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Have You Faced Challenges While Trying to Grow Your Business?

As a new business, it’s about finding your feet in the early stages. In the early days, we were very much grassroots and learning as we went along. We didn’t have much money, not too much time, and had to do our best with what little we had.

As an organization that’s grown from 3 people to over 100 since it launched, there are many challenges in keeping everyone motivated, informed about new site developments or changes, communicating the reasons for these changes across the board, and getting buy-in from staff on all levels.

We now have a dedicated team who oversee this across teams (website content writers/web designers / SEO managers etc.) but still manage to make sure we get out there and get involved where needed.

Would You Say Alabama outdoors Has Been Successful in its Aim to Promote Outdoor Activities Within Alabama?

  • Absolutely! From writing articles promoting outdoor activities to providing resources and a community for Alabamians to connect around outdoor activities – we’ve been able to do a lot in promoting the outdoors.
  • We’ve also partnered with other organizations, such as REI to help promote outdoor activities throughout the state. We look forward to continuing this work and helping more people connect with the great outdoors!
  • Alabama Outdoors has been successful in promoting outdoor activities within Alabama. From writing articles promoting outdoor activities to providing resources and a community for Alabamians to connect around outdoor activities – Alabama Outdoors has been able to do a lot in terms of promoting the outdoors.
  • Alabama Outdoors has been running since 2011 and covers a variety of subjects related to the great outdoors, from Alabama trails and campgrounds to hiking books and gear reviews. It also hosts regular online events, including photo contests with winners!

Would you say that Alabama is on par with other regional or national places for outdoor activities?

  • I think so! There are so many things happening here on any given day – from organized trail runs/races on Sunday mornings, club meet-ups on Monday nights, kayak floats during the week, rock climbing opportunities Tuesday evenings… there’s always something going on somewhere in this state.
  • I think we stack up well against other states, but I would love to see more people get out there and discover all that Alabama has to offer. There are some hidden gems!
  • Alabama is on par with other regional or national places when it comes to outdoor activities. There are always events happening throughout the state, and Alabama Outdoors provides resources and a community for Alabamians to connect around outdoor activities.

Would you say that the outdoors is a priority for Alabama residents?

  • From my experience, yes! I think there’s a real appreciation for the outdoors here in Alabama, which is reflected in the variety of outdoor activities throughout the year.
  • Of course, there are always people who prefer indoor activities, but they’re the minority. There doesn’t seem to be a particular season when there aren’t outdoor activities in this state, and generally, these events are well attended.
  • People appreciate what Alabama has to offer as far as outdoor activities! It seems that everyone from the full-time resident, weekend visitor, or those who live out of state – all want to make sure they get outside and enjoy some of what this place has to offer.

Would you say that getting involved with Alabama outdoors has been worthwhile?

  • For us, absolutely! Having started as a simple blog about one man’s love for running around his local trails, it’s been amazing to see how this small hobby project became so much bigger than any of us could have imagined.
  • We’ve been able to connect with other outdoor organizations and work together to promote the outdoors throughout Alabama, and we’ve seen an increase in people getting involved in outdoor activities as a result. We’ve also traveled to some amazing places and met some great people – all because we wanted to share our love for the outdoors with others!
  • Getting involved with Alabama Outdoors has been worthwhile. From writing articles promoting outdoor activities to providing resources and a community for Alabamians to connect around outdoor activities – Alabama Outdoors has been able to do a lot in terms of promoting the outdoors. Would you say that Alabama Outdoors is successful in its aim? Absolutely!


After an interview with Alabama Outdoors staff, I’ve concluded that outdoor activities are a priority for Alabama residents. Furthermore, it seems that getting involved with Alabama Outdoors has been worthwhile and successful in promoting outdoor activities.

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