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Best SEO tools you should be using in 2021

Search engine optimization (SEO) is an ever-changing sector that requires one to adapt to new, advanced techniques as it evolves with every passing day. The rising demand and advantages of SEO in the digital marketing scenario have given birth to many tools. These techniques enhance your outreach, generate topical relevance, and supplement quality links as you strive and thrive in the SEO domain.

SEO campaigns are critical for every online marketer, blogger, and small business owner. From keyword research and rank tracking to competitor research and link building, every approach requires a different tool and technique with careful planning and execution of the SEO strategies. Since the SEO world keeps changing, there are some new tools you need to acquire and adapt to enhance your SEO performance. Although these advanced tools can make our digital marketing convenient and efficient, they are not affordable for every marketer.

God-send free tools make it easier for us, particularly the small businesses, to benefit SEO with a wide range of cutting-edge techniques and strategies. There is a surge of SEO tools for those who wish to utilize them for free. They range from Technical SEO tools, On-page SEO Tools, Link-building Tools, and Tracking Tools; there are numerous options you can choose for your site. Such techniques help you work faster and wiser while boosting your organic rankings and yielding gains in your digital marketing.

Here’s an all-inclusive list of the best free SEO tools that you can use in the year 2021 to up your SEO game.


SEMrush is a comprehensive SEO toolkit that deals with an exhaustive list of technical issues related to your site optimization. The free subscription of SEMrush allows you to search, create and manage a single project with a dozen tools. Moreover, you can jump to hundreds of your site pages using the Site Audit tool and track the locations of your keywords using the Position Tracking tool. SEMrush involves features to make your life easy, such as SEO auditing, reporting, and competitive research.


Google Search Console is one of the most useful free tools that can help you gauge your site’s organic performance. The Console is for businesses concerned with a good SEO performance or a better ranking. It provides you with a profound understanding of your site’s SEO performance including, clicks, impressions, CTR, and average positions on a keyword level. It can help you design a growth plan strategy, providing an insight into the backlinks or the internal links. Google Search Console works like Googlebot viewing and interpreting to identify the SERPs of your site.


It is suitable for people running their small businesses who wish to learn site optimization basics. Yoast manages your on-page optimization most simply, from providing the control of specific keywords to making complex tasks easy. Yoast meticulously trails all the recent SEO changes and makes sure that the plugins are up-to-date. This tool helps you to build a cutting-edge campaign that can benefit any digital marketer.


It stands for Help a Reporter Out, which leads you to earn links from the press, perhaps one of the most challenging tasks for SEOs. It is best for those who are beginners, with small businesses and no prominent resources. It lets you exchange information and requests to and from various sources every day. You may receive requests from journalists across a broad range of topics, and if you provide a relevant quote for it, you can share the insights with them. Subsequently, if they chose your selection, they might get you featured in their article with a link to your site.


This tool is appropriate for those who run their ventures physically, unidentified by Google. Those who have a store somewhere and wish to be identified by Google through business listing on Google Maps. Creating and optimizing your GMB listing will help you appear in strategic locations on SERPs. It gives businesses a competitive edge over others in terms of working hours, photos, videos, reviews, FAQs.


Google Analytics is a powerful analytics tool that offers great insight into your digital marketing strategy. From tracking to analyzing data, the number of sessions, visitors, and conversions, Google Analytics has proved to be essential and effective for SEO campaigns. It provides you with an in-depth understanding of your site’s traffic, the kind of audience, their interests, and their dislikes. Google Analytics is an efficient business tool that generates traffic and develops conversion activities. It has proved to be the mainstay of SEO, as it demonstrates each approach’s success or failure. Moreover, Analytics provides marketers with detailed statistical evidence, tracking every bit of traffic, its cause, and the page which generates the most. Subsequently, it has become a virtually indispensable SEO tool, tracking your organic traffic and providing you with the best analysis.


Penguin Tool lets you discover the algorithmic fluctuations of your site through Google. It can be connected to the Google Analytics account to identify and fix numerous algorithm updates related to your visitors. Furthermore, it lets you explore the potential causes of downfall in your traffic. It helps you understand the SERPs performance, past and future traffic flow using the Google algorithm. It demonstrates the effect of your Google algorithm updates, siting your past activities, their impacts on your site, and the outcomes of those strategies.


In a nutshell, SEO is the heart of digital marketing, and this sector seems to be advancing at the speed of light. With every passing day, a new feature, tool, or technique enhances the SEO scenario. Consequently, it has become convenient for ventures to achieve ideal SERPs and succeed in their business goals.

It requires a lot of patience, effort, resources, and tools to formulate an entire marketing campaign. While some are expensive for small businesses, we have a broad range of free SEO tools that are as productive as the expensive ones. Each has a few unique features that make them different and advantageous for your online SEO campaigns. There is a sea of options for those who wish to use such tools; however, every business has a different goal, a unique plan of action, and needs.

Therefore, you may choose any tool according to your requirements so you can put your best foot forward in acquiring an edge in the SEO scenario during the year 2021.

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