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Best PS5 Accessories You Can Buy Today

If you can manage to beat the scalpers and get your hands on a Playstation 5, kudos right now, you ought to feel very pleased. By treating yourself to the best possible next-gen experience, why not ring at the end of this terrifying year? I have prepared a list of the best PS5 accessories that are also available on Amazon.

Here is the list of the best PS5 accessories.

1. PlayStation 5 DualSense controller – Best PS5 accessories

There isn’t any substitute for the new DualSense Controller from Sony. Although the layout will be familiar with the classic D-pad and circle, cross, triangle, and square buttons, the DualSense comes packed with fantastic new characteristics, such as haptic feedback and adaptive triggers. If you want to take loads of these and a charging station from DualSense, you will not regret it.

2. Thrustmaster T300 RS racing wheel – Best PS5 accessories

Thrustmaster’s T300 RS racing wheel was one of the best Black Friday discounts we’ve found, so hopefully, you might have picked up one of these already. It’s a 28cm diameter racing wheel with a solid base and pedals and tremendous force input. We scored as superior to the Logitech G29. For PS4 racing sims, this was the best wheel, and, great news, it works with the PS5, a great buy before next year’s Gran Turismo 7 release.

3. Asus ROG Strix Fusion 700 headset – Best PS5 accessories

For gamers looking for a third-party alternative to the Pulse 3D Wireless headset, this Asus headset, which we evaluated back in December last year, remains a great choice. With a rumbling, powered bass, the sound is strong, and you can combine them with a phone with Bluetooth and listen to music on the go. The microphone is not the most generous loyalty, but in Call of Duty Warzone, it is more than capable of providing tactics to your teammates. These headphones look the business, too, eschewing the childish flickering light displays often reserved for some “hardcore” gaming products.

4. Sonos Arc soundbar

It may also be time to invest in the peak of wireless, multi-room audio if you have splattered out on a PS5, too. Back in June, we reviewed the Sonos Arc and found that it had an immaculate finish, comprehensive options for specs and power, and a spacious and magnificently punchy tone. It’s not the most OK out-and-out Dolby Atmos soundbar around, but at this price, it’s the best.

5. Sony BRAVIA XH9005 TV

In the search for TV? Then it would be best if you had “Ready for PS5” Bravia’s XH90. It has all the capabilities you need for a great gaming experience, with a beautiful 4K picture at 120fps and a very low input lag of 7.2ms for all you esports champions. BRAVIA’s Game Mode configuration also allows you to wake up both the DualSense TV and PS5 and control the PS5 seamlessly using only the TV remote. If it’s not for the TV remote, you can wake up both TV and PS5.

6. Secretlab Titan gaming chair

It helps to have a chair that can serve many roles if you work at home, from a reliable and comfortable office chair to something more comfortable to hang out on. With its highly adjustable Titan chair, Secretlab fulfils this need. It offers excellent support for long work or gaming hours, with a lumbar support adjuster used in high-end race cars. Or you can stretch the full-length backrest recline, relax on the memory foam pillow, and watch Netflix on your PS5 if you need to slob out.

7. Seagate Game Drive 4TB Portable HDD

The PS5’s meagre storage space is an issue- players are left with only 667.2 GB of available space with machine files. We don’t know when you will be able to run PS5 games from an external drive. There is still no easy way to solve this problem. However, this 4TB external hard drive will store and play backwards-compatible PS4 games, saving up some space that is much required.

8. PS VR adaptor for PS5

A great piece of technology and an inexpensive gateway to virtual reality is the PlayStation VR. There are still some great games to try, such as Rez Infinite, Skyrim VR, and Firewall: Zero Hour, but it’s a shame that Half-Life Alyx probably won’t ever be published on the console. Good news if you already own a PS VR pack: Sony will give you a free camera adaptor. It would be best to go to this website and type in your PS VR serial number.

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9. Samsung Premiere LSP7T projector

Why not cash out and carry the movie experience around with a UHD short-throw projector for those who miss going to the cinema. It also saves space, mainly since your place is now unquestionably filled with PS5 accessories. Just released in the UK, this Samsung Premiere LSP7T offers a genuinely luxury gaming experience.

10. Anker USB-C to USB-C cable

As you’d imagine, Sony generously provides a cable for charging your DualSense controllers right in the box. However, its length is not generous, which is perfect if you sit directly in front of a TV or computer, but not if you are left further behind by your setup. Fortunately, Anker has got you covered. Right now, you can pick up this 6ft Anker cable for less than £ 8, overcoming any cable constraints that you might hope (or not hope) to have. Anker’s Powerline III cable is also USB-C to USB-C, unlike the USB-A to USB-C alternative that Sony has packed in, meaning you can use it with more modern charging devices, too.

11. Pulse 3D headset

For the PS5, Sony has ramped up from the last generation of its less innovative and very chunky Platinum headset range. You’ll get a lighter and sleeker pair of gaming headphones with the Pulse 3D headset, neatly matching the latest futuristic PS5 look. Their feature simplicity applies to the left earcup’s helpful and straightforward controls, allowing deft volume control, muting your mic, and balancing the game and chat audio. Although 3D audio might not be as revelatory as Sony touted in audio quality, it is an excellent alternative to a pricier surround sound device. You will not be disappointed if you’re used to TV speakers or similarly priced headphones.

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