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How to Drive Massive “Facebook Traffic” to Your Website

Facebook is one of the most effective free as well as “PAID” platform to drive more traffic to your website. Free in a sense if you have your own Community Pages and Groups, and you post your website’s posts and blogs to engage your audience, to get more view and traffic. Social media always has the power of advanced targeting to your audience. We will discuss some methods that you can apply and Generate more traffic to your website.

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Create a Landing Page

If you post on Facebook with have your business web site’s link, the user always got confused to take action. But if you create and design a “Google Landing Page” for more actions that you expect from a user. By doing this user will follow your post and will take action further.

Target your Audience with Ads

The Facebook platform has the best targeting plans for online ads. So you have to be focused on taking the advantages of targeted Ads options. Facebook allows you to choose, who can see your ads and interests by filtering geographic locations, profession, gender, age, and even marital status. You can also filter out the audience, you know they are already interested in your ads and business. It is much important that you know who you are speaking with.

User Facebook Filtering Options

Facebook Platform allows you to target your required audience, so you have many filtering options which you can use to filter out the most appealing audience for your ads and website. The “Facebook ads platform” has a tool “Audience Insights” which allows you to recognize the characteristic to make the audience most interested in your ads and business.

(As compared to Facebook Ads Platform, The “Google Analytics” could be used to gather insights on your existing audience domain. While Facebook insights help you to find not only the audience connected to your business and uses other channels for your website.)

Create Unique Ads for Relevant Audience

Always create a relevant Ads campaign for your audience and followers.  You can only do this if you know the specific group of audience’s interest. You need to start a conversation with your audience to know about their interests. if you will create similar ads for all groups, most likely to not get any response from users.

Use attractive convincing Images

You cannot discard the importance of most relevant, attractive and convincing Images for your Posts and Ads campaigns. “An image is worth a thousand words”, but it should have a similar topic regarding your content. To convince your audience with your messages, an image is best to grab their attention.

Be Patient and Consistent

If you have started the Facebook insight Ad campaign and getting a slow response, then you just need to be patient and carry on your targeted advertisements consistently. Always use the same tone, colors, and language that you use in other advertising and marketing material. Make sure to represent your brand clearly to the public. The ads should reflect on your business. You should always use the same ton, color and the language for “Landing Page” as you used for the Facebook ads.

Target the Specific Locations

You have to work hard and understand the Specific location’s people needs, and then you can identify and target a best “specific location” for your brand’s advertisement. The location you choose for your brand should base on the actual population. That’s why I am saying this because many business owners choose the location for their advertisements in which People comes for vocation and picnic etc.

Choose the best Ads schedule

Ads scheduling is the best practice as Facebook has also low and high activity patterns. Facebook has also a specific audience for their own. By scheduling patterns and choosing the most likely audience for your business can drive more traffic to your website. And groups of your business community will grow up. Here are questions that, why you schedule Ads? Why don’t you launch your Ads at the same time? So the right answer, especially on Social Media “People appears on social media for their specific time”. Most likely, if you don’t schedule your Ads and launches all the Ads at the same time period, you cannot reach to your targeted audience, or you cannot have the expected reaction and response for what you expect.

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