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How To Make New Google Voice Number?

Here the content is all about creating a Google Voice number account and how you can use a Google Voice number when you are overseas. Google Voice is a free service for the USA or Canada. This feature will help you to receive and dial any phone calls, test receiving or send and voicemail. Google Voice comes with all cool features. One number to receive all calls free of cost. Also, compare this number as a proxy number instead of your US number.

To use this phone number you don’t need to stay in the USA. With no hassle of USA location or device, Pick up your phone calls from any place. For a person who is not interested in sharing his personal number with all others or wants to hide his personal number, Google Voice number is the best option for them. This application has web version access. So it doesn’t matter if you are using a laptop, computer or tablet. Anytime you can get your Google Voice accounts access from any place.

What is a Google Voice Number?

This is a VoIP phone call service by google. You can use this single number for your multiple devices. By using the internet and a VPN one can also manage phone calls or messages or voicemail internationally. No longer do you have to manage a phone number for friends and family, business mates, or others? A single dial for each specific number. Google released this new service on 11 March 2009.

How to make a new Google Voice number:

Set up your Google Voice account in two different ways. This telephonic server is very easy to get a new Google Voice number. As a successful businessman, you need to share your number in different places. Not only the businessman but also a public figure or other peoples may not be interested to share their private number with all.

You can solve this issue through this new US number. It’s lifetime support for Google Voice. But the service has some regional limitations. Which will prevent you from getting access from non-US locations. No worries! Here we will disclose both methods of using the Google Voice Number as a USA citizen and non-US people(offshore).

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Google Voice Account for the USA Peoples

For people living in the USA, it’s totally free service. You can easily create your Google Voice number by following some steps. The first time you read the content, the process seems complicated to you. But when you will practically do it, the whole process is totally opposite. Here you go –

  • First, you need to manage one USA authentic phone number
  • Now go to the voice.google.com website through your browser
  • Here you need to sign in through your Gmail account
  • See, after completing the sign up for Google Voice, they will show you the area code or city to select
  • Choose the one you like to have the area code with your number
  • The next page will show you multiple numbers to select the one you want
  • Select any one from the list
  • To complete the setup you need to verify that number
  • Click on the verify button
  • A box will come to put down your authentic USA number to verify the Google Voice account
  • Put down the USA number here and check out your message box for the verification code or call
  • Copy the code and paste it on the Google Voice verification code boxes
  • Click the Finish button to get full access to your Google Voice account

Google Voice Account for the Non-USA peoples:

To open a new account on Google Voice the process is nearly the same. But the main problem for a non-us is to manage a USA number and the USA proxy server or USA IP. When you want to get access from any other location instead of the USA or Canada, you need to add some extra steps.

  • Free USA Number – To sign up for Google Voice you need a US mobile number. You can complete this step with the help of some free or paid US number providing apps or websites.
  • Free USA VPN service – Now the second step is to change your location. Choose a free or paid VPN service that has a US location proxy IP. Turn on the USA location VPN then follow the same process we mentioned above.

The primary reason for using Google Voice Number:

It has been a long time since Google launched this service. But many Americans still have no proper idea about it. They don’t know that almost all features of Google Voice are free for Americans. So you should learn about the amazing features it.

  • Receiving calls and pick up through Gmail
  • Place and receiving the calls over wi-fi
  • Sending or receiving a text from any browser
  • Easy phone calls portability
  • Voice mail service with transcript
  • Call forwarding
  • Specific phone calls blocking
  • Switching between the cell phone and landline
  • Routing powers to input all existing numbers
  • Screening power with four options
  • Midcall power without interrupting the other calls

Advantages and disadvantages

Without any service charge, you can manage your community internationally. You can avoid the expensive VoIP provider by using these easy and low-cost international calls. With an instant view, it seems like Google Voice hits all the points alone. But the service also has some downsides. Make sure you are comfortable with those also.


  • You can select multiple phone number from specific area codes
  • A single page to receive or dial calls, text or voicemail
  • Web-version and app both are available to get access from any device
  • Voicemail alter text option as a written transcript
  • Midcall flexibility
  • Voicemail number pointing facility


  • No emergency call set up with dialing the area code
  • Embedded multimedia message
  • No customer service support for Google Voice

Wrapping Up

Google Voice offers the users all unique features which are really very important to manage a large community from anywhere. Instead of cellular phones, you can enjoy your full phone call controlling service. Amazing digital integration without any massive condition. No chance to miss a single call. You may face a rare unexpected issue to solve it quickly. With the combination of web and phone apps, Google Voice is providing an impressive unique experience to enjoy this technology.

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