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What is Online Reputation Management & Why is it Important?

A decade ago, things like PR and online reputation management seemed to matter to large corporations and celebrities. And it seemed like smaller brands had little to worry about; Their brand perception was a one-way street where customers had little room for feedback.

 After all, they could just ignore its products and services, but their perceptions had little impact. But we now live in a time of active target audience where people are constantly expressing their opinions about brands and services online on multiple platforms.

And 71% of consumers start their customer journey with a Google search. No company can afford to appear on the SERPs that appear untrustworthy and indecent.

To avoid potential problems, here is a comprehensive guide to online reputation management for companies of all sizes and industries, with digital marketing professionals effectively finding ways to manage your brand’s online reputation. 

What Is Online Reputation Management (ORM)?

Online Reputation Management, or ORM, is a multi-faceted thought pointed toward growing a top-notch public view of a brand, business, or individual. Reputation control consists of tracking reputation, addressing any content material or client comments that might harm the brand, and using techniques to save you and resolve issues that might damage an entity’s reputation.

ORM is not always the simplest about coping with content in search engines, though. This is additional about coping with terrible business enterprise opinions and motivating satisfied customers to contribute to more high-quality feedback.

Did you realize that according to BrightLocal, “85% of customers agree with online reviews as a good deal as personal recommendations”? More than 49% of customers are Influenced by buying at least 4 ratings to buy a product.

How Online Reputation Management Works

In a nutshell, ORM is all about tracking and managing your brand’s recognition throughout the web, making sure that your business is well represented and those capacity clients are left with an incredible impact on who you’re and what you do.

Many channels fall within online reputation management, and since it may seem overwhelming at first to embrace all these channels, let’s think about them in terms of the PESO model.

online reputation management

Paid Media for Online Reputation Management

Paid media implies all online content material that requires the charge to function your brand (website, services, etc.). It includes channels like Google Ads, social media ads, sponsored posts, or promotions through influencers.

This factor of ORM within reason straightforward — you’ve got complete manage over your very own placements. You should carefully check, though, if any of your competition is advertising “in opposition to” your brand. 

However, maximum paid media structures have strict guidelines in opposition to such practices, and a single complaint can solve this bad sentiment implication.

Earned Media for Online Reputation Management

Earned media embraces the insurance that your brand gets from outside systems freed from charge. They include:

  • External articles,
  • Press coverage
  • Blogs and Vlogs
  • Forums
  • Some industry-specific third-party listings

Google My Business could also depend on earned media as customers go away reviews to your business without controlling it. Earned media should focus on all businesses; those sources assist in creating an effective outlook and creating belief with online visitors. 

Shared Media for Online Reputation Management

At the pinnacle of your website, your business’s accounts throughout numerous social networks are your business card’s web model.

Unaddressed complaints, poor feedback on Twitter, and low star-rating on Facebook can critically damage your company’s recognition and turn capacity clients off. You ought to pay interest in what’s happening to your Twitter wall the equal way you’ll deal with the walls of your brick-and-mortar establishment. 

It is essential to tune what brand mentions are doping up inside different bills as nicely and cope with the mentions that are negatively painting your enterprise.

Owned Media for Online Reputation Management

Owned media in large part relates to your website and blog— the houses might be beneath your complete control. So, if you work on enhancing the rating of the pages, which might be of maximum significance to your brand’s popularity and perception, you’re on the proper track.

Although your online popularity control task receives simpler when you address online spaces you control, don’t forget that you need to set up an all-encompassing ORM process. As Google’s Danny Sullivan has placed it when speaking to me approximately Google, “We’re now no longer a reality engine. We can come up with information. However, we can’t let you know the fact of a thing.”

Basically, he means that Google will showcase whatever is the highest-rating web page on your branded search. So, recognition matters, and now no longer the inherent fact. Thus, you must focus on all of the channels your brand receives stated on and attempt to manage your reputations throughout all of them.

Importance of online reputation management

People assess companies from 1 to 5 ratings, comments, blogs, or social media posts every day. Hence, something a person says about a business turns into precious for a business in addition to potential clients.  After all, bad scores and opinions can damage a business. Similarly, a capacity consumer would possibly keep away from the modern business and head to competitor business.

Better Search Engine Ranking

Online reviews can create a massive effect on search engine marketing. It’s because that seek engine algorithms realize very well that customers region a lot of pressure on the agency’s web opinions when creating a decision. Hence, a business that takes a pleasant effort to address its online reputation receives rewarded with growing search engine marketing visibility.


The reputation of a business is important to its survival. Having the consideration of your customers is a prime factor of success. Your customers speak your business with friends and family. When they have got a problem, they may spread the word about their experience. Data shows that if a corporation has a great popularity, customers will discover that organization extra credible than its competitors. Even when competing agencies provide identical services or products for unique prices!

Professional Image

Having a successful company image is an important marketing device in your company. If you warm the hearts of your customers, then you could assume they constantly remember you. You won’t want to spend time looking to convince your ability customers to apply your products or services. With a strong digital image, clients will preserve to help your company.


Online reputation management is only a reflection of this new “bottom-up” conversation in which your current and ability clients get a voice around your brand. So, ORM is an important part of any business, marketing, and increase method for any enterprise out there. People speak to me about you and could continue to do so. Your activity is to installation a strong online reputation management approach to navigate through all the online conversations, offer fixes right here and there, and initiate effective sentiment.

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