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13 Most in-demand freelance skills To Learn

Work is undergoing a metamorphosis not witnessed since the Industrial Revolution due to technological advancements and lifestyle changes. A generation ago, an average employee could find a job with a large corporation right out of college and reasonably expect to remain there for the duration of their career. In contrast, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports the following stunning statistic: As of 2010, the average length of time an American worker stays at a job has decreased to under four and a half years. Innovations in technology are upending established labor systems. Employers are expanding their workforce by recruiting many freelancers, consultants, and nontraditional employees. By complementing their core personnel who provide freelance skills and knowledge on an as-needed basis, these businesses can access additional workers and complete work with greater agility.

Freelancers, consultants, and temporary workers now account for 25 percent of the American workforce, growing twice that of regular employees. Ten years ago, many held 9-to-5 occupations near their homes. However, as technological progress offered new opportunities and the gig economy stagnated, individuals were forced to create jobs rather than wait for job markets to return to “normal.”

Previously, freelancers relied on business cards and pleasantries at networking events, frequently posting leaflets in neighborhood stores and mailing postcards to businesses. Their reach was restricted to the distance they could drive in a single day. Work was, at best, intermittent, and getting paid was an ongoing problem. The risk of losing a steady job prevented all but the most courageous employees from venturing out on their own.

A great deal has changed. Opportunities for freelancers are booming nowadays, as are the tools that enable people to work freely. Through freelancing platforms, a freelancer may check job opportunities online, connect with companies anywhere with a few keystrokes, and automate revenue collection completely. NextSpace is a platform for reserving shared office space, whereas General Assembly and Lynda.com are resources for gaining new skills. It is an exciting time for employers and people willing to adopt a new working style, and the outlook for the future is promising.

The most in-demand freelance skills

1. Blockchain and crypto programming

As many organizations implement blockchain technology, the demand for qualified blockchain programmers will rise. Blockchain technology is practically a distributed database that allows safe and tamper-proof trades. Thus, it is perfect for data governance, bitcoin, and supply chain administration applications. As a result, the demand for blockchain developers is skyrocketing and will continue to rise in the coming years.

2. Web App Development

Since the epidemic, many companies have shifted to selling their products and services online. This required converting their websites into web applications. Many companies, including restaurants, and even supermarkets, employed web applications to allow clients to shop online and receive home delivery.

This is one of the primary reasons why the demand for web application development will increase in 2020. And it will remain thus for an extended period as we acclimatize to the new standard. The functionality of online applications is identical to that of mobile applications on smartphones. This minimizes the cost for businesses to develop native Android and iOS applications. Web application development is not new, but various ways exist to explore this field and acquire the skills necessary to launch a successful career.

3. Video Marketing

There are several things you may do if you want to add video marketing expertise to your skill set. Begin by seeing video instructions on how to create videos. There are plenty of excellent internet resources that can teach you the basics. Start developing material once you have a basic idea of how to generate videos. You can create videos about your company, products, or services and informative videos about industry-related issues.

4. Graphic design

Graphic design is currently one of the five most in-demand freelance occupations. Therefore, graphic design is the skill you should prioritise if you’re seeking a successful freelance skills and professions. Additionally, outsourcing work to freelancers enables organizations to obtain more innovative designs to meet their needs, given that everyone has their design aesthetic.

5. HTML, JavaScript and CSS

You can develop a profitable freelance market place that serves various clients if you have the necessary skills and experience. Web development continues to be one of the most in-demand freelance skills. In 2020, JavaScript programming and CSS and HTML coding abilities topped the list of the top 15 most in-demand freelance skills on UpWork.

Because many companies and businesses were experimenting with interactive components on their websites, JavaScript was at the top of the list. This could be the ideal year to enhance your JavaScript skills and capitalize on market prospects. Remember that as demand increases, so does competition. You will have to compete with other freelance experts for web development jobs.

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6. AI Development Skills

As organizations struggle to remain competitive in the digital age, the importance of AI development is growing. As AI becomes increasingly complex, businesses will want workers capable of creating and maintaining these systems.

