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How To Use TikTok For Targeted Lead Generation And Sales?

Nowadays, TikTok is the hottest social media platform that has gained more user traction in a short period. The great news is that TikTok is updating its features to help users create the most trending content. As a result, it has become a trend-setting platform that quickly grabs the user’s attention with time. The newest feature has triggered the marketer’s interest in using this platform. One of the most excellent new launches is TikTok targeted Lead Generation.

If you want to achieve your marketing goal, check out this feature and use it in the right way to seamlessly interact with the prospective audience on the platform. Moreover, marketers plan to buy TikTok fans, which helps to increase the Content’s exposure better and generate more leads. Keep reading this article if you are curious about using the TikTok targeted Lead Generation tool.

What Exactly Is TikTok Lead Generation Feature?

TikTok is storming the digital marketing world with its tremendous marketing power. It is one of the powerful tools for businesses to generate more sales and leads. Now, the TikTok Targeted Lead Generation features launch helps businesses interact well with the prospective audience and convert them into sales leads. Do you know why to use the TikTok Lead Generation feature? Here let you clearly understand. The feature helps to quickly understand your prospects and act immediately to generate more leads with the perfect targeting.

Why Should Marketers Look Over TikTok Lead Generation Tool?

TikTok is a platform used by more people all over the world. More users spend more time on TikTok and are addicted to its engaging and entertaining Content. On top, most of the TikTok users are Gen Z’s, so it would be a great marketing channel to connect with the younger generation customers who are hard to target on another platform. To beat the competition, many marketers use Tikviral to broaden their brand’s reach. However, the latest launch of the Targeted Lead Generation makes your process more manageable and helps bring more potential audiences to your brand.  

How Can You Set Up TikTok Lead Generation?

Do you want to know how to take advantage of the TikTok Lead Generation? If so, here are the effective tips to quickly start over TikTok Lead Generation and achieve your goal. 

1. Go Over Lead Generation Campaign

Getting started over Targeted Lead Generation is now very easy. First, you must ensure you have switched to TikTok for Businesses. So only you can log in to TikTok Ads Manager and use TikTok Ads. If you log in, go to Campaign and click over Create. Then, choose Lead Generation as the Advertising Objective and tap continue.

2. Build An Ad Group

Once you have set your advertising objective, choose the Ad Group under the Campaign. Next, you will explore the ‘Targeting,’ where you can select the audience aged over 18 years. Also, you can easily set your demographics to target the audience perfectly. Thus, you can reach targeted audiences and interact well with prospective customers.

You can set the Ad Group budget under Bidding & Optimization to limit your budget.

3. Create The Ad

  • After building an Ad group, focus on creating an Ad by following the below steps:
  • Include your video by tapping +Upload, +From Library, or + Create:
  • Include Ad Details: It includes Profile Image, Display Name, Text, and Call to Action.

4. Create An Instant Form

Create an Instant Form by navigating to Instant Forms and clicking Create. You can pick a template for your form here: If you want to emphasize your products, choose Advanced Form. Or, if you only want to ask questions, choose Classic Form.

5. Prepare The Form 

Tap the small edit symbol to assign your campaign name. Next, select your favourite language from the below option under Settings. Next, under Content, select a form type: More Volume if you like users to fill out and submit the form straight away, or Higher Intent if you want users to be able to review the data they provide.

6. Customize The Form

If the template for your form is ready, then customize the below information on your form that suits the business requirements.

  1. Upload the image under Brand Image.
  2. Select the colour scheme, Light, Dark, or Smart, under Form Style.
  3. Below the Introduction field, fill in the information such as Logo, Headline, Displayed name, and Promotional Slogan.
  4. Below the Question, type the Purpose Statement that describes why you gather users’ information. You can include ten questions with the option of Short Answer, Appointment Scheduling, and Multiple Choice.
  5. Below Privacy, mention your Company Name and the link to your company’s Privacy Policy.
  6. You can review the information that is correct in the Review Screen.
  7. In the Thank You Screen, you can inform users about the process, then add the Headline, Description, Website URL, and Button Text.

7. Review And Post Your Form

Go ahead with your Ad and spend time reviewing it to ensure it looks good. Then, tap Submit to post your TikTok Lead Generation campaign if it is ready.

Wrapping It Up

TikTok is a dynamically growing social media network with a tremendous marketing potential for your organization. However, once you’ve gotten people off TikTok and onto your site, you’ll need to keep track of them. Moreover, if you strive to get the desired result, you can try out Tikviral, which helps to increase the brand’s exposure and expand the network.

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