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Factors To Consider When Choosing a Laptop for Gaming

When you think of a Laptop, what comes to your mind are Work, Business, School, or other important things. Fair enough, you’re right. But as you know, Laptops are as well capable of playing sophisticated games for entertainment or professionally to earn money. So, when choosing a gaming laptop, it is important to know some underlying factors to consider especially if you want to earn money while playing video games. But whether or not you choose to game for money or entertainment, this piece is still useful for you.

Now, let’s dive into the real deal – What to consider when choosing a gaming laptop. We’ll highlight 3 of them.

3 Factors to Consider When Choosing A Laptop for Gaming

To have the best gaming experience on your laptop, we have stated three very important factors that should be considered.

1. GPU and CPU

Graphics Processing Unit is one of the most important factors to consider. Generally, laptop computers do not have as much graphics processing power as desktops. The image display quality on laptops is not always as powerful as on a desktop. Without high-quality graphics, the essence of gaming is defeated or it makes gaming on a laptop less attractive.

This is where the consideration of GPU comes in. GPU can be internal or external but we will advise that you settle for the external. This is because an internal GPU can become obsolete in years which may force the gamer to purchase a new laptop.  This is not so with the external GPU.

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The eGPU allows a gamer to enjoy powerful graphics processing while leaving room for accommodating new games as they come. However, it is possible to experience some functionality problems if your laptop is not compatible with the eGPU.

To overcome this challenge, make sure that your laptop is compatible with the eGPU you decide on. Importantly, the eGPU dock requires that your laptop have a ThunderboltTM 3 port to connect to the external graphics dock. The Thunderbolt 3 is a high-speed port from Intel that allows the eGPU to function with the laptop in bringing accelerated graphics.

2. RAM and its Upgradability

Another major factor to consider when buying a laptop for gaming is the RAM of the laptop. A laptop’s performance is largely attributed to the amount of memory contained in it. If your laptop does not have the required memory to run your gaming, it results in slower performance. Of what essence is having the best graphics if your laptop is slow in performance?

Gaming on laptops can be heavy on the RAM that is why we recommend that your laptop should have at least 16GB RAM. However, if it has 8GB RAM, it should have a window for an upgrade to 16GB or more in the future. The more memory your laptop has, the faster and better the gaming on the laptop.

3. Screen Size

Another factor to consider when choosing a good machine is the screen size of the laptop. The eGPU controls how impressive gaming looks on your laptop while the RAM allows your laptop to run gaming smoothly but the ideal screen size is everything.

The pleasure that comes with enjoying gaming on a laptop in HD is indescribable that is why the screen size should be considered. Gaming on a laptop where you struggle to see the images can put you off. However, when considering the screen size of the, you also have to consider the weight of the laptop.

You indeed want to enjoy your gaming experience on the laptop in HD but you probably do not want to be weighed down by the weight of the laptop. We advise that you settle for a laptop with a screen size of 15″ to 17″. This range of screen sizes allows you to enjoy gaming on a laptop in HD without being overly weighed down. This is important because most gamers who use laptops are mobile.


There are several other factors to consider when choosing a laptop for gaming.  The battery life of the laptop, the CPU, the price are some others that can be considered. However, if you aim to have the best gaming experience on your laptop, the three factors explained in the body of this article should take precedence.

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