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Edge Computing Challenges for Enterprises in Modern Era

Edge computing challenges have provided many benefits in businesses and information technology fields. In recent years, its value became more prominent. The ease of access and application it provides makes it favorite among industrial and commercial level. The area of edge computing applications is so vast that you can use it during failure of existing running system of factories and oil rigs. Video monitoring can be enhanced using it. Marketing supervisors can use it to make special offers.

In health department, edge computing can provide an efficient role in monitoring systems of the patients. Data costs and expenses on usual cloud computing can be overcome. Besides its many benefits edge computing challenges are also there due to which it is not completely accepted yet. In this article, we will discuss about some basics of edge computing, its benefits and challenges ahead.

What Is Edge Computing?

Edge computing is a practice to bring the computers closer to the data source. It means providing them closer and separate networking source rather than having a central cloud source. This is a new technique to handle data. As there are millions of devices all around the world, almost all of them require internet. So, millions of devices need to stay connected with the server the whole time.

The industry of internet of things is growing day by day which means that devices other than computers will be demanding the internet connectivity. It is necessary that the data sources come closer to the consumers and their will least latency and data losses. Edge computing challenges not only focus on decreasing the data loses, but also it is going to achieve the mile stone of producing real applications for edge computing networks.

Working Of Edge Computing

To understand its basic working, just keep in mind the basic idea that edge computing provides an edge gateway to reach corporate data centers and the data clouds. With the increasing number of IoT devices, it is necessary to decrease the load on main cloud. It works on the basis of local source for processing and storing data. The local source will perform all the computations, store it and will send only the relevant data to the main cloud.

In this way, real time data like navigations and locations can be more precise and efficient. Latency issue will also minimize which will reduce the major issue of IoT devices that is cost. Cost saving is one of the big edge computing challenges. It is such a big matter in the computing field that only this factor is enough to drive towards edge computing.

Edge Computing Challenges

Regarding edge computing challenges, the companies will have a broader sight to adapt it. Following are some major challenges that edge computing is facing.

Unsatisfactory Security

Edge computing is geographically divided into various local remote locations. The basic idea of building edge computing network is to decrease the load on main data centers. Usually, the security does not take into considerations because of the size and sensitivity of the network. But when you provide services to some big organizations, you come on the hit list. And you need to follow all the protocols of security that parent company in following.

Edge computing is very likely to get cyber attacked. People usually don’t encrypt the data to attain maximum operating speed which makes them vulnerable. Purpose of edge computing is to make ease of access so they do not follow security protocols while communicating with other interfaces. Edge computing is growing rapidly and usually they have personal data of the persons and organization to which they are serving. That information is very sensitive and organizations are hesitant to these networks.

Remote Location Managements

According to a coursework help firm, no organization or enterprises can run without specific rules and regulations. Before starting a new company, the first thing government certifies is their rules and regulation. One of the big edge computing challenges is miss management. Companies consider edge computing necessary and risky. The quality it delivers is acceptable everywhere but the way it delivers is risky to all enterprises. Edge computing does not have hard and fast rules for management.

They are not centralized on single operating system. Therefore, their consistency and reliability are always questionable. Companies are willing to take benefits of edge computing but they are hesitant because of its miss management issues. The government of united states of America and United Kingdom have made an appreciable improvement in the regulations of information technologies and internet of things.

High Capital Cost

Cost is one of the major edge computing challenges. It is in fact the major factor while planning and investing somewhere. The frameworks of software and hardware devices which are used in edge computing are very expensive. Excluding the cost of operation, the initial cost is so high that enterprises consider it against the budget to invest in some risky place.

Operational costs are also very high to provide high connectivity and bandwidths. With its cost ineffectiveness, companies prefer to invest in some other businesses to get their desired results. May be with the elimination of security risks, companies consider it worth investing. This is because no one can deny the need and benefits of edge computing. It is the external factors which are restraining companies to adapt it.

Probability Of More Efficient Tools

Edge computing is just in its early stages. Regarding the difficulties that it has been facing, IT managers are trying to adapt more efficient and cost-effective tools for edge computing. Edge computing challenges would not remain same in upcoming years. But companies are waiting for better and efficient tools for monitoring and micro services. Therefore, they don’t have to reconsider their decisions later. Especially, after the evolution of 5G technology, there will be a drastic change in communication and computations of the system. Companies are waiting for right time and right decision.


Edge computing can decrease the load on main servers by decreasing the distances and bandwidth issues. But there are some edge computing challenges because of which companies are hesitating in investing in it. We hope neutralizing these challenges will make a difference.

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