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How to upload Instagram videos to Snapchat

During the past few years social media has become an essential part of everyone’s life. Nobody can ever think about starting and progressing their business without opting for social media marketing on Facebook, Instagram and Tiktok. Now there are more platforms that business enterprises are using to boost their sales leads, customers and overall annual growth on the charts.

There’s no denying that social media networks are booming with every passing day and night. If you have a business idea in your mind, you can put it to practical use by using networks. However, at first you will have to work on building your brand presence and make yourself up to getting more visibility to ultimate success.  The networks of current times are being used for all sorts of online activities; some people use them for connecting with other people only while others are using them for marketing only. In either case, these networks are a great way of making a lot of online connections.

Instagram and video content

Instagram is a fun application with a lot of interactive and fun filters, effects, transitions and stickers. People love using Instant cameras for creating beautiful artwork of their own. If you wish to turn yourself into a fairy you can do it using Instagram filter. You can make shorts as well which are so much in trends. For making shorts you can choose any of the transitions available in the filter section, use emojis and stickers to beautify the videos and post it for getting applause and praises. Your friends, colleagues and loved ones will love it.

To be honest, Instagram videos content can help more in getting more visitors to your website or product page. Moreover, it can be used as a sales pitch to deliver the right message and to use for personal marketing just in case you are just starting out with your business idea on Instagram.

Instagram and Snapchat

Although the number of active users on Instagram is growing, some people believe that Snapchat is far better than Instagram for having more effects, creative filters and image artwork features. It all depends which one of the networks you wish to choose for taking the pictures to upload them later on the account.

Just a few years ago, Instagram rolled out a story feature and it is more or less like Snapchat videos that users shoot for a few seconds to upload on their profiles. But, people still love to use Snapchat over Instagram , I would say that it is part of personal preference.

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I would not say that Instagram does not have to offer great filters and effects, it’s just that more people find Snapchat to be fascinating. Instagram now has introduced more filters and stickers that allow the users to make even better videos, shorts and content than they can ever manage to make through Snapchat.

If you are used to making Instagram videos and wondering how to share them on other networks such as Facebook and Snapchat, there is a simple way of doing it. Instead of making separate videos on all the networks you can use Instagram only, add as many effects as your heart desires, include emojis, and write down texts to your work into artwork. Once you are done, you can share Instagram videos on Snapchat.

How to upload your Instagram video to Snapchat?

You might have created your videos using Instagram filters, transitions and effects to make them interactive, eye-catching and entertaining. Whether you make a video for personal promotion or  marketing your business you can always share it on more than one network once you upload it on Instagram. You already know that you can sync two accounts like Facebook with Instagram, so whatever you will post on your feed normally goes live on Facebook as well. To make it happen you need to give your permission and do a few settings. You cannot sync Snapchat with your Instagram account but you can share your published videos, content, media files and photos from the account to snapchat and here is how you can do it.

  • Login to your Instagram account.
  • Now click and open the post that you wish to share on any network.
  • Tap on the dots located on the right side of the post.
  • Click on the option “share to”.
  • From the option you can view multiple social networks that you are using on your phone. These are networks on which you are usually very active.
  • Click on Snapchat from the list and your desired posts, video or content will be shared on your Snapchat account.

There are a few users who believe that you can also export your Instagram videos and share it on Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter and other networks but doing so is not very essential. Besides, you may also need a third party application to export videos from Instagram.

If you are using an advanced iOS and android system you can definitely share and reshare your posts from Instagram to multiple networks. The option of reshare or share is always available, you may find it for Youtube videos as well. If for some reason Snapchat is not appearing in the list then it might be possible that you have not downloaded the application on your phone to begin with. You may see other apps such as messenger or Facebook feed, it’s just that you need to install the Snapchat application and activate it on your phone in order to share any of the content to it from any social network that you are using on your phone.

Just in case you have installed it but the option is not showing after checking the option of “share to” on Instagram you need to restart your phone and log back into Instagram. The option will appear quickly as the interface has been refreshed.

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