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Why Do You Need Digital Branding for Your Business?

Think about it. Why does no one take you seriously online? Is there a reason behind that? Are you not promoting your content to the right audience? If you are

  1. Still promoting your content to the right audience but not getting any significant sales for your business
  2. You have a proven business model available that has made others significant profit
  3. You are also working hard for the same but having only small profit

Then… you have a BRAND PROBLEM!

In this article, we will discuss why digital branding is so important for your business.

Why Is Digital Branding Important for Your Business?!

Here is a list of reasons why digital brand marketing is important for your business.

1. Digital Branding Makes You Look Genuine

Truth be told, brands make your business look genuine. Think about a small website that has no social media existence, no LinkedIn profile, not listed on Crunchbase, and has no Google Business Listing page. Will you buy products from this website?
Maybe you will buy something less than $50 but will you buy something that is costly? That is where branding comes in. You will buy branded products only from stores that offer quality to the users.

2. People Trust Brands More than Business

The only reason companies turn themselves into brands is because people associate themselves with brands better. If you would like to buy a smartphone, you will either choose Samsung, iPhone, or any other mobile that is of top brand. Why? Because you know that these companies offer quality products and you can’t get the same quality from just any other smartphone manufacturer. Brands take years to establish and they have a reputation that they need to protect. A non-branded store won’t even care about its reputation because it doesn’t have to retain its customers, a brand on the other hand has to.

3. Brands Sell Faster

Since brands bring loyalty, their products are more likely to sell faster. Moreover, brands offer better customer support to their customers than non-branded stores. Brands know that the customers are looking to become long-term customers. So, they are looking for products that can sell better and faster.

4. Your Brand Shows Your Reputation

Branding is all about reputation management. If your brand is customer-centric, your brand’s reputation will be important for you. Now if a disgruntled customer puts a negative comment about your brand on social media, or writes a bad review about the business. What will you do? You will try to solve the problem and ask the customer to write a positive review instead because that will not only hurt your brand’s reputation but it will also directly impact the business as well.

5. Branding Takes Years

Yes this is the harsh reality! Branding takes years and often decades. But all these years make a solid brand that can not be bad-mouthed easily. One reason for that is because the company has social media reputation managers that take care of all the business options.

But like we said earlier, all this takes years and digital branding is not an easy thing to do. But if done right, it can directly impact your business and help it grow like crazy.

6. Brands Have a Direction

Absolutely true! Brands give an ecommerce store or a digital business a direction and a purpose that was not previously available to them. So, yes brands have a direction that was not available to them before. Think about it this way:

You have a business that needs to come to the light. However, you have not turned it into a brand. So in a sense it doesn’t have a mission available. When you create a direction for the business it becomes a digital brand that has its own vision and that can be used to create a long-term business model working for you.

7. Brands Have a USP & Value Proposition

What is your unique selling point? What is the USP of your brand? How does it make you different from what others are already selling in the business? That is what brand value proposition is all about. You need to know that your brand creates a value that no other brand in the world is offering to the public.

Let’s take the example of Walmart vs Amazon. Walmart has its own products and it is a brick and mortar model. On the other hand, Amazon is an online digital marketplace. It is a place where everyone can sell their products without creating their own website. Amazon allows them to FBA and FBM.

In our story, both Amazon and Walmart are great ecommerce stores and both are highly successful. But at the same time both are completely different as Amazon focuses on marketplaces and Walmart sells its own products. Interestingly, both are king of retail.

That is what creating a USP is all about. That is what makes a brand a BRAND. That is what you need to do with your small business through a solid and unified digital brand strategy.

What’s Next?

As you know by now, it is all about creating a digital brand and not just a digital presence that will help you sell your products to a wider audience. With a digital brand you can grow rapidly and excel at things that work best for you!

If you are looking for branding companies that can help you excel at your business, then you can get help from Distinguished.io, a reputed B2b rating and review platform. Distinguished offers the best branding services for digital businesses that would like to excel at what they do best.

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