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Five Best PVC Pipe Manufacturers in India

PVC pipe manufacturers are present in a considerable quantity in India. But that does not mean in any way that all of them are providing their customers with extreme quality PVC pipes. While some are working with great earnestness when providing their customer with only the best PVC pipe, the others do not care as much. That is why it has become essential for you to know about the best PVC pipe manufacturers who have been working tirelessly to make the best versions of PVC pipe.

  • KATARIA PIPES:  Kataria Pipes is based in Ratlam, Madhya Pradesh. It is a fifteen-year-old pipe manufacturing industry that has efficiently manufactured lines of enormous variety such as HDPE, MDPE, uPVC, and PVC pipes used in domestic, commercial, industrial establishments for different purposes. It makes pipes for various applications such as sewage, drainage, irrigation, water supply, gas supply, insulation and many more. The list of virtues of Kataria Pipes is endless. It is because they put in a lot of hard work and sincere efforts to make a single pipe that adheres to all the guidelines and standards issued by the regulatory authorities of India. Kataria Pipes is exceptionally delivering high-end PVC water pipe, which can be used to fulfil the needs of a domestic, commercial and irrigational setting.
  • SUPREME INDUSTRIES: Even though its name is not quite as famous as the other contenders on the list, Supreme Industry is renowned for the results of its endless efforts in the form of highly qualified PVC water pipe, which are eco-friendly and can be used for several needs. It is reliable. It does not compromise on the quality of its products because it knows that the only way it can make a loyal clientele is by giving them the pipes made of unadulterated raw material and therefore are highly durable. Supreme Industries can be trusted with their PVC pipes because they have equipped their manufacturing facility with all the modern tools and techniques essential to maintaining the quality of their pipes.
  • ASHIRVAD PIPES PVT. LTD: Established in 1975, Ashirvad Pipes have never looked back since the commencement of their first manufacturing plant. They have manufactured some extremely unique plastic products in the market during their stint, almost as long as half a century. Ashirvad Pipes have made a name for themselves by continuously evolving themselves with the time. They did so by incorporating all the technological advancements needed to keep their manufacturing process smooth. The PVC drain pipe manufactured by Ashirvad Pipes is genuinely a work of art, and it can be bought from their official website. It is an ISO certified company that majorly deals in uPVC, CPVC and PVC pipes.
  • ASTRAL PIPES: The impact of actively marketing themselves made Astral Pipes a renowned name. With Salman Khan as their brand ambassador for a long time, Astral Pipes gained many customers looking for products like PVC drain pipe. Astral Pipes has been around since 1996 and is a trusted name in manufacturing the most affordable yet high-quality PVC pipes. Apart from PVC pipes, Astral pipes deal in many similar sewage pipes, drainage pipes and insulation.
  • FINOLEX INDUSTRIES: Yet another example of marketing your products properly can get you incredible results. PVC pipes from Finolex have featured heavily on the television sets of commoners, so much so that they bought whatever Finolex sold them. It is evident that Finolex is one of the best PVC pipe manufacturers in India, but it can still improve the quality of its products.

So, these were a few manufacturers who are known for their quality and their services. But it gets tricky for people to choose what is best for them. That is why they must consider decisive factors while selecting the proper manufacturer. The manufacturer must understand the need of their clients and what the client expects from them. Only then can the manufacturer produce pipes so magnificent which will undoubtedly win the trust of their clients. Quality is the key to winning customers’ trust, and the manufacturer who understands this best will thrive in the long run.

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