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Best Storytelling Ways In eLearning Courses

Everyone is stories loves. They fill our minds in imagination and help us perceive something out of it. It is the process our mind loves. Our brain has evolved like technology, but it has evolved to find a simple and easy way to handle things. We connect the dots between the story, which can make one feel curious and happy at the same time, making learning fun.

With all these reasons in consideration, learning by using LMS and with the help of storytelling has become the preferred method. Storytelling is possible with the help of various features of LMS. You can use LMS like MindFlash, Moodle, Docebo, or any other with features to integrate and make video or image graphics more engaging. Let’s check out the storytelling purpose and its perks.

Connects emotionally

When our mind sees something, it starts imagining itself in that position. As a result, we tend to connect emotionally with the ongoing story. Suppose you saw a boy falling from a tree. Your mind thinks he is hurt. Similarly, if an apple fell off the tree, you would think of eating it. So, visualizing something is the process that makes your mind think of further reactions and provides catharsis.

You can make your learners think and react by using the storytelling method. It catches their attention and makes them engage with the story’s content. So, by creating a good story around your topic, you ensure your learners will gain some value.

Storytelling: Curiosity

Do you ever find yourself binge-watching a series because you find its story interesting? That’s the child in you. Every adult is a child at heart. Curiosity is the key to opening the door to that child. By telling stories, interest is sparked. They will want to learn more. That urge to learn more can be created with the help of stories.

Add stories to your course that will end up on a note of suspense. This will encourage the learners to engage in the course further. And will make sure the learner is engaged throughout the course.

Storytelling: Entertainment

Entertainment is the best way of presentation. When learners have fun while learning, they will love the learning process. No one likes to pull their hair out to learn something. The story can be fun and educational simultaneously, and everyone would want to learn that way.

Storytelling: Easy retention technique

Having experienced something visually can leave a lasting impression. Thus, the storytelling method creates an impression in your mind stored in your subconscious. You can use visual metaphors, appealing fonts and backgrounds, music, and many other visual elements to catch the learner’s attention.

Storytelling Tips and Tricks for eLearning Professionals

A story cannot succeed without a storyline. Create a story revolving around the topic use life problems and solutions to interact with the learner. This will make them feel related to the story.

Use strong and high-quality images

Strong images that illustrate how emotions are expressed are an important part of the story. If you are using images, use the ones that depict some message aloud.
Use interaction

Communication between characters, humor, and other actions will make the story lively. But remember to stay on-topic; you have to make a relevant story.
Keep it short

Even though you are creating a story, please don’t overdo it. Make it short and within the topic. The learners will be distracted from the original topic by a more than 30-minute long story. Prepare short stories that are ten to fifteen minutes long engaging, and appropriate for the topic.


This may seem a time-consuming option, but it can be adapted to the learning needs as long as certain restrictions are followed. The story you will create will not just entertain or engage them but will do more good than bad. It gives learners a sense of direction on acting practically while in the situation. It makes it easier for them to understand complicated and abstract concepts. Storytelling strategy is not just made for children but is also effective with adult learners. Try making a story for your learners, and you’ll be surprised at the results.

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