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Why Is User Generated Content Essential For Brand Trust?

Be it any brand or business, big or small. They are always looking to explore new strategies or ways to take their business to the next level. Due to the extreme competition amongst brands and in a zest to surpass one another, brands often run campaigns while spending a huge amount of time and money to succeed. 

More than 93% of customers claim that User Generated Content has a huge impact on their buying decisions in this scenario. They are highly influenced by such content and leverage the customer’s experiences while making a purchase-related decision. 

Suppose you are a brand and are new to the concept of User Generated Content and have not yet started utilizing this extremely powerful form of content marketing in your brand promotions. In that case, we highly recommend you to read the blog till the end, and you shall be surprised by all that it has to offer! 

Let’s get started with the basics right away! 

Introduction To User Generated Content

Consider this for a minute – Suppose you are looking for a hairdresser to give you a new makeover. What would you do?  Immediately open your phone and check the nearest hairdressers in your locality. The next step would be to check their services since you would not want to take any risks. 

You will log into your Instagram or any social media platform, and there you see the previous work of the hairdresser and the reviews given by his clients. As a result, you shall instantly feel more confident and would be compelled to take the services. 

This is what User Generated Content is. 

‘Simply put, User Generated Content is the unpaid or unsponsored content that is created by the existing customers of a brand and it is the most authentic, genuine, and trustworthy form of content that you can find online.’

Due to the nature of User Generated Content, people can make purchase decisions quickly, and brands can gain customers’ trust and increase their conversions. 

Why Do Brands & Marketers Trust User Generated Content So Much?

The main ambition of marketers is to efficiently reach their target audience and convince them to purchase their brand. There is no better way to do that than leverage User Generated Content as a part of a business marketing strategy. 

Since you are aware of User Generated Content, in this section, we shall be telling you about the main reasons why brands and marketers trust UGC.

1. Helps In Increasing Reach & Engagement

One of the biggest reasons brands trust UGC and utilize it is because it helps increase the brand’s reach on social media. When the users of a brand post content tagging the brand, their followers will also get to know about the brand’s presence and would be motivated to follow and engage with the brand. 

Moreover, when a brand reposts the content created by its users, it gives the other users a reason to engage more with the brand by liking or commenting on the content or simply asking queries via DM’s. 

2. Instils Faith In Customers

As mentioned earlier, User Generated Content is completely genuine and not at all scripted. The customers have genuinely experienced the brand, and they openly voice out their opinions on social media. 

Moreover, more than 80% of people go through reviews and recommendations from real customers before purchasing a product. It depicts that the customers trust other customers much more than the brand’s published content!

Using UGC would build trust in your potential customers as they would be more confident and likely to purchase your brand. 

3. Build A Community With User Generated Content

When your brand utilizes User Generated Content by publishing it, your customers will feel valued and appreciated, and it would evoke a sense of community within them. 

Moreover, they would be delighted to get featured on your page. This would further encourage other customers to be a part of your community by leaving their valuable feedback or creating content while tagging your brand. 

Final Words

We have reached the end section of the blog and are hopeful that you must be amazed to read about the incredible benefits of User Generated Content. 

Using this content for promoting your brand is one of the best ways and the most result-driven marketing strategy

This method lets brands take a back seat since it is mainly your loyal customers who also play the role of your brand ambassadors who take full control and promote your brand like never before!  The facts and statistics mentioned above prove how important it is for your brand to use UGC in its business. Moreover, people trust people, and customers trust customers! 

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