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Things to Check if Your Website’s Organic Traffic is Down

What exactly is organic traffic?

Organic traffic is the number of people that visit your website through unpaid search results. organic traffic is the exact opposite of paid traffic. Advertisements generate Inorganic traffic or paid traffic; a person clicks on an ad and it redirects him to a particular to increase its views. Organic traffic comes through search engines like Google or Yahoo. Many organizations hire Top SEO services New York to give a boost to their organic traffic and rank among the top search results.

Organic traffic is much more vital to a website than paid traffic. One cannot always afford to pay for views and needs to make improvements to the website to get more organic traffic. There are some simple ways and then there are some sophisticated ways through which a website owner can improve his organic traffic. But if your organic traffic is good and after some time, you notice that it is gradually declining, then that is something to worry about. You may be doing something wrong that unexpectedly caused your organic traffic to decrease.

What to check?

Many things could have gone wrong if your organic traffic goes down, here are things you should check,

  • The ranking of your keywords

In the majority of cases, if the ranking of your website drops, it is due to the drop in ranking of the keywords used in your website. As you know organic traffic is the number of visitors a website receives through a search engine like google. For example, you have a website for selling clocks, when people type clocks or buy clocks in the search engine, your website may pop up on the top of the search. The chances are high that people will click on your site and visit it. That is how he or she becomes a visitor in the organic traffic. But, suddenly your website drops from the first page on the search engine to the second, third, or even lower, then people are less likely to even see your website on the list and that causes the organic traffic to go down. So, keywords play a major role in getting good organic traffic.

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  • Constantly changing algorithm of Google

Google changes its search and ranking algorithms very frequently, as much as more than one time in a day. Some reports indicate that the number is about 600 times a year. So, there are 600 chances for your ranking to go down in a single year.

The majority of these updates are very minor changes, but the major changes like the introduction of Hummingbird or Panda can have a disastrous effect on the search ranking and the organic traffic. Therefore, one should always be alert and be wary of when updates are coming and perform checks on the website focusing on whether the update is causing changes in the rankings. Various sites give very accurate and timely information about new SEO updates. WordStream is one of them.

Head on over to one of these sites and go through the latest update notes. You should primarily focus on changes in

  • Googles penalization changes
  • Why these changes were made

Look up ways to fix your site according to the guidelines provided in the new SEO update.

  • Content Quality

The worst way to lose organic traffic from your website is to lose it through poor content quality. There can be poor content and then poor quantity but it all means the same, the website requires a lot of work to go back up in the search ranking.

A major Google update ‘Panda’ was the Achilles heel for poor quality websites. The major function of Panda was to stop showing bad-quality websites on the top search pages. There is no doubt that google punishes bad quality websites.

  • URL Parameters

Referral tracking and A/B testing require different URLs most of the time. To get modified URLs, parameters are added at the end of the URL. It is very unfortunate that the parameters you are adding cause problems for your analytics. Consider this, if there is one single page but it has different URLs due to the parameters then Google and the analytics will see those URLs as separate entities. That means each different URL of the same page will receive its separate views rather than one cumulative number of views.

There are easy and quick fixes for some of these problems. You should always remain up to date on major changes and updates so you can work around them accordingly. If after checking everything you are still unable to get the desired results, it’s time that you change your local SEO expert. Hire a reputable and experienced company that offers customized plans at affordable rates.

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