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What Are The 7 Elements Of Graphic Design?

Knowing the elements of graphic design will allow you to achieve harmony even in the simplest design. We hope this article will help you cope with simple design tasks easily.

1. Line

Lines are always more than just dots connected.

When it comes to choosing the right lines for projects, there are always several options. Numerous graphic design tips tell how different lines can affect the final image. 

  • Lines can be:
  • horizontal, vertical, or diagonal;
  • straight, wavy, or arbitrary;
  • zigzag or other samples;
  • hard or broken.

2. Form

For graphic design aims, shapes are perceived the greatest as regions or forms contained within boundaries or closed paths. Every graphic designer must understand two types of shapes: geometric and organic (or “flowing”).

Geometric shapes are two-dimensional and three-dimensional. They are created by a set of points that are connected by straight or curved lines. And, of course, they can have any geometric shape.

Organic forms are much less uniform, proportionate, and well-defined. They can be symmetrical or asymmetrical: leaves, crystals, and vines. Or abstract: drops and curls.

3. Space

Space is a vital part of any designer’s toolbox. It can give a design some breathing area, enlarge its visual effect, balance weighty components, and highlight images or messages that viewers need to remember. Without enough space, the design becomes too visually cluttered.

Spacing separates objects or ties them together. Narrow spacing between visuals means a close relationship between them, while a wider spacing means that they are less interconnected. When you border a visual with space, you spotlight its importance, but space can also emphasize loneliness and isolation.

4. Texture

The texture is the sensation of an exterior. Fluffy, even, coarse, soft, sticky, or glossy. Most graphic designers render surfaces through visions that can convey the sensation as if the audience might finger it. Mastering texture is an essential piece of creating a flawless and professional design.

5. Font

Whether you choose a font or design your typography for graphic work, it’s important to make sure the font you use is legible and relevant.

The typeface affects the overall mood of the design, so consider whether your letters should be printed or all caps and whether they should have sharp or rounded corners. As a rule, large or thick letters indicate the importance of the transmitted words. However, if you’re not careful, they can also seem awkward or upset the balance of the design. Thin letters can represent elegance or modernity, but they can also appear fragile.

6. Image

Whether graphic designers use photography or illustration, they count on pictures to capture the audience’s attention and convey specific messages. The image performs on several measures simultaneously; it provides a context for the designer’s imparting, puts in the needed drama, and creates an overall mood.

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7. Color

A color is a useful tool that can convey mood or elicit an emotional response from the viewer. Color theory and the color wheel are a practical guide for graphic designers looking to choose one color or combine multiple colors in a harmonious or deliberately inconsistent way. In graphic design, some colors are grouped into specific categories.

When you think about your color schemes, you also decide which shades are right for your project. Pastels seem soothing or insecure, while bright hues can convey fun and happiness or appear cheap in the wrong context. Darker shades are associated with seriousness and professionalism but can also appear gloomy or boring. So choose carefully.

According to experts, people react to color differently according to the cultural context. It’s valuable to study your viewers’ color associations and use or keep away from them, depending on the aims of the design.

You can use design elements in any thoughtful way to express something unique, from posters and billboards to brochures and packaging. Learn to choose and use each concept wisely, and you’ll be on the right path to creating fresh, communicative, and visually appealing graphic designs.

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