: a homepage, a product page, a blog post, etc.

A high-quality and good landing page should have a firm offer and explain why the recommendation is beneficial in evident and concise terms.

*A landing page is a standard webpage, created especially for marketing or an advertising campaign.”

Google Adwords Campaign

AdWords is an advertising system Google designed to enable businesses to reach online target markets through its search engine platform and partner sites. These sites host a text or image ad that occurs on the page after a user searches for keywords and phrases related to a business and its products or services. On Google.com, AdWords ads typically happen in particular locations at the top and right-hand side of a search results page.

You can select keywords related to your brand, products, services, and industry for your AdWords account. When customers look for these phrases, your store’s ad will get served to them.

A campaign is a set of ad groups that share a budget, location targeting, and other settings. They are frequently used to organize categories of products or services you offer. The Google Ads account can have one or multiple ad campaigns running. The good news is there are several helpful tools available to build landing pages for your Google AdWords campaign.

Best landing page builders for your Google AdWords campaign 2021

The most important query for the developers is making money advertising on the internet? Creating beautiful landing pages provides a solution to this query.

Many landing page builders or software are available today for the Google Adwords campaign. Some of them are:

  1. Instapage: Instapage is one of the most famous landing page builders on the market. It comprises all the top features that a landing page builder desires to turn traffic into conversions. You get access to Instapage’s incredible image library, which contains royalty-free stock images, vectors, and videos. With Instapage’s easy-to-use drag and drop page builder, you can develop great landing pages and publish them within minutes.
  2. Unbounce: Unbounce is one of the most high-reputed landing page builders on the market. Using Unbounce’s drag and drop builder, you can develop, launch, and optimize custom landing pages for any campaign. Unbounce is an easier and faster way to get more conversions to your traffic.
  3. Hubpage: Hubpage is an online marketing software with many talents, enabling you to create and test landing pages that generate leads without any designer’s help. It appears with a built-in library of mobile-optimized templates, which can be tweaked, expending an interactive editor that lets you add copy and insert images anywhere on the page.
  4. Leadpages: Leadpages help turn viewers into customers by connecting businesses with people to collect leads and close sales. It is one of the best landing page builders for all those searching for an affordable yet reliable solution. It has multiple features such as its ability to edit landing pages to make them mobile-friendly, work with 40 additional tools, and capture leads in a user-friendly format.
  5. GetResponse: GetResponse enables you to create high-converting, mobile responsive landing pages, but it’s also considered an assorted software that offers email marketing and webinar facilities. It features integrations with lots of top tools you’re already using like WordPress, Salesforce, etc.  It facilitates you to create a valuable marketing list of prospects, partners, and clients, so you can expand relationships with them and build a responsive and profitable customer root.
  6. fishpond: Fishpond, a landing page builder, provides reliable digital marketing tools and techniques such as marketing services, appealing, intuitive, and powerful. It enables you the comfort of maintaining a simple yet exclusive landing page, taking away all the worries of running and maintaining a full-fledged website. It has some enhancing traits such as inclusive pre-designed templates, easy-to-use for new developers, continuously updated integrations with essential marketing platforms.
  7. Landingi: Landing is an end-to-end forum for landing pages. It is dedicated to convert traffic from your digital campaigns into customers. Quickly and efficiently create, publish and optimize your landing page with Landingi. It features a WordPress landing page builder, enabling users to keep their current WordPress sites and create beautiful and elegant landing pages with that platform.
  8. Themify: A WordPress theme creator specializes in many feature-rich and robust template designs. They choose to focus on its templates specifically designed for landing pages. These templates, combined with the power and flexibility of WordPress, develop eye-catching designs for building landing pages. It is considered one of the most affordable landing page builders, providing essential digital marketing strategy by enabling the designing of maps, countdown timers, and many more features for landing pages.
  9. Lander: Lander, another important landing page builder, provides many core functions at an affordable price. Its most exciting feature is Dynamic Text Replacement. This easy-to-use builder enables anyone to develop great landing pages with or without any technical background. It is highly customizable with unlimited landing pages and provides you with beautiful and elegant templates.
  10. Ucraft: Ucraft is an essential landing page builder that turns your innovative ideas into online realities. It is favorable for anyone looking to create a beautiful website or showcase their projects, business, or events, gracefully. It provides a drag and drops feature, making creating landing pages fun and easy. It enables you to host your page on a new website URL, and it provides simple templates.
  11. Systeme.io: Systeme.io is considered an all-in-one marketing platform to enable intelligent entrepreneurs to automate and scale their marketing activities. It is an excellent software for creating a blog, launching an online business, assembling a mailing list, create sales funnels, sell online courses and many more features. It provides a host of other features such as email marketing or automation.
  12. ShortStack: ShortStack is a remarkable landing page builder with a twist. It enables you to create landing pages to host using Instagram Contests, Facebook Contests, Twitter Contests, etc. It also consists of various automation features. Short Stack templates comprise contests, giveaways, collection giveaways, etc. It can also automate emails to capture leads.
  13. ClickFunnels: ClickFunnels enables you to select the sales funnel developed to sell your type of product or service to send traffic to the offer allowing you to sell any product online. You choose your sales to funnel, select your design and upload a few custom elements like a logo. It enhances the page with a few drag and drop tools, and your whole funnel is ready to roll. ClickFunnels is created so that entrepreneurs who are not programmers and who don’t know to code can quickly build beautiful pages inside a sales funnel to grow your company online!
  14. Elementor: Elementor is considered the world’s leading WordPress page builder in the online world. If you’re a WordPress user who wishes to design a landing page, this platform is the right choice for you. It is the all-in-one solution for creating beautiful landing pages, which provides simple, imaginative, and powerful visual design features. Elementor can work with any theme, providing plenty of tutorials and educational material to assist you. It has a robust worldwide community to support.
  15. Flaunt: Flaunt is an easy-to-use landing page software that enables you to develop high-converting landing pages within minutes. You can create pages without any coding knowledge and add videos and images to comfort. The responsive templates of flaunting assure that users can access your landing pages from multiple devices.

Along with the best landing page builders, it is also essential to have a digital marketing expert profile. To make money with Google search engines, one should have extensive digital marketing skills and keep himself up-to-date with all the latest online marketing techniques.

Digital Marketing Consultant

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