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World of Warcraft: New Dragonfly Updates

Players are waiting for a major update of the World of Warcraft universe called Dragonfly. The developers will present a new race and class, new lands and a continuation of the storyline, changes in the system of professions and talents, and an increase in the maximum level.

New max level

With the release of the Shadowlands update, the overall level cap has been increased to level 60 and players have had to put in a lot of effort to reach the coveted level. Players completed story missions and went to raids and dungeons.

When the new Dragonfly update is installed on the official servers, the maximum level threshold will increase again and level 70 will be the final level for the current chronicles.

Players should worry about reaching level 60 in advance and be ready for new challenges and leveling up to level 70 to realize all the features of the new update.

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Ways to quickly get level 70:

  1. Travel to the Dragon Isles from Orgrimmar or Stormwind. Players from both factions will sail together in search of new adventures.

Players are waiting for 4 new locations for pumping and in parallel story companies for passing in a linear order for the first character who entered the Dragonfly update.

Each of the four locations will be associated with one of the types of dragons and convey the spirit of the creatures. The player will explore each fragment of the island separately, but only for the first character on the account who enters the update. The following characters will be able to choose which tasks from the storyline to complete.

The capital also corresponds to each of the 4 locations and conveys the spirit of each of the dragons.

Shores of Awakening – Accompany Gwenion and see the confrontation between red dragons and half-giants, helping the explorer learn the history of his ancestors.

On’ara Plains – A wasteland inhabited by centaurs and green dragons. You can meet On’ara – the wild god of the wind.

Azure Expanse – Accompany Kalecgos, the archive explorer, to the icy lands and meet many creatures and ice dragons.

Taldrazus is a rocky area where you can level up and find the capital of the entire dragon island – Valdraken. The capital is divided into quarters, each of which is dedicated to a different kind of dragons that live on the island. In the capital, you can find a new auction and craft tables.

2. Order dragonflight power leveling 60-70, where a professional player will upgrade your character to the maximum level in a few hours. Access to the account is carried out through VPN and all masking measures are taken to avoid attention from the server administration. The service guarantees a refund in case of disputes and does not transfer customer data to third parties.

Profession system overhaul

In the new update, Blizzard developers will listen to the players and will return interest to professions by increasing their relevance and new rewards that can be obtained by helping players craft new items and dress up their character.

Profession System Changes:

  • Introduction to the concept of quality
  • Specialization
  • Item rework
  • Orders and execution

Introduction to the concept of quality

Now, each item – be it weapons, armor, jewelry, potions and other things will have its own quality parameter, which will depend on the skill of the artisan and on luck. The higher the level, the more chances to create a really worthwhile product.


Now, in each profession, the player can choose the direction to which he will devote his training. For example, a blacksmith can choose to specialize as a master of armor and now he will be able to create armor for various classes with improved and unique characteristics.

Item rework

Now professionals and masters in their profession can modify the parameters of armor and other items that have characteristics and focus. So, having knocked out an absolutely unsuitable item for your class, you don’t need to sell it or throw it away – take it to the master of the craft, and he will redo the armor characteristics for you for the desired class. Or upgrade the skill yourself – in the Dragonfly update, players are encouraged to start getting involved in professions.

Orders and execution

Now, the game will have the ability to create and accept orders for the creation of items from the World of Warcraft. Masters of professions will be able to get acquainted with the list of offers and fulfill orders, and thus pump their skill as an artisan.

Players will also be able to place an order to create an item, which only requires a recipe. The cost for the service is set and consumables are attached. If the craftsman considers the payment worthy, he will take on the order.

A special NPC acts as an intermediary in transactions, so players do not need to worry about the safety of their resources. The NPC takes the recipe and resources and passes it on to the executor, who agreed to take the order, and then takes the finished product and returns it to the player. No risks.

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