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How To Record WhatsApp calls and videos with TheOneSpy?

Whatsapp is a social messaging app that allows the user for free calls and messages. It will enable making audio or video calls to anyone who has WhatsApp. With this app, everyone can talk to their friend’s families and others. It also makes it possible to share photos, videos, and document files. This fantastic app makes free audio-video calls. 

It considers as the largest social media platform in the world, having billion-plus users. With a lot of benefits, it has some serious threats for immature users. But it is more conscious for the parents when their kids become a part of social media. Therefore, parents need to be aware of their kids by using the WhatsApp call recording app TheOneSpy for safety concerns.

A short view on WhatsApp audio-video calls

This is one of the most popular and amazing apps that have billions of users. This app helps to make free calls all around the world. This social messaging app allows making audio-video calls. This application provides state of the art feature to make a conference call include more than 3 peoples. It always protects the privacy of users by end-to-end encryption. It allows everyone to help with the long conversations. User can contact and talk to other through the long distance.

Why the WhatsApp needs to monitor 

It is instant messaging app gain popularity in the latest era of fastest-growing technology. Using social media apps creates a lot of issues. Some of the major issues need to control over by the monitoring applications.

Make strange calls

It is common in the present time. We all know that this app allows free calls of both audio and video. But most of the time, kids make calls to their unknown friends. They make long calls and share their personal information with others. The sharing of information and communication with others leads to their wrong side. Therefore to listen to the call conversation, user can take benefit from the WhatsApp call recording app.

Sexual abuse 

It is most important to know all communications. When kids use this app and benefit from it, they start talking with others without any care, but the other can destroy the kid’s innocence. Through adult communication, people abuse them and make them lose confidence. It is necessary to protect them from any coming evil that affects the kid’s innocence. Therefore, they should use the WhatsApp call recording feature of the one spy app.


Online bullies are come across as a common issue within the use of social media. Kids use social media and upload by different status. The bullies take benefit of kid’s innocence and make targets to them. Parents should keep an eye to stay away from online bullies. So, users take advantage of the call recording app (TheOneSpy) for kid’s safety.

Online predator 

It is one of the main worries regarding the kid’s safety. There is a lot of predators who take benefit from the kid’s connection with social media. It is the significant worries that need to be under control and protect kids. With the monitoring application, users can know all about the WhatsApp dangers.

How to Record WhatsApp calls and Videos

The user can easily record and remotely monitor WhatsApp by theOneSpy tracking app. all parents who are suspicious regarding their kids use the WhatsApp monitoring app to spy on their activities. Whatsapp call tracking software allows the parents to listen to the conversations.

You need to install theOneSpy WhatsApp tracking app on the targeted device. The device needs to be non-rooted before to install into the targeted android phone. After installation, you need to be physical access; then you get access to the login into the dashboard for the recording of voice & video calls, then it enables you to download the file. It can monitor the calls, text messages, status, sharing files, stickers and emojis. This spy app allows the user to remotely monitor the targeted social messenger app without physical access to the device.  


TOS WhatsApp call recording features indeed the user to listen and record the voice and video calls. It helps to protect the kids from any danger or threat.

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