As AI becomes increasingly complex, businesses will want workers capable of creating and maintaining these systems. This is why AI development is one of the most sought-after freelance expertise. To make yourself marketable as a freelancer in the coming years, you will need to learn how to design AI algorithms and apps.

7. Project Management

During the pandemic, several companies shifted to remote work. While some firms struggled with the transition, most embraced it and opted to make it permanent. This approach also created new opportunities for freelancers, particularly project managers.

Typically, project managers are responsible for managing a team, assigning work, and ensuring projects stay on schedule. According to FlexJobs, project management is the fourth most in-demand skill this year. If you enjoy interacting with others, this may be your superior skill.

8. Social Media Marketing Skills

Social media marketing is the most in-demand freelance skills. Businesses increasingly resort to social media to attract customers, so this should not surprise them.

Demand for social media marketers is growing, and their abilities will be indispensable as firms increasingly rely on Instagram stories and Twitter tweets to reach customers. If you wish to earn additional income, you can gain a competitive edge over other freelancers by offering additional services, such as website design or SEO work and copywriting.

9. Administrative Skills

Administrative assistants manage office-related tasks that increasingly take place exclusively online. As an administrative assistant, your responsibilities include client care, social media management, team monitoring, virtual support, bookkeeping, and other tasks. This work may appear simple, but it demands excellent skill and the ability to multitask.

10. Mobile App Development Skills

Mobile applications have become indispensable to our life. We utilize them to communicate with friends, do tasks, and amuse ourselves. In addition, mobile app development is versatile expertise that can be applied to numerous tasks.

If you are familiar with coding, you can learn the fundamentals of mobile app development in weeks. Then, if you can create mobile applications that are functional and user-friendly, you can find plenty of freelancing work quickly. These skills will prepare you for creating jobs and are sure to be in great demand.

11. WordPress Development & Designing Skills

WordPress is one of the quickest and most convenient website-building platforms available. Creating a website with WordPress is also inexpensive. Consequently, it is the platform of choice for developing websites for small enterprises.

As a freelancer, designing WordPress themes, developing sophisticated websites, making online storefronts, and constructing membership structures using WordPress are all excellent methods to break into WordPress development. In 2021, WordPress was ranked seventh among the most in-demand skills on Upwork. Learn more about How Your Small Business Can Grow With WordPress?

12. Data Analysis Skills

For their clients, freelance data analysts may distil vast data into usable insights. This is a highly essential skill as an increasing number of firms migrate to digital platforms that enable the tracking of data on everything from website visits to client transactions. As a data analyst, you can assist your clients in making sense of all this information and comprehending its implications for their businesses.

13. Building Shopify Stores

It’s incredible how popular Shopify is. It is one of the ten most sought-after skills on Upwork in 2022. Learning to create online stores on Shopify for clients is a highly lucrative skill that will enable you to earn a fortune. In addition to charging clients for creating their online store, you may earn a fee from Shopify if you refer a new customer to the platform.

Final Remarks

Perhaps more surprising than the growing number of people who work online out of economic need is the increasing number of people who work online by choice. Millennials and Gen Xers, who are highly skilled, connected, and mobile, are transitioning to independent online work at an unprecedented rate. They desire to operate differently. They desire the flexibility and freedom to select their work, time, money, and place of employment. In contrast to their parents, who were comfortable with a career 9-to-5 job, these Millennials and Generation X workers grew up desiring greater independence and flexibility and despising traditional employment. Those with the most in-demand abilities, which are sought after by Fortune 500 companies and hot startups alike, also discover that freelancing can be more profitable.

A short examination of industry statistics supports freelancers’ vast career prospects and income potential in the twenty-first century. Currently, contingent workers account for 30 percent of the procurement budgets of many multinational organizations. Similarly, an estimated 30 percent of today’s labor force (or over 42 million workers) are self-employed or part-time. Using a conservative estimate, this percentage is projected to exceed 40 percent by the end of the decade. In other words, internet freelancing is becoming one of the most dynamic industries in our economy. As technology progresses and attitudes shift, more individuals will work online regardless of geographic location, time zone, demographics, or capacity to travel.

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