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Online Gambling: what could the future bring for the iGaming industry?

Gamers increasingly take to the internet to play fun games of chances from the comfort of their homes. No longer the sole preserve of hardened casino players, virtual gambling platforms draw in users from all demographics. In the US, the revenue generated by this burgeoning market now exceeds that of land-based casinos.

The appeal of the iGaming sphere doesn’t lie merely in its convenience, though. Pushed by the emergence of revolutionary technologies, the industry is undergoing profound changes to evolve with the times. The new approach to gambling that comes with a fiercely competitive online environment is also prompting platforms to shake up their product offerings while implementing fresh marketing strategies. So, what could the online gambling industry of the future look like? Let’s find out.

Artificial Intelligence reigns supreme

The far-reaching consequences of the widespread use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) are hard to predict with complete accuracy. While AI advocates celebrate its potential for good in fields like healthcare, education, or cybersecurity, its opponents are just as vocal in their denunciation of the technology’s risks. From job displacement to privacy concerns, AI’s legal and ethical dilemmas are being discussed by tech luminaries, government officials, and regulators worldwide.

Yet, there is no doubt that the technology is here to stay. And its positive effects are already visible in the iGaming landscape. As we discussed on TechSAA, software providers rely on AI-powered analytics to bring forth better game designs, all while streamlining the time-consuming process of creating new machine slots and tabletop games.

Meanwhile, AI-driven algorithms help analyze player behavior to roll out personalized marketing campaigns. Safety-wise, the technology can also be used to prevent fraudulent online activities and fend off digital threats, providing a safety net that newcomers and seasoned gamers can appreciate all too well in an ever-changing digital realm.

Cryptocurrencies go mainstream

Cryptocurrencies have had more downs than ups lately. A crypto winter befell the industry a year ago, inflamed by the downfall of the leading cryptocurrency exchange, FTX. Despite these upheavals, the business of trading Bitcoin, Ethereum, and countless more digital currencies endured. Crypto is not dead. Prominent media outlets like Forbes even outright claim that Blockchain technology is changing the world already.

Whether this bold assertion holds water is anyone’s guess, but the technology is definitely making waves in the iGaming industry. Bitcoin casinos are no longer the only platforms to offer cryptocurrency deposits and withdrawals. While crypto owners currently account for barely 4.2% of the world’s population, crypto adoption is booming in emerging markets like Turkey, Argentina, and Nigeria.

Many gambling service providers, therefore, adopt the technology to supply secure and anonymous payment methods to global players cautious of protecting their identity. Crypto transactions being non-reversible, several websites also trust the technology to mitigate the risks of non-payment.

Customer-centric experience takes precedence

The online gambling rush hasn’t gone unnoticed by new business players willing to take a slice of that lucrative pie. To build a name for themselves in such a competitive landscape, many casino operators make user satisfaction their foremost concern. Different strategies allow them to rise above the pack, from tailor-made recommendations to attractive rewards. Not all new casinos are equally profitable nor reliable, however.

With that in mind, prospective players can visit websites like CasinoBonusCA, which keep up-to-date lists of all casino offers around. Experts break down the pros and cons of each bonus for readers to make an informed decision. Additionally, comparison tools and filters come in handy to browse through hundreds of offers in one click. All the casinos present on the platform are properly licensed and fully secure. Many even display a clear commitment to responsible gambling.

In recent years, several iGaming operators have made tremendous efforts to tackle addictive behavior and protect the most at-risk groups by implementing features like deposit limits and self-exclusion options. According to magazines like iGaming Business, their resolution is paying off as the percentage of problem gamblers has dropped below 6% in 2022. It is reasonable to say that this positive trend will define the gambling industry of the future, too.

Final Thoughts

Online casinos are steadily taking over their brick-and-mortar counterparts, using brand-new technologies to stay relevant over time. Some websites have even been toying with virtual reality. Needless to say, fully immersive VR experiences are a long way ahead. But this shows that the future is bright for an industry willing to embrace change rather than resist it.

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