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7 Website Designs Trends Here To Stay

Internet is a basic necessity nowadays; gone are the days when the internet was slow, janky, and expensive. Modern devices and technology have allowed us to access this virtual world with great ease. So much so that according to a May 2021 web server survey, there are approximately 1,218,423,991 sites. That is a LOT! If you plan on making a website for a specific purpose, then it is imperative that you ensure that your site is unique.

Why Is It Necessary?

Web Design allows you to market your website to your consumer base. If it’s a commercial website, then the web designs hugely depend on the target audience. The website is the first thing that any potential customer will come across, a shoddy and complex website design will undoubtedly deter continuous traffic to your site.

A website has to cater to the target audience as if it is tailor-made for them; people will visit a website repeatedly if the design is simplistic and appealing. A smooth and seamless web page that ensures people can get exactly what they want will invite more significant amounts of traffic.

Web designing ensures that a website is optimized for its users and is comfortable to look at. Various factors that can affect how your site looks and functions are discussed in this article. Here are the 7 BEST Web Designs that will really boost your website:

Simplistic User Interface

Website Designs Trends

User interface or UI creates the first impression in the minds of visitors. A great UI can turn Visitors into Customers and dedicated groups of constant traffic. A cluttered User Interface leads to confusion and creates an overwhelming experience for someone visiting your site for the first time. A minimalistic UI is the go-to trend nowadays, and it is here to stay.

The main objective of a UI is to allow your customer to get what they want. A UI will determine how viewers navigate your site. A cluttered UI will deter clicks on the site, while a minimalistic and simple UI will ensure that people navigate on your site much more often. A simplistic UI also ensures a responsive site that gives the customers what they want instantly

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Color Palette 

Website Designs Trends

When you have a simple UI, it is supremely important that the color palette for your website compliments it. Bright, flashy colors might look good on certain websites while others resort to a more restrictive approach.

The color palette has no set rule, it can vary from the kind of image the website portrays or the kind of purpose it is made for. While some websites benefit from dark backgrounds and colors, the brighter color might be easier on the eyes for some websites. Remember, there is no fixed rule regarding color schemes, experiment and choose the best, as it will ultimately be the identity of what your site or organization represents.

Color Palette

Seo Optimization

Search Engine Optimization is extremely important for product and service-based websites. It serves as the basis for digital marketing. With hundreds if not thousands of websites with similar content, designing your website to utilize Keywords is the most basic step in optimization. Indexing your website and affiliated pages is another step in ensuring you get organic traffic.

Seo Optimization

One more important thing to keep in mind is that despite almost everyone having access to high-speed internet, websites must be optimized to load quickly even with slow internet speed. Loading time can make or break your website.

SEO entails a lot more than just these elements, like Backlinks, content, and analysis. But, the main factors undoubtedly are the ones explained.

Interactive Interface

More often than not, websites usually present their customers with interactive features such as subscription options, comment sections, feedback, and much more. Website developers have become increasingly aware of the role of customers and engagement with this audience. It has thus become a norm to have an interactive interface.

Interactive Interface

Many commercial websites like Amazon, Flipkart, etc., depending on reviews by the customer. Having a live chatbot is another popular feature that is likely going to benefit in the long run. A simple option to like or share a certain article, post or page will enable greater engagement.

Smart Use Of Art

ART in the form of GIFs, images, and videos is becoming increasingly popular. For product-based sites, it has become a norm to add visual aids to display their products. It is to be noted that the use of ART needs to be smart. Filling your site with images or GIF leads to cluttering and is simply unappealing.

Most websites have a positive space and a negative space. Positive space is filled with interactive options while negative space is blank. If your webpage has a lot of negative space, using ART can effectively give your website a new and fresh look.

To refer to an example, you can check out how is using this technique effectively on their website. It is a comprehensive directory website for escape rooms.

Seamless Transition

Websites should be user-friendly for all ages and types of people. To ensure this, the most basic aspect of web designing is to focus on transition and navigation. The scrolling feature has since become a staple feature while Drop Down menus provide a simple yet elegant solution to navigate.

Seamless Transition

The seamless transition also applies to the ability of a website to switch between its desktop version to its mobile version. Most sites are now either mobile-friendly or optimized for handheld devices.

Most Organizations invest in Apps for handheld devices eliminating the need for websites. But it is not the case, the accessibility of a website from a handheld mobile device is a significant feature that cannot be ignored when almost half of the internet traffic is coming from handheld devicesii

Curated Content Management

It is important to outline the core objective/purpose of your website. This will help in knowing the exact type of content that should be posted on the site and the content that people will consume. After identifying the target audience, content should tailor-made for them and must be personalized. Someone visiting the site for the first time should not have difficulty in finding exactly what they want.

Website Designs Trends

Online fashion stores are the best example of efficient use of content. Having simple yet well-defined content helps the search engine in bringing your site above the rest and showing the exact content desired. This is also the basis of smart content whereby most mobile browsers do no load everything but just the desired content. Such content must thus be curated for the long run.

No one wants to spend more time on a site to search content when another site can give them what they want with just a few clicks. The smaller number of clicks required to get what people want, the more traffic in the long run.


Web designing has become an easy task nowadays, but designing a good website still requires considerable effort. A good web design separates a site ranked first on google search from a website ranked 50th on Google search. Even if the content offered is the same on both the sites, no one wants to click on a website that is on the 4th or 5th page of google search results. These design factors will help your website in the long run and are definitely here to stay!

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