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Five Important Elements to Include In Your Website Design

A website with a quality design best serves the purpose of marketing a business online. Therefore, all businesses need to focus on the elements that make a quality design. This blog will discuss five key elements that you need to incorporate into your website design to elicit a positive response from your audience.

Try incorporating these elements into your website design. If you need professional assistance to make a quality website design, you can approach a custom web design agency to steer ahead of the competition in the market. 

The Five Basic Elements of a Website Design 

Uninterrupted navigation

Visitors will access your website because they want to learn more about the products or services. However, they are in a hurry and want to digest all the information available quickly and easily. Research has shown that visitors will spend only a few seconds deciding whether to explore your website further or move on to another website. 

Since the visitors do not want the process of finding information to be difficult, the navigation bar they access on your website must be easy to direct to access the information they need quickly. In case the navigation of your website is poor, then it will discourage the visitors from further exploring your website, and they are more likely to leave. 

Since visitors do not spend much time on a website, you need to engage them effectively. For this purpose, you need to provide information quickly, which is only possible through proper and solid navigation. This will then prompt them to explore your website further, and your website will inch closer to a sale. 

Hence, always make your navigation simple. To make the information easy to find, you may focus on broad headings and utilize numerous subtopics. This will allow the visitors to find and digest the information fast. 

The website design must be responsive.

Among the most important and essential elements of a web page is a responsive design. Since more and more users are increasingly turning towards mobile devices, a responsive design has become a must in current times. With more than half of the searches carried on mobile devices, your website must be accessible on a multitude of devices. These include tablets, smartphones, and desktops. If you want to generate more leads and engage a wider audience, make sure your website is accessible on all these platforms. 

The responsive design must also provide a positive experience on all the platforms. A positive experience will ensure the visitors enjoy a good experience on all devices, and this will allow your website to persuade the audience to take the required action. Your website must be sized appropriately for all devices to ensure conversions. 

Integrating a responsive design with a positive experience, therefore, becomes a must. It will keep the visitors on your website for a longer time, thereby increasing the chances of a sale. 

Use of strong and effective visuals

Among the other elements of a web page, you also need to focus on using visuals. The best part about integrating visual elements into their website is that they improve engagement with the visitors. Research has suggested that visitors interact more with videos than text. 

However, it is essential not to overdo visual elements even though they help improve engagement and break the text in exciting ways. It is vital to avoid a website that is too overcrowded with photos and videos. A cluttered website does not exhibit a professional look and may turn the visitors away. 

The right move is to create a balance between the visuals and the text on your website. Do not be enticed by putting up too many photos and videos to engage more with your customers. The move could be counterproductive as a page with too many videos is not easy to navigate and digest. 

The visual elements that you add must be integrating with the text on your website. Do not add visuals just for the sake of adding. It is important to use visuals purposefully. For example, if you have written content explaining the product you are offering, visuals may be used to explain the product in greater detail. Such measures will generate the interest of your audience and encourage them to interact with your website, thus increasing engagement. 

Include effective call-to-action buttons

Visitors who have converted to leads on your website must now be persuaded to buy your product or hire your service. The best way to do that is by including CTA buttons to encourage them into making a sale. The importance of website design increases when visitors are persuaded to act by clicking on the CTA button. 

The suitable CTA will help convert leads into customers as the audience’s eyes will quickly locate the CTA button. These buttons should not only fit your website’s design but must also stand out from the page so that it is easy to find. For example, if your website has used a combination of black and white colors, then colors like yellow will help your CTA stand out on the page.  

Page speed

Last but not least, one of the elements of a web page is speed. Sometimes, a business may lose valuable customers despite an attractive website due to a low page speed. Your web pages need to load quickly so that the visitor can access the information quickly. Pages that take a long time to load usually have a high bounce rate. 

Visitors never spend more time on a page if the loading time is too high. This is because having to wait longer diminishes the interest of the visitor. Instead of waiting, they will move onto another competitor’s website. 

Bottom Line

Incorporating these important elements is a must if you are looking to drive business through your website. Creating a website that increases business requires a detailed approach that has been discussed in this blog. Make a positive impact on your audience and business by incorporating the essential elements of a web page discussed above.

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