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Useful Mobile Apps for Technology Lovers

Mobile Phones have undoubtedly changed the way we live. Thanks to the fact that our world gets increasingly more connected each day, our smartphones have become an indispensable tool that allows us to communicate with our loved ones no matter the distance.

The majority of us rely on mobile apps installed on our smartphones to make our lives easier. Whether it’s creating to-do lists or booking flights and hotels for a holiday, this software has come a long way since their inception.

These days, apps aren’t limited to just smartphones — they’re available on tablets, smartwatches, and for some, smart TVs. If you have a problem, you’ll likely find that there’s an app to help solve the issue. The market has given way to enthusiastic developers trying to find the next big app, and the level of creativity is truly great.

Every year, thousands of mobile apps are created by developers across multiple smartphone operating systems, such as iOS and Android. While this is generally great news for consumers, it does get increasingly more difficult to decide on the right apps to download. After all, memory space is yet another hot commodity.

To make help simplify the process, here’s a list of mobile apps that everyone should have on their phones to enhance their experience:

TeamViewer allows you to connect to your computer through a desktop. You simply need to have the app installed on your computer and on your smartphone. With the TeamViewer ID and password, you can log in seamlessly, without worrying about the computer’s IP address. The mouse pointer is moved with your finger on the touch screen, one click equals finger tap, two finger taps equals right click. Only the connection speed needs to be configured in environments with limited 3G coverage.

ExpressVPN app: This virtual private network (VPN) software enables data protection against hackers and identity thieves. With a VPN, users will be given an alternative IP address and their internet connection will go through an encrypted tunnel, preventing third parties from being able to observe what is being done within the network. ExpressVPN also does not collect logs of connection activity or traffic, and its innovative TrustedServer technology is the only way to ensure that data is not stored on any server at any time. The benefits of a VPN also include the ability to circumvent censorship and securely access your favorite online entertainment from anywhere in the world, at any time. A VPN is particularly useful when traveling as it allows you to use social networks, with peace of mind of knowing that online traffic is always encrypted.

Dropbox: This application synchronizes the files on your computer to a cloud automatically, so that they’re accesible on virtually any device. If Dropbox is installed first, your files will be available there. More importantly, many applications use Dropbox to synchronize their settings in the cloud. Just take note that a browser will be needed to download it the application and install it.

Password Manager: A password manager saves you hassle of memorizing all your passwords and login details. Most popular password managers also come with a password generating feature that helps you create stronger passwords that are difficult to crack. With a password manager, all you have to do is memorize a master password to unlock your encrypted vault.

ConnectBot is an app that defines itself as a simple and powerful open source SSH client. It can create and manage different sessions and create secure tunnels, as well as copy and paste between different applications. Although this protocol is generally used to control systems from a terminal, it is also possible to use it in graphical mode with an X server.

After opening the application on your phone, the connection is relatively simple. When you open the program, it immediately prompts you to open a session. Set your connection type to Telnet, SSH or Local using the drop-down list: SSH is the default and most secure option. In the box next to the connection type, enter your SSH terminal and username in the format “[username] @ [address]: [port number]”.

Appy Geek is another application that is designed for technology lovers, because it allows you to keep track of the latest news in the industry in categories such as games, technological gadgets, and other trends. All you have to do is create an account on the Android Market and you will be able to download the free app for your smartphone. This media aggregator, which chooses the most interesting news from different pages and classifies them for the user, is available for all major operating systems and is free.

These useful mobile apps for technology lovers certify how much the world has changed in the last few decades. Through smartphone apps, we can request for services, make payments, and entertain ourselves, making our lives so much easier.

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