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Futsal as a Betting Sport: Bookmakers Offer a Wide Range of Options

Futsal is a quite popular discipline, making it possible to place bets on futsal in any major bookmaker. Bookmakers offer a wide range of options for anticipated futsal matches, including traditional betting futsal on the winner, totals, and handicaps. Additionally, they may provide markets for individual performance indicators, futsal halftime betting, the number of fouls, and more. Choose the event that interests you, then the market, and the outcome you consider most likely.

How did the discipline originate?

Futsal emerged in Uruguay in the 1930s, giving the game an almost century-long history. However, during those times, Latin Americans played indoor football purely for entertainment. The official father of futsal is considered to be Josef Argauer, the coach of the Austrian national football team. He organized a couple of futsal tournaments in Europe, leading to the establishment of national championships. The first international championship took place in Budapest in 1986.

In the 1980s, futsal split into futsal itself and mini-football due to association conflicts. Currently, the two sports have almost reunited, but some rule distinctions remain, and they fall under the auspices of two different associations – FIFA and FIFUSA.

Major Football Events and Tournaments

As of today, FIFA is the most renowned international futsal organization. They created the FIFA Futsal World Cup, which is highly popular among online gaming enthusiasts. The same applies to the UEFA Futsal Champions League, which pits the best teams in the sport against each other. In recent years, France has embraced the game, establishing the Championnat de France de Futsal. In Spain, a similar event is known as the Primera Division. Since futsal originated in South America, there are numerous leagues in the region, with Liga Nacional de Futsal possibly being the largest. Since 1996, this championship has crowned the best football teams in Brazil.

Responsible Gaming

For many people, such a thrilling hobby can be challenging to control. Fortunately, there are programs that help individuals regain control of their lives. There are also less extreme cases where players simply want to take a break from the game. They can subscribe to self-exclusion services, usually involving the blocking of bookmaker websites for a specific period. Once this period concludes, they can resume enjoying betting.

Start betting today!

Choose the betting amount and confirm your selection. Now, all that’s left is to wait – if your prediction is correct, the bookmaker will pay you the winnings, the amount of your bet multiplied by the outcome coefficient.

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