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How to Earn Money Online with Freelancing

Blogging is a very famous way to earn money online. This is also a way to convey your message to your people or audience in a reasonable manner. People write their blogs in the form.

  • Articles and contents
  • Short stories
  • Ghost stories

The question is, what is blogging actually? When you write your material for a website, then this is known as blogging. People are uploading their blogs to earn money on different websites and freelance marketplaces.

Now, what are the marketplaces? These are the websites where you sell your services and skills to other people, and those people are called clients or customers. On these websites, you can also hire someone for your project.

Blogging is a famous and trend in skill on the freelance market places. Many people are demanding to write something for them. People always like stories, which can be short stories or ghost stories.

There are many websites that you can find easily. for example,

  • .com
  • .org
  • .net
  • .edu

These websites are providing a good rating for your passion and hard work. You can create an account at any time without any charges. It’s free.

How to start blogging? There are five steps that you need to do to start blogging.

  • Choose a great blog platform.
  • Choose a good web hosting service for your blogs.
  • How to set up a blog on your domain?
  • Design your new blog.
  • Use valuable resources for blogging.
  • Decide your working time and hours.

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Choose a Blog Platform:

First, we should select a good platform for our writing material. There are many websites on the internet where you can post your blogs, edit them, format them at any time. For example, Google is providing a platform for your blogging. Google Adsense is very popular for blogging.

Choose Your Website to earn money.

Choose your website, or you can make your website. Many websites are providing the whole procedure to build up a professional website. These websites are also providing different beautiful themes so you can customize your website whenever you want.

Choose Webhosting: 

After you choose your website, you should choose web hosting. There are two methods of web hosting. The first one is free web hosting. People always prefer free web hosting. is also providing the facility of free web hosting. On this site, you can also make your website with beautiful themes and widgets that give a professional look to your website.

Choose Your Audience:

Now another important thing is to choose your audience. Whether they like stores, articles, or poems?

If we talk about kids, they always like sweet poems, which can be about a cat, fish, and dog or charming birds like sparrows, or it may know about butterflies. Kids always like to hear and read them. Some kids also want to perform the poems at a school function.

If we talk about bachelors, some of them like love or romantic stores and novels. Some of them like horror and detective stories and novels. Some of them like news about every celebrity of the different countries, stories about their different cultures, etc.

The liking and disliking of something also depend upon religion. Religious people always like to read stories about their faith. Some people want to know about different religions, terms, conditions, etc. these people read different types of books, religious bases.


You can write your articles and blogs on your own choice, or you can take an idea from other websites. For example, you are writing an essay on the computer topic r, thinking about where you should start? You think about your topic and also search on the internet. You will see different material about your case.

In this case, you can do several searches for your topic. Because of these searches on the internet, you will get an idea of writing your issue for a different audience?

If you are writing for kids, you will need less material for your material, and this is ok. If you are writing for the bachelor’s and other people, you should do several searches for the data.

Resources always help writers to write something and to know something. You can use the source of books, E-books, etc., for research on your topic.

Decide your working time and hours:

A schedule is essential for your task. After getting new material and sources of content, you should decide the working time and hours. It would help if you made a schedule for your writing. This schedule will help to maintain the working elasticity.

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