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How User Access Management Improves Network Security

User access management (UAM) is the process through which the administrator gives access to the right person to use the IT tools and services at the right time. This includes access to external applications, security requirements, and permissions. Many online tools are available nowadays where you can access UAM, like HelloID user access management.

User access management (UAM) can improve your network security significantly. Here are some steps to improve your network security with the help of UAM. 

Identify policy violations

The top way user access management can help improve network security is by identifying policy violations and removing unseemly access privileges without needing to search through multiple distributed systems.  

Making use of access control

Access control is the system through which administrators can decide which user can access corporate data and resources. It ensures controlled access to a user. It is a crucial element of any web application security. It can help the organization mitigate threats and avoid data breaches.  

It ensures multi-factor authentication.

Multi-factor authentication (MFA) is the first step toward customer satisfaction and network security. Apart from just a password, it offers two extra layers of security, which is something your customer has inherited. The first is the key login, while the second one is the biometric authentication. It means that if the hacker has breached the first level of security, he also has to undergo the second level of security. It can be a tedious task for the best of hackers.

It helps in role-based access control (RBAC)

It is an effective way to decrease the possibility of internal and external data breaches. In addition, it can offer a consumer access to the IT resource for a limited time, like 30 minutes. This can be a significant step toward an overall security quotient.

It helps in enforcing a strong password policy.

Generally, when you create an account on any social platform, the password section shows things like using a special character, character limit, restricting the use of dictionary words as passwords, avoiding repetitive characters, et cetera. It can be achieved through user access management (UAM). Therefore, it forms a strong pillar for any network security. 

You can even go for a password-less login through UAM

You can easily guess what it means. When you access any social media or email platform, sometimes, the login can be through OTP (one-time-password) on the registered mobile number instead of just entering the password in words. Other ways include E-mail-based login, social login, or biometrics-based login. The primary advantage of such a login is that you don’t require remembering your password. In addition, it makes your network security more robust against cyber-attacks like brute force, phishing, and credential stuffing. 


To conclude the entire article, user access management or UAM should be implemented in every organization to help them reduce cyber-attacks. This can even help you attain higher satisfaction and security, so you don’t need to worry about your networks anymore. The points listed above form a crucial part of UAM.

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