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Best Methods for Using Path of Exile Atlas passive tree

Do you Want a complete information on Path Of Exile Atlas passive tree? Poe Trade is renowned for its enormous, intricate passive skill tree, so it’s not surprising that the Siege of the Atlas expansion added another. The early 2022 Siege of the Atlas expansion merged the previous Atlas region trees into a single, gigantic tree affecting the entire Atlas. There are numerous possibilities available, and the good news is that almost every node on the tree is potent. There is little risk of falling behind the progression curve if you grab nodes for stuff you appreciate. In addition, the Sentinel league expansion includes new Atlas keystones and nodes that eliminate uninteresting content. If you need help understanding how the tree works or are seeking Kalandra league strategy advice, this guide has you covered.

How to Use Path of Exile Atlas Passive Tree

After defeating Kitava in Act 10 and completing the Path of Exile campaign, players will encounter a new epilogue scenario. Meet with the freshly promoted Commander Kirac to receive a complimentary Atlas of Worlds map and begin your quest. If you open the Atlas (G is the usual keybind) and hover over a map, you will notice its “extra goal,” which typically requires you to run the map at a particular rarity and defeat the map monster. Each completed bonus objective grants you one point to spend on your Atlas passive tree.

For most of the endgame, it’s that straightforward. Run additional maps, ascend the new Atlas, and advance your maps through the tree. There are 117 maps to finish, yielding the majority of your Atlas passive points. In addition, you can gain 11 additional points from the Maven and her invitations, the Eldritch bosses, and the Uber Elder. The majority of players are unlikely to obtain all 128 points; thus, they should anticipate having between 80 and 100 points to use on their Path of Exile Atlas passive tree.

How to Revitalize Path of Exile Atlas passive Tree

Path of Exile

Thankfully, respecting the Atlas passive tree is quite simple. Right-clicking on an Orb of Unmaking will cause it to be consumed, granting you a single respec point that can be used at any time. Orbs of Unmaking can be traded and are included in the global drop pool. In addition, you can purchase a limitless amount of them for two Orbs of Regret from Kirac. You can respec as much of your tree as you wish at any point for a relatively low cost. It is possible to switch branches and strategies many times throughout a league if desired. To prevent squandering orbs on unnecessary respecs, you must adhere to a plan early on.

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Recommended Atlas League Opening Strategy

It is impossible to make a mistake with the Path of Exile Atlas passive tree, although specific nodes are incredibly potent in the early days and weeks of a league. In the section below, we’ll outline some of the most significant alternatives for new characters and players. The change from Exalted Orbs to Divine Orbs as the cost for meta crafting indirectly nerfed mechanics such as Strongboxes and Harbinger in Patch 3.19. Our updated Atlas plans will reflect these developments, which will prepare you for the new trading economy.

Wheels Kirac and Shaping

The centre Kirac wheel is one of the simplest ways to build early league maps. Access to additional Kirac missions grants accesses to additional maps. Access to additional maps grants access to additional Atlas passives. You have the concept. Using the left side of this wheel in conjunction with the Shaping the Mountains, Valleys, Seas, and/or Skies nodes will form the foundation of a robust tree for any project. If you’re overwhelmed by the tree and unsure of where to proceed, start here to accelerate your Atlas advancement.

Essences and Produce

Essence nodes are extremely easy to recommend, as all players may utilise Essences. Essences are one of the simplest and most accessible ways for unskilled players to obtain better equipment while being the foundation of many complicated crafts. Obtaining generic attributes such as resistance or attack speed is simple with Essence. You can ensure an Essence on any map with your initial few points, and the higher wheels increase their tiers and availability.

Essences pair well with Harvest, which has undergone significant adjustments to make it more accessible to the ordinary player. Instead of specific, one-time-use Harvest crafts, Harvest encounters now award Lifeforce that can be spent on any Harvest craft. While some of the more potent Harvest crafts have been deleted or altered, even the most fundamental ones are still valuable. Harvest and Essence should be the combination of choice for players who create their own equipment.

Shrines and Fortresses

Since the introduction of the new Path of Exile Atlas passive tree, Shrines and Strongboxes has been a fun and easy way to boost enemy density. Both mechanics add creatures to the map, and if you have decent Shrine random number generation, you can clear the map quickly. Even builds exist utilizing the Gull’s distinctive helmet to stockpile Shrine boosts and demolish maps. Shrines and Stronboxes are the best way to increase the number of monsters on a map without the risk of Beyond or Delirium.

Note that following patch 3.19, corrupted Strongboxes are significantly less valuable, as 6-links no longer sell for a Divine Orb. You will likely skip the “Tamper Proof” Strongbox node at this time.


The Expedition continues to be one of the most helpful league mechanics for farming easily tradeable items. The vendor reroll currencies sell well in bulk, and in most leagues, a Logbook is worth 20 to 40 Chaos in trade. The Expedition is for you if you want a mechanism that generates products that are simple to sell.

The value of Expedition has increased as a result of the Exalted-Divine pricing swap. The value of Divine Orbs will undoubtedly surpass that of Exalted Orbs. Therefore the occasional Divine from Tujen is rather valuable. Rog is particularly useful for early-league crafting, allowing Expedition to connect with neighboring Harvest nodes.

Beyond, and Delirium

More seasoned players can invest extensively on the left side of the tree to increase the number of monsters exponentially. Beyond has been the finest means to scale monster density for years, and despite 3.19’s nerfs, it should stay incredibly beneficial. In addition, Beyond creatures now drop the old Tainted currencies from the Scourge league, increasing their value with each kill.

Delirium increases density and combines with the additional monsters from Beyond to produce truly insane maps. Then, you may utilise Harvest to roll Cluster Jewels Delirium drops for quick cash and sell Simulacrum Splinters for a tidy profit. Be mindful that you need a robust character to handle high-level stuff in Delirium and Beyond. After a few days, this is a tree you respec to, not something you hurry at the beginning of the league.

Eldritch Influnce

The Eldritch-Influenced map nodes on both sides of the tree are lovely, continuing the theme of monster density. Before you may start running influence on every map, you must beat the mission versions of the Searing Exarch, Eater of Worlds, and The Maven. However, once you’re prepared, you should use one on every map unless you’re farming Maven invitations. Choose your desired effect, spec into these nodes, and fire away! Be cautious that, despite their strength, the keystone nodes at the bottom of these wheels are exceedingly deadly. Unless you have a powerful character or don’t mind dying, you should avoid these.

Dominating Trees

If you intend to farm “pinnacle bosses,” you should invest in their tree portions. This is as simple as it sounds. Find and activate the nodes for the desired boss (the example above shows Maven nodes). Some aid with the spawning of a boss or the acquisition of its fragments, while others improve the rewards from the battle. Keep a watch out for the keystones that indicate “(boss arena area name) is level 85,” as these trigger the complicated Uber versions of the fights. Verify that you are not operating Ubers before your character is prepared.

That’s all it takes to start with Path of Exile Atlas passive tree! You can combine numerous potent methods as you prepare for the new endgame bosses. If you still need to choose your league starter, use our guide to choosing your Kalandra league starter construct. Check out our tutorials for Path of Exile skill point locations and the Trials of Ascension if you’re a fresh player looking for campaign help.

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